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Title: Learning to Love Again

Author: Kelli Heneghan

Series: Currently a Stand Alone with Potential to be the first in a Series

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: July 2015

Edition/Formats: eBook & Print on Demand via Amazon

What do you do if Fate gives you a second chance at the love of your life?   Do you learn from past mistakes, or do you relive them?  Nicole Winters is about to find out.  After suffering severe injuries in a car accident, she is lucky to be alive.  She has to return to her home town to recover, only to discover her family has been withholding information and the doctor on her case is none other than her college sweetheart, Jason Marrow.  The man she dumped right before graduating from law school and leaving Texas.  Once back in her hometown, Nicole realizes that she has allowed the ghosts of her childhood to rule her life.  As she faces her past, and with the help of her family and friends, she realizes the love between her and Jason never faded.  Can they recapture what they had and build on it?  Can she move beyond the past and Learn to Love Again?

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Excerpt 1

Jack left the hospital and sat in his silent pickup truck, watching the traffic as it sped by.  There was a reason he’d elected not to practice law in a big city and traffic had been at the top of the list.  The constant backstabbing he’d seen as everyone tried to get ahead in the private practices hadn’t made him a fan of working in the city, either.  There was also the added benefit of being his own boss and getting to pick and choose his clients.  Small town law was where he belonged.

He hit the button on his phone, allowing it to dial the number he’d pulled up.

“Did you talk to her?”  Jason’s voice demanded to know as soon as he answered.

“And hello to you, too.”  Jack spat out a wry rebuttal.

“Sorry.  Hello.  How’s life?  Mine sucks.  Now, did you talk to Nicole?”  Jason repeated.

“God, Jason, are we still in junior high?  Should I try and pass her a note between classes next?”  Jack was kind of enjoying torturing his friend.  He’d never seen him this uptight about a woman before.  The fact that it was Nicole, well, he wasn’t sure how he felt about that quite yet.  After all, they had been raised as close as any other siblings, and they knew more secrets about each other than most best friends.

“Jack!  Are you listening?”  His friend’s impatient voice yelled in his ear.

“Yeah, sorry…zoned out for a minute.”  Jack smothered a yawn.  “Yes, Jason, I talked to Nicole.  She’s upset that decisions are being made about her life without any input from her, but for now she’s agreed to come back to Waketon.”  He heard a rush of breath that was released and almost chuckled.  “You need to start setting up the rehab for her and whatever else she’ll need.  I plan to stick around here for another day-or-so, and then I’ll head home.  That way I can get the ranch ready for her, have Maria set things up there.”

“And then maybe I can figure out what the hell happened ten years ago and why she kicked me to the curb.”  There was a resigned sigh over the line.  “Dude, I start call tomorrow, so if anything comes up, text me.  The way my luck has been running, every orthopedic emergency in ninety-seven counties will happen in the next seventy-two hours.

Jack chuckled and hung up the phone, shaking his head over the knots Nicole still had that poor guy in.



Welcome!  Please start off by telling us a little about yourself. Hi!  I’m Kelli Heneghan


Is a single title, or part of a series? Learning to Love Again is my debut novel, so currently it’s a single title, but I am hoping it will be the first in a series.


What were your inspirations for the story?  I had a friend who was trying to find an ex-boyfriend, her first love.  And I wondered, what if things worked out between them?  What if they both still have feelings for each other and they can fall in love again?  The story just wrote itself from there.


Please share your setting for Learning to Love Again. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?   Waketon is a fictional town, but I do live in Austin, so I have visited the Hill Country.  Beautiful, Beautiful area.  I love the scenery, the shops…And so much to do.


When did the writing bug first bite? I’ve been writing since I was in high school…a long time ago!


Who are you favorite authors, book/series? So so many favorites—(in no particular order!) Liliana Hart, J m Madden, Sharon Hamilton, Diana Palmer, Jill Shalvis, Lindsey McKenna, Violet Duke, Lisa Hughey…just to name a few.


If you could have an author roundtable discussion with any authors, who would you invite?  Any of the above!


Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time?  I have two school-aged kids, so my spare time is spent with their activities…right now, a lot of lacrosse and volleyball.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen?  I’m a nurse…there’s been a lot of things.

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Author Information

Kelli grew up all over the East Coast but her family finally settled in Cincinnati long enough for her to finish high school and college.  She has always loved to read books and write her own stories.  In high school, she used to pass around the latest chapter of the story she was writing for her friends to read.  There is more than one high school teacher out there that can probably remember telling her to put the book down and pay attention to the lectures.
Graduating from the University of Cincinnati with her BS in Nursing, she left Ohio for Texas and the U.S. Army.  She received a medical discharge for a knee injury, but was able to meet the man she’d one day call her husband first–thanks to some mutual friends who insisted they would perfect together.  And what do you know–they are!

She continued to read books by the dozens and write her own stories.  And then one day, a friend dared her to enter a contest.  She didn’t win, but the feedback she received from the judges convinced her that maybe people were interested in the stories she wanted to tell.
She still lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two children and 2 dogs.


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