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The Hole in the Middle by Kate Hilton – Free book alert and promo


Harlie here…this book is free from Amazon from May 17th-19th.  Harlie will be reviewing it on June 6.  Also, Ms. Hilton has agreed to be interviewed, too.  Woo Hoo!  See you then…





On the surface, Sophie Whelan’s life includes everything a successful modern woman could want – a great husband, two beautiful children, devoted friends and a high-powered job in public relations.  When she’s functioning in her peak form, Sophie can flatter balky employees, avert public relations disasters, tame grumpy childcare providers, throw dinner parties for ten and draft chirpy Christmas letters – all in the same day.  But with her fortieth birthday looming, cracks begin to appear in her seemingly ideal life.  Conflict with an obtuse boss, jealousy over her husband’s relationship with his female business partner and unraveling childcare arrangements begin to chip away at Sophie’s sense of professional and domestic success. When she seems precariously close to slipping off of the treadmill that is her daily grind, Sophie begins to wonder about her lack of personal fulfillment.

Into this midlife meltdown steps Lillian Parker, an eccentric and wealthy widow who played a pivotal role in Sophie’s life during her university days, and who has an offer for Sophie that could change everything. Lillian’s presence takes Sophie back into the vivid drama of her college love affair with Lillian’s nephew, Will Shannon, the man who represents the great unresolved “what if” of Sophie’s adult life.  THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE charts Sophie’s crisis as she considers the choices she has made in life and love and looks for the one answer that has always eluded her: what does she really want?


Don’t miss the free download for the book that reviewers are calling “a stunning debut,” “a must read novel for the ‘This is 40’ set,” and “smart, funny and addictive.”
The Hole in the Middle is getting amazing reviews from readers. A heartbreaking love story, a hilarious romp through today’s corporate workplace, and a fresh take on the hot debate about whether women can have it all, The Hole in the Middle is not to be missed.


About Kate:

Kate Hilton has worked in law, higher education, public relations, fundraising and publishing.  She has an English degree from McGill University and a law degree from the University of Toronto.  She holds down a day job, volunteers for community organizations, raises two boys, cooks, collects art, reads voraciously and likes her husband.  In her free time, she writes. On good days, she thinks she might have it all.  On bad days, she wants a nap.


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  1. Thanks for the spotlight on this book and the info on it being free…being a woman who is now in her 40’s…it’s great reading books about women facing some of the same issues appearing in my own life:)

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