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Turning Point (Book #3 in the Kathleen Turner Series) by Tiffany Snow – Review/Interview/Giveaway

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After her promotion from law firm Runner to Investigator, Kathleen Turner is learning the ropes of her new job from none other than assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon, a situation her boyfriend Blane Kirk is none too happy about. But the lessons with Kathleen take a back seat when Kade becomes a target. Previously untouchable, his enemies now know of the chink in his armor – his brother’s girlfriend.
And Kade’s not the only thing coming between Kathleen and Blane. From Blane’s inexplicable defense of a man guilty of a horrible crime, to a mysterious stranger from Kathleen’s past, to Kathleen’ risky investigation into human traffickers, the obstacles mount against a relationship that’s just begun to find trust again.
While Blane considers a job offer that would take him back to the front lines in the war on terror, Kathleen is determined to pursue her new career, with or without his approval. Unfortunately, her current case is far more dangerous than anyone knows. Someone close to Blane will go to extreme lengths to split them up, lengths that may prove worse than death for Kathleen.
Kathleen, Blane and Kade must atone for the sins of the past and the present. The fallout will force Kathleen to a turning point…in her career, and her life.
Author Interview:

Thank you to Harlie’s Books for hosting me on the blog tour for TURNING POINT, the third book in The Kathleen Turner Series.  There will be a total of five books in the series.  Book four, OUT OF TURN, will be released on 12/17/13.


Harlie asked me how hard it was to write a Romantic Suspense.  I think that really depends on what your focus is when writing.  I am no James Patterson, nor do I aspire to be.  The Kathleen Turner Series is and will always be mainly about the characters – Kathleen, Blane and Kade.  I love a) a damsel in occasional distress and b) hot guys with guns.  Romantic Suspense offers the chance to utilize both. 😉  Kathleen begins the series very innocent and naïve, but events and relationships unfold that change and mature her, taking her somewhere different than where she began.  My first love is characters, not an incredibly complex whodunit, so the plot is fashioned around where I want the characters to be both emotionally and relationally by the end of the book.

Harlie…I’m trying to write a RS now and its not as easy as it looks.  RS is my all time favorite sub genre to read.  I cut my teeth on Sandra Brown, Cherry Adair, Karen Rose, Andrea Kane, Karen Robards, Jayne Ann Krantz (and her other pen names, too.) and Elizabeth Lowell. 

If I could invite six authors for a roundtable discussion – that’s a difficult question.  I’d have to say Charlaine Harris, because I fell in love with the first-person POV from her Southern Vampire Mysteries series.  Nora Roberts, just because I’d want to know how she manages to be so prolific in her writing without ever writing the same thing twice.  Neil Stephenson on how he’s able to think outside the box – way outside the box.  Susan Cooper to thank her for writing one of my favorite YA series of all time – The Dark is Rising series.  JK Rowling to thank her for the incredible Harry Potter series and quiz her on how she plotted the books to tie together so well.  Tom Clancy so I could ask him his method of slowly unraveling a complex plot over a thousand or so pages without boring the reader.  And lastly, Vince Flynn.  Because he’s hot (and his books are awesome, too).

Harlie here…Tom Clancy is on my roundtable too.  Jack Ryan is my all time book boyfriend.  He’s sexy, loyal, Alpha (when he needs to be), loving, smart, patriotic, and I have never been bored in a book.  Okay, maybe The Hunt for Red October.  I really didn’t need to know everything about a nuclear sub.  🙂  Now that he is writing about Jack Jr…Oh boy…fangirl for life.

As to what influenced me to become a writer, well I have Janet Evanovich to thank for that.  I got completely sucked in to her Stephanie Plum series and devoured ten books in two weeks.  Then I started to get frustrated with them and how Stephanie never picked a side – Ranger or Morelli.  So I wrote my own ending, just to have some closure (nah, I don’t get too wrapped up in fictional characters).  I loved the freedom writing gave me and decided to make my own world and characters, creating The Kathleen Turner Series.

Harlie again…  Team Ranger!  Just saying…and that’s why I stopped reading them.  🙂  I did like the movie.  I might have been the only one.


Okay, please hear me out during this review.  This is my first and definitely NOT my last book that I will read from Ms. Snow.  Romantic Suspense is my all time favorite sub genre but I did have some issues with the characters and the triangle.

Kade:  Holy mother of God!  I want him; I crave him; he is mine so ladies back off.  🙂  When he delivers a line like this:  Kade: “Neither Blane nor I are your happily-ever-after, princess. Blane will break your heart, and I’m the guy your mom warned you about. Don’t kid yourself about that.”  Yep, he’s mine!  *sigh*  Sure he’s a gun for hire.  People want him dead and the people who are around him but damn…He doesn’t sugarcoat his thoughts, feelings and what he is going to do.  He protects Kate at all costs.  *double sigh*

Blane:  Okay, I’m not going to full on bash him but his character is a bit too cold for me.  I never got the sense that he loves Kate.  Sure he likes her and she looks good on his arm but he made decisions about his life that should have included Kate but he didn’t do that with her.  She would find out later and to me it all comes down to trust and personally, I don’t trust him.  That said, I am going back and read the first two books to see if he is just having a personality defect right now so I’m hopeful.  🙂  He is sexy though but I’m still Team Kade.

Kate:  Kate or my Kate.  Loved her.  She has spunk, sass and despite the trouble that she gets into, she is smart.  Not too bright when it comes to her taste in men (make up your mind lady) but I connected with her.  I liked how she left Blane’s house for her own when she healed.  She knew that she needed her own space to think and fully heal.  One small detail though…she does need to listen to Kade and Blane when they tell her no!  But then if she did, where’s the fun in that?

Overall:  I have found a new RS author to read and stalk!  Ms. Snow can write spellbinding, edge of you seat suspense.  With all the twists, turns, situations, men, hits on the head, lies, and an ending so…O.M.G.  Yep, definitely reading the first two books before December.  Just saying…



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10 thoughts on “Turning Point (Book #3 in the Kathleen Turner Series) by Tiffany Snow – Review/Interview/Giveaway

  1. ::jaw drops:: Oh. My. Gosh. I have SO got to read these!!!! ::foot stomps:: (I feel a whine coming on…just sayin’) But I don’t have time to read them right now!!! Wahhhhhh! AWESOME review Harlie!! And KAde is SO my kind of hot, non-cowboy man!!! Nope, don’t think I’ll be much into Blane either it sounds like. ::wrinkles up nose:: …le sigh…

    1. Oh yea…you would LOVE him. In Sharon’s comment, she summed up what I didn’t like about Blane. Overall, the book is phenomenal! But Blane…to me at least, is unredeemable. And that’s a big no-no for me.

  2. Huge fan of this series. I was shocked by the ending of book three, however. SPOILER ALERT It is hard to imagine how the love triangle can continue after the final conversation between Blane and Kat in Book three. The statements Blane made during that conversation reveal a total lack of trust in a woman he supposedly loves. I can understand Blane believing that Kade has the morals of a goat, but he should know that Kat doesn’t. If he truly loved Kat, it wouldn’t matter what he saw or was told, he should have believed in her. I think his bridge is burned beyond rebuilding. On the other hand, Kade has his own flaws. The one thing Kade can’t give Kat is her dream of marriage, the little house with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. The moment he does, they are both targets for the many powerful enemies Kade has accumulated during his years “freelancing.” Kade can’t be with Kat all the time, and she can’t defend herself at his level. She will always be his vulnerable point, and short of changing his appearance, creating two new identities, and moving to another part of the country, they can’t have the life that Kat wanted. Either she has to change the type of future life she wants, or she has to find someone tame (not Kade) to live it with. Domestication, and a 9-to-5 job, doesn’t seem to be in Kade’s personality.

    1. I completely agree and this is why I don’t like Blane. Kade is a different story. He tells Kate the truth and doesn’t sugarcoat it. He is what he is and you can take it or leave it.

      Blane is just too cold for me and untrustworthy. He truly doesn’t love Kate. The ending was just too much and I can’t wait to see how it plays out in December.

  3. Great review – I have all three books in this series and plan to read them ASAP

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