Times are Changing! by Harlie

Isn’t she adorable and fierce? I love her. My new avatar and mascot for the blog.

It’s the summer!  Time for Harlie to take a break.  I’ll be around and trust me, I have a Harlequin Spotlight for every Thursday this summer.  So, why am I taking a break?  Let me count the ways:

  1. Burnout.  Or fear of it.  We don’t have much planned this summer but I will not be a slave to the blog.  I want to read books that I have bought.
  2. I’ve gotten burned by a couple of tour companies lately and that’s not cool.  They now who they are and I will not be doing business with them every again.
  3. Speaking of getting burned…there are some publishers that I’m completely done with, too.  I don’t know why I keep going back to them and thinking that they will change their ways but they haven’t and it makes me sad.  Sad for my readers, sad for the authors that I love to read.  But most especially for me.
  4. I won’t be around social media either.  I’ll post here and there but again, I won’t be a slave to it.
  5. I might write.  I know, I say that every summer but this time I might actually do it.
  6. In regards to #1, I’m buying books.  Yes, even pre-ordering them through Barnes & Noble.  I have Katee Robert, Emma Chase, and Mimi Jean to catch up on this summer.

This school year I’ve learned a lot about myself.  It started when I went on our cruise in March.  I realized that I don’t need the blog to make myself happy. I was without the internet for 7 days and it was liberating.  No email, blog, social media and I didn’t even miss it.   I reconciled myself to the fact that I’ll never be on a reader’s panel, part of publisher’s panel but I do have my authors that I will always follow, read, blog about, promo and review.  That’s enough for me.

I worked a lot subbing this year and it won’t change next year.  I’m still not good enough to be a permanent employee of the district but I have my campuses that want me to work for them next school year.  Plus, the kid will be in 7th grade (Junior High), too.  Lots of changes with him, too.  The eye rolling has started and the deep heavy sighs.  I try not to laugh at him sometimes but it’s hard.

Again, I took a look at myself and what I wanted out of blogging but most importantly what it did for me.  I’m not quitting but I’m slowly going to back off.  My summers are my time.  And this might be the last summer I have with my son without the full on attitude of a teenager.  Prayers and/or advice would be awesome.  Or maybe rum.

This isn’t goodbye but it is to say that this is a much-needed break from being online.

When you read this I will be out of town.  FIL’s 80th birthday celebration.  Woo Hoo!!!

This is NO WAY a pity party or me saying that I’m quitting.  Just taking some time off to re-access.  Plus, I need to redesign the website.  🙂

Oh, and I’m now posting to Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Here are my links:

@marika67 – Twitter

I found a great program that will post to almost every social media site.  And yes, I pay for it annually but at least it works.  I’m getting more followers/likes on Instagram and Pinterest.




One thought on “Times are Changing! by Harlie

  1. I hope you enjoy a much deserved break, and a wonderful summer! I’m sorry that the adults didn’t always behave as such. As for teenagers, we raised 2 boys, and the only advice I have is to open your home to your son and his friends. Make it a place they want to hang out (which for boys this means having food around), offer to drive them places, wait up even if it’s late, with food available. My boys were pretty open with me, but the car and when they get home in the evening are times when they shared the most. My husband and I put our social life on hold when they were teens, but we got so much in return. Enjoy the summer, and your son. The eye rolling never stops, they just become more discreet. ?❤️️❤️️❤️️

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