6 thoughts on “VACATION!!!!

  1. No vacation for us this year, since husband still unemployed after his job moved to China in January. Sigh…

    But first grandbaby has been born, and snuggling him was heaven! Wish the kids didn’t live in Michigan, since we’re still in Illinois. But will make frequent visits there, which almost counts as vacation, right?

    Have fun! You work hard and deserve to play hard also! Enjoy!

    1. OMG, I had no idea about your husband. I’m so sorry.

      Awesome news about the baby! And yes, when you leave your house even to see family, it’s a vacation. 🙂

      I plan on enjoying my time away. School starts again on August 23rd. UGH! Kid will be in Jr. High (7th grade)

      1. Middle school can be tough on the kids. I remember almost 2 whole years worth of tension headaches, from back when I was in Junior High…in the stone age…when we made our rock music by pounding real rocks together. ;-D

        But after that is high school, and that is the age I like to teach the most. I love how the world opens up for them, as they realize they have a part to play in the world at large, and they begin their quest to see how they will fit in it.

        Enjoy every phase of your son’s life! It all goes by so quickly…in retrospect. But then they produce a baby of their own, and it begins again.

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