Undercover Lovers-Review

Who’s undercover? 

Shane Madison – Dead sexy private eye posing as a Strippendale’s dancer 
Tucker Lamb – Smooth as butter former conman posing as nerdy professor
Saffron Burton – Sensual food critic posing as just another customer
Katrina Killian – Brazenly sexual cop posing a gang member
Four ultra-sexy stories by four great authors.

Conquered by Cari Quinn Serial monogamist, Emma Donegan, has never had a one night stand. But when she sees the sexy cop-stripper at a friend’s bachelorette party, she resolves to make her most risque fantasies come true.

Playing the part of a stripper is way out of private detective Shane Madison’s comfort zone, but the future of his business hangs on this one case. Too bad the incriminating evidence leads right to the irresistible brunette who keeps slipping tens into his g-string. He can’t let her distract him. Who knew it would be so hard…

Conned by Chloe Cole – Human sexuality Professor Cricket Malloy likes bad boys, but when buttoned-up Science Professor Tucker Lamb needs help with an experiment on aphrodisiacs, she goes the extra mile to help him out. After all, he’s harmless…

Tucker Lamb was born into a life of a grifter. He’s always prided himself on his fast fingers and quicksilver tongue. Ever since being placed in the witness protection program, he’s been on the up and up, but something about Cricket Malloy makes him ache to see if his tongue is as fast as it used to be.

Consumed by Dee Carney– August Jaeger’s signature dishes have taken the Denver dining community by storm. When one Saffron Burton shows up, he’s sure he’s spotted a modern day Mata Hari sent to steal his recipes. If he manages to catch a thrill or two while teaching her a lesson, so much the better.

Food journalist Saffron Burton has a job to do: Find out what Chef Jager is serving for Restaurant Week. But with every course that passes her lips—and every minute in his presence—she’s finding what she really wants isn’t listed on any menu. 

Convicted by Dee Tenorio – Crusty sheriff Cade Evigan doesn’t date convicts, not even ones as irresistible as Katrina “K.K.” Killian. The woman may have gotten under his skin—and once, on the hood of his car—but the sultry biker had criminal written all over her. He has to stay away.

When the shit hits the fan and the case she’s been working on for over a year cracks wide open, Katrina heads straight to the hills to protect the one man she cares about. Some temptations are impossible to resist and she knows if she stays with Cade for the night, odds are her cover isn’t the only thing getting blown…
Okay, I have to be honest with y’all.  I review for two review sites and I’m used to a rating system.  Well, since I don’t have a rating system on my site, I’m going to make one up.  Also since this is anthology, I’m going to review the whole book first and the individual stories.

Overall, Undercover Lovers is a great book.  Dee Tenorio, Dee Carney and Chloe Cole are new to me authors but not anymore.  I plan on going thru their back lists and shop.  All four stories are short and sweet but you wouldn’t want to stop at just one.  While the stories were hot and humorous, they were also sweet, tender and emotional.  

Overall Rating:  5 out of 5
Convicted by Dee TenorioMs. Tenorio is a new to me author so I didn’t really know about her voice or her style of writing.  All I can say is that she went up the shopping list.  Cade and Katrina lit my Nook on fire from the very first time they were together.  Their shared history and feelings for each other were combustible.  The suspense elements in the story were some of the best that I’ve read in erotic romance.  The last third of the book had me on the edge of my seat.  I highly recommend Ms. Tenorio if you like your stories spicy, humorous and a little suspenseful.  Great read and I look forward to more from Ms. Tenorio.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5
Conquered by Cari Quinn Ms. Quinn has written a short story that had me laughing out loud and often.  What could be better than a male stripper that didn’t know how to dance and a woman daring to dance better than him?  Or was it that had me laughing so much, the fact that Shane was on his first PI case and he mistakes Emma for his target?  Well, whatever it was, I got a great story with humor, tenderness, misunderstandings and a whole lot of love.  Kudos to Ms. Quinn for packing alot of heat and heart into Emma and Shane.    Great job Ms. Quinn and I look forward to more of your humor in your books.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5
Conned by Chloe ColeMs. Cole is also a new to me author that just shot up the shopping list.  What’s not to love about two professors that were destined for each other but don’t want to believe it?  That’s what you get with Tucker and Cricket.  Neither one would admit that they had the hots for each so Tucker came up with a way to find out.  This story was truly heartfelt and sexy.  The scene at the restaurant was inspired and hot.  Ms. Cole has spun a tale of lust, love and tenderness that I read it in one sitting and so will you.  Great job!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5
Consumed by Dee CarneyI was completely, totally and didn’t know what hit me seduced when I read this story.  Seduced is the best word that I can describe this sensual story.  August and Saffron were inspired characters that had me reaching for something to eat.  Ms. Carney’s use of words made me feel like I was eating what they were eating and smelling the aromas that filled the room.  Ms. Carney is also a new to me author and her voice just seduced me to huge smiles and a few tears.  It was sad for me to see this story end.  I wanted to read more about Saffron and August and Restaurant Week.  Excellent job by Ms. Carney and I want an August for myself.

Rating:  5 out of 5

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3 thoughts on “Undercover Lovers-Review

  1. Thanks Billi for stopping by. When Cari asked me to review it, I had never heard of the other three ladies but trust me, I've hustled to scoop up some of their books.

    Glad you like the reviews. I got lazy but now I'm full force again.

  2. This sounds like a great read. I normally like longer books — but this anthology has me hiking my butt over to Amazon. Thanks for the reviews — I love to try new authors, but get so caught up with all the ones I know and love — Cari — that I forget to branch out!

    Great reviews, btw!


    Billi Jean

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