Teacher’s Pet by Kenzie Michaels-review

What happens when you discover the man you had mind-blowing sex with three months ago is your son’s teacher? Tammy Saunders is horrified when she realizes the man who set her heart racing is her son’s favorite teacher. With one bad relationship behind her, will she trust her heart again, or will she continue to deny her feminine side?

And is this particular teacher popular only with his students? Kevin has made some bad choices in his life, but sleeping with not only one, but now two, of his students’ mothers, has got to be the worst mistake he ever made. Especially when he realizes he’s lost his heart to one of them…

Genre: Contemporary
Rating: Spicy
Book Length: Novella
Word Count: 41,958
Pages: 143


When Kenzie asked me to review Teacher’s Pet, I was thrilled.  I have been waiting impatiently for this book to come and then waiting to buy Teacher’s Pet.  With the holidays, money was tight but I vowed I would buy it and read it.  Well, I didn’t have to but I would surely pay Kenzie for this book.

This story starts off hot and never lets up on the heat level.  But wait…there is so much more than two people that are so hot for each other that they are like bunnies.  There is passion, misunderstandings, emotions, children, school politics, scandal, town gossip and an evil soccer mom.  Kenzie has taken a troupe, widowed woman with children, and put a fresh spin on it.  The moment that Tammy locks eyes on Kevin she really didn’t know what the outcome would hold for her or her heart.  Kevin knew from their first meeting that he had to have her mind, body and soul.  Their first coupling was an act of impulse and Tammy fearful of what transpires, disappears.  Kevin has to wait 3 months until he sees her again.

I know what your thinking?  Children in a romance book?  Is this Harlequin?  No its not and trust me Tammy’s children, Teri and Danny, are crucial to the story.  Danny is in Kevin’s class and Ms. Michaels hits all the right buttons with the teasing that Danny endures from classmates and the embarrassment of his mom and Kevin together.  In the end, when a single parent makes the decision to get back into the dating pool, they need to take into consideration the children.  Tammy does this and more with her children.  Kevin is also included with his feelings toward Tammy’s children.  Beautifully done. 

Ms. Michaels blends the usual topics of school politics, an evil soccer mom, town gossip and one woman’s brave journey to find herself again, and one hot romance perfectly.  The dialogue is crisp and clean.  The sex was hot and trust me, they are like bunnies but appropriate for the story.   The children’s reactions to their mother’s relationship with Kevin and how it effects them.

I highly recommend Teacher’s Pet for anyone looking for a feel good story about a woman with a second chance to love and a teacher that every woman wishes she could meet for a conference.  Okay, maybe not the hot teacher but a girl can dream, right?  I’m married…

5 Harlies and a recommended read

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9 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pet by Kenzie Michaels-review

  1. You really should DiDi. Its a fantastic book. Feel free to go through my reviews on the blog and see if any of them tickle your fancy. 🙂 I'm putting up a BDSM series later today.


  2. Thank you Harlie:) You just made my day!

    This book was sooooo fun to write, and I was thankful my experience in dealing with kids helped me put the right amount of 'angst' into Danny and Teri!

    Taryn and Julie, I hope you enjoy reading it:)

  3. Hi i finally got here and look who my fellow commenter is! I love sexy teacher stories because i have one and boy am i glad i don't have any kids to cause this kind of complication. I'll have to put this book on my to be read pile
    iread2xs at yahoo dot com

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