Random Thoughts by Harlie

It's a very raining Sunday afternoon right now.  I know that I don't usually have a random thought piece but I thought that it was needed.  This will not be a pity party blog nor a piece about how much I want to quit, step away, recharge, etc.  Instead, I'm going to talk about what… Continue reading Random Thoughts by Harlie

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Reviewer’s thoughts on the publishing world #Samhain

I've always loved this but it just never quite fit for the blog.  Anyhoos... My thoughts on Samhain closing it's doors.  I am sad.  I've met some great authors through them.  Even fellow reviewers that have become good friends.  I even pitched a book to them at a conference.  Nothing but professional and kind.  Even though… Continue reading Reviewer’s thoughts on the publishing world #Samhain