Talking In Your Sleep-Review


Get out of my dreams, get into my bed!
Oh, that’s so good…touch me right there….
The X-rated monologues coming from next door are keeping Rafe Moore up at night all he really wants is some sleep. How’s he supposed to decompress from his EMT job when his sultry neighbor and her explicit fantasies have his blood pressure spiking?

Tightly wound Joy Clarke can’t explain what’s brought on these sizzling somniloquies about a complete stranger, no less. She’s already stressed, and there is no rest from her wicked, wicked thoughts. But when Rafe discovers that the object of all that steamy sleep-talk is him, he’s set to make her dreams come true.

Problem is, in the light of day Joy doesn’t recall a thing!


I will admit that when I first read this story years ago, I didn’t like Joy at all.  Sorry, Samantha.  I thought Joy was too harsh, too brittle and had no emotions at all.  Wow!  What a difference makes a  few years later.  Joy is a delight and in my mind, just misunderstood when I first met her.

Rafe is a native New Yorker taking a much needed break from his EMT job and house sitting for his buddy who is on his honeymoon.  Joy lives next door and is the typical workaholic.  Joy works for a toy company in Public Relations and couldn’t be happier.  Or is she?
She starts having sexy dreams…real life dreams about a mysterious man but when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember them.  Rafe can hear her from next door and soon the dreams are much to vivid to ignore.

I loved how Rafe whittled way at Joy’s inhibitions and her heart.  Joy has a good heart and has much to give to other people.  Rafe was upfront and honest with Joy about what he wanted from her.  I really felt for Joy in her insecurities and fears. 

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