Changes are a comin’…

Here I sit at the computer contemplating the rest of my life.  At least my blogging life.  Over the past couple of years, I have fallen out of love with reading.  Oh yes, I still read and review but let me explain.  I don't read the trending books.  I don't like a lot of the… Continue reading Changes are a comin’…

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New Year’s Resolutions Blog Hop! #giveaway

  So I'm not into making resolutions.  I never have been.  I resolve every day to be a better person, mom, wife and daughter.  That's it.  Life has its ups and downs every day so why make promises that you can't keep after the first month of the year. I realize that I sound horrible… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions Blog Hop! #giveaway


Changes coming in 2014

Is this starting over or maybe something better?   As most know, I’m also known as Harlie Williams, author.  I’ve been struggling for the past year with trying to keep up with the blog.  When my debut came out December 26, 2012, it bombed.  It still hasn’t sold 100 units and that’s pretty sad.  This… Continue reading Changes coming in 2014