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Review & Dream Cast for Diary of a Rocker’s Kid (D.O.R.K #1) by Haley Despard w/a rafflecopter giveaway! @HaleyDespard

Title: Diary of a Rocker’s Kid
Series: D.O.R.K. #1
Author: Haley Despard
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Published: December 1, 2015
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Madison Daley’s father has concealed the truth from her for seventeen years…

Raised on a Kentucky farm, Madison is stunned when a conversational slip reveals her father Michael is a famous ’90s rock star known as the Grim Weeper. Michael left the spotlight and his mansion behind when Madison was dropped off on his doorstep by a woman in a black mask. A dark past is revealed, and the only thing Madison isn’t allowed to know is her mother’s name.

The answers Madison needs can only be found in Beverly Hills…

Though she does hope to persuade her dad to return to the stage, Madison’s real mission is to discover the identity of her mother.

But she is slightly distracted—literally—by the boy next door. Giovanni Abate’s father is an action film star, his stepdad is a major designer, and Gio has his own claim to fame. Madison catches the handsome, young Italian actor’s eye, and their mutual attraction makes for a hotter summer than she ever could have imagined.

Madison hasn’t set foot in California since infancy, but a lot of people are certain she has…

After Madison has a makeover, people are sure they’ve seen her somewhere before, and she is extremely curious about the identity of her supposed doppelganger. As she looks into this strange situation, she’s unaware that Gio is hiding a potentially devastating secret.

Could finding the answers she seeks change Madison’s life forever?
Or will it just lead to more questions to fill the…
Diary of a Rocker’s Kid

D.O.R.K. #1 Excerpt © Haley Despard 2015

We’re let in a gate that’s remarkably similar to ours, and I cling to Ana’s arm as we soak in the showcase of grandeur that looms in front of us. The stucco towers are even more impressive up close, and they give the home a sense of character and elegance. There’s a bright blue fountain out front that is already lit for the night. Impeccable landscaping and natural-colored floodlights liven up the front, and their balcony railings are black cast iron that is twisted into charming, traditional designs. We approach an ornately-carved cherry wood door and Cass rings the doorbell.
A distinguished, middle-aged Italian man opens the door, and I immediately start freaking on the inside.
Oh my God, it’s Alfonzo Abate…oh my God, it’s Alfonzo Abate…
He sees Cass and a big, toothy grin appears on his face. “Ciao, bella!”
Ciao, Alfonzo!” Cass replies, and they kiss each other’s cheeks like Europeans do. “This is Mike Daley, his daughter Madison, and their friend Ana. Everyone, this is Alfonzo Abate.” We all mutter our “hellos.” Even Dad looks a little nervous. I guess he never got to meet him before we left.
“A pleasure to meet you all,” Alfonzo says in a thick, charming Italian accent. “Please, come in.”
We walk into the entryway, and I hear a door close and footsteps padding down a hall upstairs. My heart picks up speed and time slows down when a younger, hotter version of Alfonzo saunters down the stairs into their grand entryway. It’s Giovanni Abate in all his glory: tall and tan, with piercing silver eyes and black hair so thick you could bury your hands in it and lose them. He’s wearing a white polo and jeans that are a little tight on him, and I have to try hard to bring my eyes up from his perfect body.
His gaze is intense as he fixates on me, and even after he touches down on the floor, his eyes don’t leave mine. “Come va? I’m Gio…” He stops, still staring at me. I’m not sure if he lost his train of thought, or if that’s really his nickname. I squirm under his scrutiny, and then I feel a huge sense of relief when Steph dances in from the kitchen.
“Oh, perfect, you’re all here,” Steph says, gleefully clapping his hands. “Let me tell you, you’re all in for a treat. Alfonzo prepared dinner himself, so everything you’re eating tonight is authentic. We’ll start off with a 1965 Pinot Grigio and—”
“Take your glasses off,” Gio suddenly interrupts. Everyone falls silent, awaiting my response.
“Um…excuse me?”
Giovanni!” Alfonzo roars with a scowl. His deep, bellowing voice echoes off the high ceiling and the walls. “Attento a come ti comporti!” I have no idea what he just said, but it seems like he was telling his son not to be rude.
Gio softens and rubs the back of his neck like Alfonzo just cracked a whip on it. “Sorry…never mind. I just thought you were someone I know.”
“I must look like someone,” I say with a nervous giggle. “Steph said the same thing.”
“You really do,” Gio says. “You look extremely familiar.” His dark brows shadow his eyes, and his gaze intensifies again, like he’s trying to get me to confess something.
“Well…I guess there’s one way to straighten this out,” I say, and I take the glasses off. Alfonzo and Steph gasp, and Gio’s eyes widen.
“She does look like…” Alfonzo mutters.
“My God, the resemblance is…scary,” Steph says in horror.
“What resemblance?” I ask.
“You, uh…” Steph glances at Cass, who makes a throat-cutting gesture with her finger. Dad’s glare is practically melting him. “You just look like someone we know, that’s all.” Steph shakes it off, and his joyful smile returns. “Anyway, I’m simply dying for some antipasto, so let’s show them the dining room, Alfonzo.”
Dammit! When am I going to know who I look like?
Alfonzo and Steph lead us into the traditional, luxurious Italian dining room. “Everyone help yourselves to the antipasto,” Alfonzo says, gesturing to the appetizer as Dad, Cass, Ana, and I pull out our fine upholstered mahogany chairs and sit down. “Gio, take the Pinot and serve it to our guests.” Alfonzo disappears into the kitchen with Steph so they can bring out the rest of the food.
“’Kay,” Gio says in his deep, cute voice. He takes the bottle from the table and moves around to pour the wine for Dad and Cass. Then he pours wine for Ana, too, and I raise my eyebrows at Dad, like, “Are we allowed to drink this?” He holds up a pinky, imitating the teacup hold Nana tried to teach me as a kid, and I laugh quietly behind my hand. That’s his secret code for, “Be polite.” Manners have always been a huge deal in the Landers-Daley family, so I guess I’ll get to sample wine just this once.
Gio pauses again to stare at me when he brings the bottle around, and I reach for my cold crystal wine glass and hold it out to him. I was trying to make it easier on him, but he gets distracted by me again while he’s pouring and accidentally spills some on my fingers.
“So sorry,” he says, reaching for my crisp white napkin, but I set my glass down and get it myself.
“It’s all right, really.” I give him a reassuring smile. Funny, I thought I would be the nervous one tonight…
So what do you say about a book that has you laughing, cheering, crying and then you find out that you have to WAIT until March, 2016 for the second book?  Did I mention that its a YA book and you know that I don’t review that many YA books.  Grrrr…
Yes, grrrr….I finally find a book/series that I fell in love with and I have to wait.  Everything from the plot, lead characters to even the secondary characters are extremely well thought out.  Sure where some things glosses over after they were revealed?  Yes but you have to keep in mind that its a YA book and believe this is or not…its not full of the usual angst that is drawn out to infinity and beyond.  Its a sweet story of hidden identity and finding the truth for yourself.
What sets this apart, for me, are the characters.  Madison in particular is the best character in the book.  With or without your love interest Gio, she makes the book.  Her relationship with her dad (Grim Weeper LOL!) and her grandmother.  What a spitfire.  Michael (Grim Weeper/Madison’s dad) was also a well drawn character.  I understood why he kept Madison from knowing the truth all those years.
The last thing that I will tell you about the book is once Madison lands in California its a wild ride.  Hang on because there are twists and turns that you don’t see coming.  I like when an author can surprise me, especially a YA author and Ms. Despard did just that.  She has finally turned this YA “not loving” reader into a fan for life.
Why o why do I have to wait until March?  I will definitely re-read this before I read Madison’s continuation.  Oh and yes, Gio is hot!  😉
recommend-harlies- new
Haley Despard (HD) was born and raised in small, yet ever-expanding Simpsonville, South Carolina. She discovered a love of writing at age fourteen and hasn’t been able to turn off the motor fingers since then. Today she lives just a stone’s throw over in the country side of Greer, SC with her husband, son, and Boston Terrier. Her hobbies include amateur photography, designing teaser graphics for her novels, and composing piano music.

Haley’s current project is a YA Contemporary Fiction series, but she also loves writing fantasy, romance, and occasionally horror fiction. Defying standards and norms and thinking outside the box is Haley’s strong suit, and she plans to write something that makes it big someday. Until then, she’s content with her growing author family and a head full of ideas.

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Review of The Path by Tawdra Kandle @tawdra

The PathAbout the Book:


Title: The Path
Author: Tawdra Kandle
Publisher: Tawdra Kandle
Pages: 232
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Abby Donavan came to the small beach community of Crystal Cove to start over. After a painful affair broke her heart and derailed her burgeoning career, taking over management for the just-opened bed-and-breakfast was the safe choice. In this sleepy town, Abby figured she could bury her memories and forget the pain.

When the chance to have her own hotel falls into her lap, though, she can’t resist the temptation. Making the old Riverside Inn into the showplace she’s always dreamed of running offers the second chance she never expected.

Abby didn’t expect another kind of second chance to land on her doorstep at the same time. Ryland Kent wants to help her bring the Riverside back to life, and his passion for restoration is irresistible. But as much as she wants to ignore it, she can’t help seeing another spark in his eyes . . . one that offers to reignite her own flame.

Sometimes the path to a happily-ever-after is anything but smooth.

For More Information

Book Excerpt:

She was gorgeous.
And I was in love.
I could always tell right away. Love at first sight was something I believed in, just like I believed in the magic of Christmas, the existence of angels and the hope of a World Series win for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

It usually happened for me within the first few minutes. I didn’t have to hear a word; I could just take her in, watch her and feel the hum of possibilities. I loved that giddy sense of hope that filled me during the early days, when everything was potential and dreams, before reality came crashing in and we had to deal with problems and snafus. Before my eyes were forced to see that beneath the beauty lay brokenness and decay.

But for now, all I could see was the future, like a vision spread out before me. She was both the vision and the future. Yeah, there was no doubt in my mind.

The Riverside Inn was a dream come true.

“So you gonna stand there and drool all day, or you gonna get to work?” Lincoln punched me in the shoulder, grinning.

“Yeah, I might. Drool, I mean.” I slid my gaze to his. “She’s pretty damn drool-worthy.”

“Oh, hell, Ry. No way. This one?” Linc glanced at the sprawling building, disbelief in his eyes. “Aw, dammit. You got the look. I see it on your face. You got the look, and that means you’re attached already.”

I laughed. “Pretty sad that you know me that well. Yeah, she’s a go. I signed the papers day before yesterday.”

“Shit, man.” Linc shook his head. “This one is . . . it’s bad, buddy. I saw the reports. Most of the main building’s structurally unsound. Tearing her down to the stud’s a given, but we may have to go father than that.”

“I know.” I’d read the same reports. The old hotel had been empty for years, sitting on this huge chunk of land on the outskirts of Crystal Cove, Florida. One owner and then another had made plans, only to abandon them. That was okay, because I knew she’d been waiting for me all along.

“You know, yet you sign the contract. You commit to this building. To this project. And you don’t only commit yourself, you commit me and the rest of the company, too. Did you think to ask me what I thought before you put your John Hancock down on those papers? Why’d you bother asking me to come up here if you’d already made up your mind?”

I shrugged. “Linc, I gave you a chance at partnership three years ago, and then again early this year. You turned me down both times. I value your opinion, and I try to listen, but if you want a real say in the projects we choose, then you’ve got to be a partner. Because right now, I’m where the buck stops. So you have to trust that if I said yes, I know how we can make it work. And I wanted you to see her because I know this project will start percolating in the back of your mind now. You’ll call me at midnight in a few days with ideas.” I elbowed my friend in the ribs. “Besides, have we ever failed yet?”

“Came damn close in San Francisco.” Linc muttered the words darkly, and I tried not to wince.

“Yeah, but it all worked out in the end.” The old house we’d agreed to turn into a bar and restaurant for a couple in California had seemed like an easy job when I took it. We’d been a solid two weeks into the rehab when one of the guys discovered extensive structural damage, probably from one of the earthquakes. It was too late to turn around, too late to back out, and I was damned glad I had enough capital saved to cover the extra manpower and work hours, not to mention the supplies. We’d eeked it out, barely breaking even . . . but we did it. And now that trendy little bar was getting rave reviews from all the fancy-schmancy food critics on the West Coast.

“Barely.” Linc shook his head. “Well, nothing we can do about this now. You committed us, so we’re all in, for better or for worse. I’m heading back down to Vero, finish up the details and the punch out on the salon. Then if it’s cool with you, I thought I might swing over to Mont Devlin for a little while.”

I kept my face expressionless as I nodded. “Sure. Of course it is. Gonna check in, see the kids a little?”

“Yeah, thought I might.” His mouth pinched together, and I could see his jaw tighten under the thin layer of his beard. “For whatever time they’ll give me, anyway.”

There wasn’t anything I could say to him. Nothing could change the past or make this situation any less painful. So I didn’t insult him with stupid meaningless words. Instead, I gave him a light punch to the shoulder. Linc understood; his lips twisted into what passed for a grim smile, and he shrugged.

“You take what you need, you know that.” I leveled my gaze at him, making sure he understood me. “When you’re ready, come on back here. I’ll put you to work.”

“Sounds like a plan.” He took one step away, toward where I assumed his truck was waiting, before pausing to glance at me over his shoulder. “You got a place to crash here yet, or you still got to find something?”

“I have a place in town. The owners have a friend— Cooper Davis, he’s actually a carpenter, a woodworker. He’s going to do the decorative wood and the built-ins here on the Riverside. Anyway, I guess he just moved in with his girlfriend, and he’s got an apartment he doesn’t need at the moment. It’s furnished, close to the site and best of all, free. Cooper says he’s just happy to have me there to keep my eye on his shop at night.”

“Sweet.” Linc had regained a little of his calm. “I’ll get in touch when I’m back. Where’re you setting up the guys?” “Motel the next town over. It’s got restaurants, stores, bars . . . all the stuff they need to be happy while they’re here.” I considered briefly and shook my head. “And probably enough for them to get into trouble, unfortunately. But we’ll deal with that when it comes.”
“Sure. Although I’ve got a feeling this one’s going to keep them so busy, they may be too tired to cause problems after work.”

I grinned. “You could be right.”

Linc laughed and started walking again. “I’ll be in touch. Don’t have too much fun before I get here.”

“Fun doesn’t start ‘til you do, buddy.” I yelled at his departing back, trying to ignore the slump in his shoulders. I’d known Lincoln for over ten years. We’d met on one of my earliest jobs, when I’d just started out. I’d been an unhappy combination of cocky and homesick, carrying a giant chip on my shoulder to hide my terror that I might fail. He was a few years older than me, already married with a kid, and he’d taken me under his wing. When I’d launched my own company finally, offering Linc a partnership had been a given. But his life had changed radically by then, and he wasn’t ready for the added responsibility. Or so he claimed.

Still, we all knew Linc was as much a part of this company’s leadership as I was. He might not’ve had the title, but he put in the time and did the work. I just wished that it gave him some peace of mind, something that had been missing from my friend for far too long.

The sun was sinking lower in the sky, and I rubbed my jaw, thinking. I was tempted to go in and check out a few sections of the old hotel that I hadn’t gotten a chance to really explore during my short walk-through with Logan Holt a few days back. We had a rule at this stage in the game: nobody, no matter how experienced or careful, was supposed to be in the building alone. In these rehab projects, we couldn’t always predict when a supporting wall might decide to give way, or when a cracked foundation might shift. The guidelines I’d laid down myself stated that one person needed to be outside while at least two went in together. Breaking that rule was grounds for instant firing.

But hell, I was the boss. I knew my way around these old beauties, and I had an uncanny sense of where I might not be safe. Stepping inside a little ways wasn’t going to hurt anyway. I checked my cell and made sure I had both battery life and signal before ducking beneath the yellow caution tape.

The Riverside had been built over a hundred years ago, before Crystal Cove had even really existed. She’d been de- signed to cater to the river traffic; although the Cove was known for its beaches, they weren’t as popular a century before as they were now. Instead, the hotel had welcomed guests who were meandering down the waterways from Jacksonville to the interior of the state, which had still been largely wilderness in some places.

I imagined what she must’ve been like then; pretty and graceful, her two main wings sprawling over a large expanse of green lawn that went to the edge of the river. Wide verandas beckoned weary travelers, and the huge kitchens produced some of the best food south of Savannah. I could picture it, and I wanted it for her again. I knew I could make it happen.

Stepping carefully along the shadowed corridor, I paused, squatting to examine some partially-rotted molding. I pulled a small folding knife out of my pocket and carefully pried off a piece. I rubbed my thumb over the front and smiled. Oh, yeah. I could work with this. Wasn’t easy to find this kind of decorative trim anymore, but I’d taken a peek into Cooper Davis’s shop, and I was pretty damn sure he could replicate it. Might take some sweet talking, but he seemed like a good guy, and he was undoubtedly passionate about his work. Well, so was I, about mine. I’d make this happen.

Standing again, I moved into a large open space which I decided must’ve been either a dining room or some kind of reception hall. The windows here went nearly to the floor. It would’ve been something to see in its time, I mused, even though now not one pane of glass remained. There wasn’t even a decent frame left. That was okay. We’d bring them back.

A cool breeze blew through the room, and despite the stifling heat in the hotel, I felt goose flesh raise on my arms. I glanced out the gaping holes that had once been French doors leading to the side porch. For a moment, just a split second, I could’ve sworn I’d seen a movement, something more than just the swaying of the trees. But although I stood frozen for a while, I didn’t see anything again.

“Ghosties.” I muttered the word to myself, shaking my head. All of us who worked this job, who spent hours and days and weeks and months inside ancient buildings that wanted to come back to life, were familiar with the feeling that we weren’t always alone. It didn’t surprise me anymore; after all this time, I was now convinced that certain expe- riences, both traumatic and ecstatic, left an imprint on the walls of the building where they happened. I’d never seen a ghost or even suspected one might be haunting a house I was working on, but it didn’t mean I didn’t believe. It didn’t mean I thought they didn’t exist.

And right now, in this place, I had the distinct sense of being . . . observed. As though someone were keeping an eye on me, not yet sure whether I was here for harm or for help. I stuck my hands in the front pockets of my jeans and spoke out loud, not shouting but not whispering, either.

The Path banner



Where do I start?  Beside the fact that I passed up reading the first book in the series, The Posse (Jude’s book) because I couldn’t get past the whole 3 guys vying for her.  Yep, I’m an IDIOT!!!!!  Of course, I’m still kicking myself over it.  Oh and there is a second book with Emmy and Cooper.  And *bangs head* didn’t read that one either.  See a pattern?  So what makes this book any different?  Honestly, I don’t know why I decided on this one in the series.  The blurb sounded interesting and plus, I love the whole idea of the restoration of the hotel.  And one more thing and I’m ashamed to say, I’ve never heard of Ms. Kandle until now.  Of course, this makes me even more of an idiot.  I really should get out more you think?

Top 5 reasons to read this book and rush out to buy The Posse and The Plan:

  1.  The writing is top notch.  Nothing is contrived and over the top.  The characters are true to themselves and to each other.  Highly emotional when needed and humor is sprinkled with in the story.
  2. Abby and Ryland will steal your heart from the beginning.  I absolutely loved their romance.  It was a slow build and of course, their start was funnier than hell and it will have you rolling at times.  I love the interaction at the hotel and then when they get out their comfort zone, its pure magic.
  3. While there are some things that Abby has to work out with her family, its not the basis for the story…at first.  I will leave it at that because near the end of the book, the scenes with her mother will tug at your heart.
  4. The secondary characters:  Linc, Jude, Cal, Matt, Cooper, Emmy.  Again, I need to read Jude and then Emmy’s book but you will not get lost in their backstory.  Ms. Kandle does a great job of working their stories to the reader that only makes you want to read more about them.
  5. Finally, the way that Ms. Kandle weaves everyone from the first two books into Abby and Ryland’s book.  You get the sense of community, friendship, love and more importantly, family that I haven’t read in a while.

If I had one thing that sorta kinda bugged me is Linc.  He needs his own story and fast.  Of course, then there is Jessica, Abby’s sister.  Did I smell a book for them?  No idea but it would be a great concept.  And yes, I loved him.

Did I mention that there might be something supernatural in the book?  I didn’t.  😉  Oh yes, it happens but I’m not telling.

Rush to buy and read this book.  Don’t make the same mistake that I did and pass over the first two books.  You will regret it.

You’re welcome.


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About the AuthorTawdra Kandle

Tawdra Kandle writes romance, in just about all its forms. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. Her books include YA paranormal, NA paranormal and contemporary romance, and adult contemporary and paramystery romance. She lives in central Florida with a husband, kids, sweet pup and too many cats. And yeah, she rocks purple hair.

For More Information                   

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Review of A Prince of a Guy (Korbel Classics: The Humorous Collection) by Eileen Dreyer w/a rafflecopter giveaway!



A Prince of a Guy

by Eileen Dreyer




GENRE: Contemporary Romance






When New Yorker Casey Phillips visits the tiny country of Moritania, she simply wants to see where her ancestors came from. Instead, she’s mistaken for a princess.


The real princess has been kidnapped, and Crown Prince Eric von Lieberhaven insists Casey—a dead ringer for the missing royal—step into the princess’s shoes until she can be freed.


As Casey upends royal tradition, Eric finds himself hoping the cheeky American never returns home. But can a secretary from Brooklyn really find happiness with a prince?





Excerpt Two:


Somewhere in the Alps, 1987




Twenty minutes later, Casey occupied a chair in the little booth at the edge of Moritania while two officers dressed like the Pope’s Swiss Guards scuttled around trying to find new and different ways to make her more comfortable. She assured them that there was only so much comfort one could find at a border crossing. All she succeeded in doing was making them look more miserable. But when she asked whether the American consul was coming, or even a tow truck, all they did was exchange worried little glances.


“Soon now, my lady,” the spokesman assured her, actually wringing his hands. “He promised.”


Casey shrugged again, thinking that she was doing a lot of that, and crossed her legs, resettling her wide denim skirt around her legs. Not exactly climbing clothes. But then, Julie Andrews had done the Alps in a habit.


“This is real Sound of Music country,” she said, not really expecting an answer by now. “Of course, you guys were probably raised on Wagner and Romberg.”


No answer.


“Romberg,” she repeated. “You know, Student Prince?”


“Cassandra, what on earth are you up to now?”


Casey lifted her head with a start at the sound of the new voice. Then her mouth dropped open and her brain stalled. Now how had he snuck up on her?


The guards were saluting now, and a new man stood in the doorway. Man? More like a miracle. He was breathtaking, the kind of man she was sure she had never in her life run into on the streets of Brooklyn. Clad in precisely pressed gray flannel slacks, a hunter’s jacket of tweed and leather and a wool sweater over a snow-white shirt and navy blue tie, he looked more like an English lord gone to tour his estate.


Tall, maybe six feet, and slim. Athletic. Casey could imagine him on a polo pony or a yacht, the wind sweeping through his golden-brown hair. He had a face that would have made Cary Grant cry: long, with an aquiline nose, a strong chin and a well-bred brow. It was a cultured face with eyes the color of a summer sky, although right now that summer sky seemed a bit chilly. And it went with an actual English accent. In the Alps.


A most practical child, Casey had never been able to figure how Cinderella could have been swept off her feet within the space of one dance. If this guy had been the one wearing the tights, it would have made perfect sense. She was in love before she even knew his name.


He turned briefly and dispatched the guards with a gentle word. The relief on their features was palpable as they straightened and departed.


“How did you do that?” Casey asked, getting to her feet. “No matter what I did they kept checking out their toes. It’s kind of unnerving after awhile, ya know?”


Her guest considered her with evident frustration. “When are you going to stop? You’re not going to make them better subjects by playing games with them. And you’re certainly playing havoc with my schedule.”


“Thanks for the interest,” Casey said, smiling dryly. “What the hell are you talking about?”


“And where in heaven’s name did you pick up that atrocious accent?”


Casey was bristling now. “From my mother. She has one just like it. Listen, my car broke down and I need a tow. And I forgot my passport back at the hotel. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had you paged. Are you with the American embassy?”


He straightened a little, his head tilted at an angle of inspection. “Cassandra…”


“Nobody’s called me Cassandra since the nuns. Actually, they called me Mary Cassandra, but…” She blinked, taken aback. “Wait. How did you know my name?” She shook her head, the confusion mounting. “Listen, I’ll tell you what. If you’re not with the embassy, just call me a tow or whatever. If this is an example of Moritanian hospitality, I don’t think I want to visit after all. I’d have more fun in the Bronx on a Saturday night.”


Casey had more to say. Something about rudeness and insanity and lack of oxygen at high altitudes. She never quite got it out. As she was speaking, the gentleman’s eyes widened with an incredulity that gave her pause. His mouth opened and he stepped up to her. When he laid a hand under her chin and lifted it, she fell mute.


His eyes caught hers and held them. His hand, graceful and strong, stilled her. With just that contact, Casey found herself suffused with a sweet hesitation she’d never known. A languid heat, as if his eyes were stealing her strength. She looked up at him and forgot what she’d been about to say and why it had been important. Hell, given a minute more and she’d forget her name and birthday.


“Bloody hell,” he breathed, his gaze suddenly sharpening. His eyes swept her features, her attire, and then came back to rest on her face. “You’re not like her at all, are you? Not at all.”


Casey couldn’t seem to drag her eyes away. “I… wouldn’t know. Who?”


“Who are you?”


“Casey Phillips. Who are you?”


He actually opened his mouth and closed it once before answering. “Eric von Lieberhaven.”


Their voices had grown soft somehow, intimate in the little room. It was Mr. Von Lieberhaven who broke the spell first, pulling his hand away as if he’d been scalded. Casey saw him rub it against his leg in what she was sure was an uncharacteristic gesture. She wasn’t sure how she knew. She just did.


“But why did they call you?” she asked when he moved far enough away that she could breathe again. “You never told me. Do you work for the American embassy? Or the English embassy?”


The smile he gave her was a bright one, rueful and wry. He had beautiful white teeth and a pattern of crow’s-feet from the sun and wind that imbued his smiles with an endearing warmth. Casey smiled back without knowing why.


“No,” he assured her. “I am not with the embassy.”


That fancy British accent again. Not the kind you heard on BBC. The real posh one, just a bit nasally. If he hadn’t been standing right in front of her, Casey would have tried to mimic it. It was the closest she’d been to traveling to other countries before this.


What she really wanted, she realized, was to get to know Eric von Whatever better. Fat chance, from the looks of him. He looked as if he’d been afforded more in life than a flat and a high school education.


Outside the phone jangled, and one of the guards went to answer it.


“Your Highness?”


Eric turned to him.


Casey gaped. “Your what?”


Copyright Eileen Dreyer


When I wasn’t laughing, I was smiling.  This is such a delightful book.  I know that sounds weird but it truly was.  Engaging from the opening line to the very last one.  A couple of things that you should keep in mind when you read this one:

  1.  The book is a re-issue and it reads like it did in 1987.  I read that Ms. Dreyer didn’t want to update it with the usual gadgets and for me, that’s just fine.  It didn’t need it.  In fact, I think it would detract from the original story.
  2. Yes, it’s a take on Cinderella but with a different twist.
  3. Casey reminds me of Mona Lisa from My Cousin Vinny.  Yes, she’s that funny but also very frank when dealing with Eric.
  4. Eric is your typical royal…at first.  Once he meets Casey the shenanigans begin and he is having the time of his life with Casey.
  5. The missing royal, Cassandra, is a complete shrew.  So when Casey steps in to help Eric, from the staff to the Queen they are left with what has happened to Cassandra.  She’s had a personality split and they are confused.  Makes for some really funny moments.

To say that I loved the book would be an understatement.  From the humor, to the smexy times (she doesn’t hold back but it’s not smutty) to the end, I just loved the book.

If I had to pick out a scene(s) from the book that stands out is when they are on the train going to Switzerland and what happens there.  Its sweet, funny and oh so sexy.

I have to admit that I like reading re-issues of books from the 80’s and 90’s.  I like that they don’t have the tech gadgets in them and that the author has to really write a story based on the characters themselves and no rely on tech.  Ms. Dreyer has written a very well rounded, thought out book about two people that weren’t looking for each other but found a way to be together.  There isn’t much angst either, which I love.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.  I went ahead and got Cassandra’s book because she intrigued me at the end of this one.  I needed to see what was up with her.  😉


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New York Times bestselling, RWA Hall of Fame author Eileen Dreyer has published 31 romance novels in most genres, 8 medical­ forensic suspenses, and 10 short stories.


2015 sees Eileen enjoying critical acclaim for her foray into historical romance, the Drake’s Rakes series, which Eileen labels as Regency Romantic Adventure that follows a group of Regency aristocrats who are willing to sacrifice everything to keep their country safe. She is also working on her first non­fiction book, TRAVELS WITH DAVE, about a journey she’s been taking with a friend’s ashes.


A retired trauma nurse, Eileen lives in her native St. Louis with her husband, children, and

large and noisy Irish family, of which she is the reluctant matriarch. She has animals but refuses to subject them to the limelight.


Website – http://eileendreyer.com/

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