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Will Work For Love


Amie Denman


Hurricane Destiny leaves a trail of destruction across the island of St. Thomas, jeopardizing the wedding of Whitney Oliver’s best friend. When Whitney arrives on the island, she finds a disaster only a sexy carpenter like Chris Maxwell can repair.

Despite the sizzle between them, Chris has secrets that threaten his construction business and force him to work for Whitney’s love.

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Welcome Amie Denman! Please start off by telling us a little about yourself.

I live in a small town in Ohio and love playing outside, going out on the lake in my old wooden boat, spending time with my husband and sons, and baking cakes. I enjoy writing contemporary romance with a generous serving of humor. Falling in love is fun, even when it’s a little messy.

Is Will Work for Love a single title, or part of a series?

Will Work for Love is a single title book that is part of the Barefoot imprint at Turquoise Morning Press. The Barefoot line features books set anywhere on a beach. I am really honored and delighted that Will Work for Love is included in the wonderful boxed set Unforgettable Heroes.

What were your inspirations for the story?

My office where I write is actually an enclosed upstairs porch. I have two glass walls and a wonderful view of the whole neighborhood, but it’s really cold in there in the winter. Because I tend to write a lot in the winter, almost all of my books take place either in the summer or in a tropical climate. The story itself is a “Robin Hood” type story set on the island of St. Thomas, and I originally got the idea from watching the dramatic Weather Channel coverage of a hurricane. (Confession: I used to be a Weather Channel junkie, living from one storm to the next just to get my fix). In Will Work for Love, hurricane damage brings my lovers together.

Please share your setting for Will Work for Love. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?   

The beautiful U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas is on my wishlist! I have a giant pile of travel books from the AAA store in the nearest city. I go to the travel agency and tell the people who work there that I’m going on a trip. They load me up with brochures and maps of my supposed destination, and wish me safe travels. I definitely get my money’s worth from my annual fee to belong to AAA, and someday I will actually GO to all these wonderful places. For now, I write about heroes and heroines who are there! Please tell me I am not the only writer who does this…


When did the writing bug first bite?

I vividly remember reading books like Mistral’s Daughter by Judith Krantz and The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough when I was barely past puberty, so it’s no wonder I am a romance reader and writer! Sometimes I look back on my twelve-year-old self and wonder if my mother had any idea what was in those books I was reading. I think I always knew I would be a writer someday. I majored in English Literature in college and made my first (embarrassing) attempt at a novel when I was twenty-two. No one will ever see that book.

Who are your favorite authors, book/series?

Although I write contemporary, I adore historical romance. I like Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Sarah MacLean, and Lisa Kleypas. In contemporary, I’m crazy about Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, and Kristan Higgins.


If you could have an author roundtable discussion with any authors, who would you invite?

I would love to see a conversation between Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf. Although they were on the planet at the same time, I wonder if they ever met? They were so different, but I would love to ask them both to tell me about “one true sentence.”

Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time? 

I have to be busy at all times or I tend to get into trouble. So I run, knit, bake, read, and play the piano. I don’t do any of these things at the professional or even semi-pro level, but I usually do stay out of trouble.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen?

I recently overheard one teenager saying to another, “I know it must be true because I saw it in a youtube video.” I think that speaks for itself.

Amie Denman: Where Falling in Love is Fun!Amie Denman Author Pic


Amie Denman lives in a small town in her native Ohio with her husband and sons.  Her two cats and large yellow Labrador are kind enough to share a sunny office where she lets her imagination run wild.  Reading books was her favorite escape as a child, and growing up four houses away from the community library encouraged her addiction.  When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys walking and running outside.  The helpless victim of a lifetime of curiosity, she’s been known to chase fire trucks on her bicycle just to see what’s going on.  Amie believes that everything is fun:  especially roller coasters, wedding cake, and falling in love.


Amie is the author of five contemporary romance novels:


Blue Bottle Beach, Her Lucky Catch, Her Lucky Prize

Will Work for Love, He’s on Her Trail


Her short story “The Green House” is included in the anthology Summer Shorts

Her novel Will Work for Love is included in the boxed set Unforgettable Heroes


Please visit her at





Other books in the set…

WILL WORK FOR LOVE by Amie Denman, EPIC Award and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist. When a hurricane sweeps across St. Thomas, Whitney Oliver turns to a sexy carpenter whose secret life forces him to work for her love.


THIS MAGIC MOMENT by Bobbye Terry (writing as Daryn Cross), award winning author of contemporary, historical and fantasy romance. Zack Graham, CEO of Scrumbles Snack Cakes, is energetic, magnetic, and a workaholic who refuses to let a woman make a fool out of him again.


HER HIRED MAN by Cat Shaffer, Golden Heart finalist and award-winning writer..

Hot nights, a double sleeping bag and a stranger for a husband…how much can one city girl take?


SINS OF THE FATHER by Janet Eaves, Amazon bestselling author of the Ladies of Legend contemporary romance series. Just like the Princess in the classic tale Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s life doesn’t really begin until her heart is awakened by a handsome struggling artist.


HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO by Jennifer Johnson, who writes comedic romances so entertaining even guys read them. Author of the TMP top-selling Rescuing Riley. Abigail Benton is a bum magnet, according to her dad. When she becomes attracted to a homeless man at the community center, she wonders if what her dad says is true.


LONG DISTANCE LOVE by Margaret Ethridge, contemporary romance fan favorite and TMP top-selling author of Commitment. Sometimes the distance between two hearts can be measured in frequent flier miles.


SILENT PARTNER by Renee Vincent, award winning author of historical and contemporary romance.

Grayson Anders is a talented Latin-style dancer; Chloe LaRoche is a talented artist. When the two indulge in a passionate, out-of-control, one night stand, they wake the next morning consumed with inspiration.


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8 thoughts on “Unforgettable Heroes Boxed Set, featuring an interview with Amie Denman Plus, giveaway

  1. Hey Amie, I’m a huge Kristan Higgins and Nora fan too!
    Great interview, Harlie. Thank you for hosting one of our TMP authors for this special boxed set release!

  2. Amie, I’ve read your other books and really look forward to reading Will Work for Love…handsome construction hero, tropical island, a wedding to plan..what could be better!

  3. Great interview, Amie! Re: the line about seeing it in a youtube video: Reminds me of the ad where the woman says if it’s on the Internet, it has to be true and she has the new boyfriend who is supposed to be French. 🙂

    Also, thank you to the hostess! It’s nice to see our boxed set so prominently placed. I am honored to be a part of it and also get to comment on your blog.

  4. Thanks so much for hosting me today! I enjoyed answering the interview questions and am delighted to share my novel and the other 7 terrific ones in the boxed set with our readers!

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