The Boss’s Baby Affiar – Review

Widowed billionaire Nick Valentine should have known the new nanny was too good to be true. And when Candace Morrison revealed her hidden designs on his baby daughter, Nick was ready. The sexy schemer would definitely get what was coming to her, but that wouldn’t include Nick’s child. Candace knew Nick had been deceived—but not by her. She was stunned by her boss’s fierce response to the truth—and to their undeniable chemistry. Now she’d stop at nothing to prove her shocking claims about the little Valentine heiress. But would it make them a family…or tear them apart? 


Now I know what your thinking.  The old, tried and true secret baby plot?  You couldn’t be more wrong about this book.  Yes, there is a baby, no its not a secret but the secrets surrounding the baby that will be revealed are whoppers.  

Nick was a troubled teenager who found working at a garden center helped straighten him out and it became his life’s work.  He’s rich, good looking and a softy at heart.  Candace is the nanny that has taken care of his daughter for the past month since he has been away on business.   When the two meet for the first time, Candace has already decided that Nick is not fit to be a parent since he is away most of the time.  Nick can’t stop thinking about kissing her and finding out about her.

What Candace can’t figure out is why Nick is so closed up to his baby and why he wants nothing to do with her.  When Candace decides to tell Nick a big secret, it doesn’t go as well as she had hoped.  Nick thinks that Candace is lying and sets out to prove her wrong.  What happens between these two are explosive in and out of the bedroom.

I know what you are thinking, its Harlequin and its a Desire but I dare you to pick this book up and read it.  Tessa is a writer from the land down under, so the visual images are stunning and some of the language is different.  I love my Desires; they are good, emotionally driven and always have an HEA.  Plus, the settings are always in a place that you have never to before and you can lose yourself in the story and locale.

7 thoughts on “The Boss’s Baby Affiar – Review

  1. I will defend them to the death. They are not fluff and some of today's best selling authors got their start writing for them. Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Lori Foster are just a few. Shoot, Carly Philips still writes for them.

  2. I don't care what anyone says. I LOVE A HARLEQUIN ROMANCE. Some readers say they're full of fluff, but I've always found them to be wonderful, heartfelt reads. The Boss's Baby Affair sounds fantastic! I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ooh, sounds good! I've enjoyed a couple of Tessa's stories before. And I'm glad to hear it ISN'T a secret baby story–I generally avoid those like the plague 🙂

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