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Sweet-Sexy-BSet-3D-LG Sweet, but Sexy Sweet Contemporary Romance Boxed Set   Sweet can still be sexy!   Turquoise Morning Press presents eight sweet contemporary romance stories that will convince you that sweet, can still be sexy! We’ve selected stories from some of our most popular romance authors to showcase in this set – stories that will take you from the beach to Christmas, from small town to big city, from keeping secrets to building dreams.   After all, sweet and sexy romance, comes in all shapes and sizes, right?   Sweet Contemporary Romance 5 full-length novels, 3 long novellas, plus two bonus stories!   Digital Only.     Price: Promotional Price, $0.99 (limited time) Retail $5.99 (October, 2014)   AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | KOBO | IBOOKS | ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS SMASHWORDS | TURQUOISE MORNING PRESS     Blue Bottle Beach by Amie Denman – Mitchell finds Jackie irresistible as he romances her on Blue Bottle Beach, but he has no idea she should be in her cubicle in Chicago balancing the sheets for one of his many companies. Amie is an Amazon bestselling author (Unforgettable Heroes).   For Harlie’s Books, here are a few things you don’t know about me:   1. I grew up in the middle of 4 sisters very close in age. Plenty of drama! 2. I skipped a grade in school and went off to college a tender 17-year-old. 3. When I was 21 and nursing a seriously broken heart from a failed summer romance, my Dad (a mechanic) said the sweetest thing to me. He said, “I can fix anything but a broken heart.” All That’s Unspoken by Constance Phillips – The only thing standing in Nate’s way is Hailey, the woman who left him eight years ago without even saying goodbye. Constance is a TMP 2013 Reader’s Choice Award nominee (All That’s Unspoken).   For Harlie’s Books Constance Phillips

  • I have four dogs. Two Olde English Bulldogges, a lab we inherited when my son moved into an apartment and a terrier-Lhasa cross, that is bonded to me alone.
  • I’m a motorcycle momma… errr, my husband bought a Harley this year, and I enjoy going along for the ride.
  • I’m happiest at the beach.
  • While, I’m a huge music fan and listen to just about anything, I have a secret (okay…maybe not so secret) love for eighties music!

Secrets by Jan Scarbrough — How was she going to keep her secret? It had been with her like a living thing for twenty-one years. Jan is an Amazon bestselling author (Love in a Small Town)   Please give between 2 and 4 things we, the readers, don’t know about you.   I love Pembroke Welsh Corgis and have two of them — Lenny and Cadi.   During my day job I work with computer geeks. I’m an ex-English teacher, but somehow I manage to fit in.   I love American Saddlebred horses and take a riding lesson once a week for my “horse fix.”   I love the Kentucky State Fair. Crossroads by Janet Eaves – Desperation has a way of changing everything…. Janet is an Amazon bestselling author (Love in a Small Town, Unforgettable Heroes).

  1.  I once drove a school bus… loved driving the big yellow Twinkie, could barely stand the kids!

2.  One of my greatest regrets in life is I can’t sing worth a lick!   3.  I talk to hummingbirds, and they hang around only feet away for long periods of time to listen.   Okay, now everyone will know I’m a nut!   My Brother’s Wedding by Jennifer Anderson – Allison Daughtry is catapulted into a past life when she returns to her childhood home to attend her brother’s wedding. My Brother’s Wedding received a cover award.   2-4 things my readers may not know about me…. *taps chin* Hmm. 1. If you haven’t figured out from my YA books, I was a cheerleader in high school. And yes, one of those that took it very seriously and hated when others didn’t think it was a sport or that we were athletes. Hey, our coach was a hard ass! 2. I have a huge, big, fat cat that I wish was cooler! You’ve seen those videos all over the web of cats doing funny things. Yeah, mine not so much. But I’m holding out hope that he’ll get his act together and wow us with a show one of these days! 3. You may want to sit down for this. I. Have. Never. Read. 50 Shades of Gray. *ducks* I’m not a book prude. In fact, I’ve read and enjoyed many erotic novels, but when a dear reviewer friend of mine told me she’d read better, I took her advice. Now, I do plan on seeing the movie! 4. From the outside, I appear as most suburban soccer moms. Minivan, hair thrown up in a pony and I probably have athletic equipment in my van at anytime of the year. But I want a tattoo! My husband and kids think I’m weird but I want one even with my hyperventilating fear of needles! I’ll keep you posted if I ever get one. Double Dog Dare by Jennifer Johnson – When Cheris McDowell wakes up in a hotel room next to the husband she doesn’t remember meeting, she decides the only practical solution is a quiet divorce. Jennifer is an Amazon bestselling author (Unforgettable Heroes). 2-4 things you don’t know about me: 1. I took Latin, Greek, and Hebrew in school. I took 3 years of French, too, but the French didn’t stick for some reason. 2. I severed two tendons in my hand attempting to cut frozen hamburger meat. Lesson learned. 3. I cannot straighten my pinkie finger (see #2 for why) 4. Most of the time I cry when the National Anthem is played. Hard Candy Kisses by Maddie James – New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and Patti Jo Baker has tried every trick in the book to land a date for the annual New Year’s Eve Bash at The Lodge. Maddie James is an Amazon bestselling author (Love in a Small Town, Falling for Grace, The Heartbreaker, and more).   –  Please tell us between 2 and 4 things that we don’t know about you !

  1. I have a bowling trophy


  1. I speak Italian.
  1. I slept with mummies.


  1. I’ve traveled to Japan.
  1. I used to be a teacher.

Oh, only 2-4?  Guess which one of the above is NOT true, and if you guess correctly, I’ll send you a free ebook of my backlist! Building a Dream by Magdalena Scott – Chloe McClain is an artist, so she’s used to creating something from nothing. This time, though, the project is bigger than her usual canvas. Magdalena is an Amazon bestselling author (Love in a Small Town).   List between 2 and 4 things we as readers don’t know about you   I am taller than I look in my profile pic. (5 ft 1+ 3/8 inches)   I am a minimalist-in-training. (Go to my blog and search for minimalism)   I try to remember to practice gratitude   I recently became a mother-in-law, and am thrilled about it     Social Media Connections Turquoise Morning Press: Web: Facebook: Twitter: @turquoisemorn Hashtags: #sweetbutsexy #tmpress                       Sweet-Sexy-Cover-Flat-Authors       Sweet But Sexy tour banner2Giveaway:  $25 Amazon Gift Card   a Rafflecopter giveaway

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