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THE HEALER’S GIFT by Barbara Cutrera

DO NOT judge this book by it’s cover!  I thoroughly enjoyed it for many reasons and I have a vivid picture in my mind of what each of the main characters look like.  So read on and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!


The Healer’s Gift

by Barbara Cultrera

Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Release date: September 10, 2013

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 About The Healer’s Gift:

18404731Ainsland, a virgin widow fleeing from her husband’s murderer, and Collum, a healer who possesses supernatural abilities, are brought together by circumstance. What begins as a marriage of convenience for the couple evolves into one of great love and passion. Yet, Collum’s tragic past and the ever-looming threat of Ainsland’s malevolent pursuer’s appearance in their close-knit rural community overshadows their ability to be truly content. When evil strikes and all seems lost, will it be the resilient, headstrong Ainsland who is able to save herself, her husband, and the people she has come to know and cherish or will Collum, determined and wise, somehow manage to rescue the love of his life before time runs out?

My Vision of the Main Characters:

I have this great vision of who the characters are and what they would look like but I cannot get the images to load so here are the links:

Collum:  Bradley Cooper

Ainsland:  Jenn Proske

Elsbeth:  Lindsay Wagner

Molly:  Kate Mara

Garreth:  Benicio Del Toro

Jordan: Jason Issacs

Richard:  Fred Ward

Vivien:  Julie Christie

Check them out and see what YOU think!

My Thoughts on The Healer’s Gift:

I absolutely adored this book!!  It was a true love story in all of the best senses of the term.  I was unfamiliar with Ms. Cutrera and her writing but this book pulled me in from the first page…seriously!  I mean, it is rare to be captured by the story from the get go like that but I was.  She has a gift for storytelling and rolling out the back story as the book moves forward.  I read it in one sitting and would happily read it again and again.

The hero (Collum) and heroine (Ainsland) were perfect characters to me.  They both had enough of the ‘everyman’ in them that I believe they would appeal to most readers, especially those who enjoy stories set in Medieval times.  He is an inspired Healer and she a damsel in distress.  Both have pain in their pasts and their pain can be healed together.  They have more than their share of drama and trauma throughout the book but how they get through those problems is again, part of the story itself.

Collum and Ainsland are tender and romantic and I fell in love with them both while they fell in love with one another.  Their intimacy is graphic yet appropriate and heartfelt.  I would suggest that it be for 18 and up.

I hope that Ms. Cutrera has more stories to be written.  I would love to see what else she comes up with.  She has two previously published books – Over, Under, Across & Through and In a Manner of Speaking.  I will be looking them both up for sure.  Like I said, I would love to read this again and again and again and again and again!

***5 Stars***


About Author Barbara Cutrera:

Barbara CutreraBarbara Cutrera has been a writer since childhood but didn’t begin writing novels until 1999. She released In a Manner of Speaking, a mystery blended with romance, and Over, Under, Across & Through, Book 1 in The Real World Series, in 2012. Cutrera, a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Florida Writers’ Association, was born and raised in Louisiana and moved to Florida with her husband and son in 2004. She works with the visually-impaired and is visually-impaired herself. She firmly believes that our minds are only limited by the restrictions that we place upon them. That is why her literary credo is, “Transcending reality by exploring it one story at a time….

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