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Susan’s Review of Spell of Summoning (The Dark Caster Series) by Anna Abner


Publisher: Mild Red Books / Anna Abner  http://www.annaabner.com

Print Length: 72200

Published  Jan 22 2013

Genre-  Fiction » Romance » Paranormal
Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary



Book Summary

Holden Clark has no faith in his power. A necromancer, he communicates with the dead, but he has never embraced his gifts. Now, he has no choice but to stop the dark caster attacking the mesmerizing Rebecca Powell, but accepting this mission means he’ll be delving into dangerous magics  he’s never used before.


Extended Description

Holden Clark walks into Rebecca Powell’s life, a tall, blue-eyed stranger who stirs long forgotten desires. But nothing, including this man, is what it seems. A dark necromancer is targeting Becca for a full-blown demonic possession. She is thrust into a world she never knew existed—a world where dark casters create chaos and necromancers talk to the dead.

Holden has no faith in his power. A necromancer, he communicates with the dead, but he has never embraced his gifts. Now, he has no choice but to stop the dark caster attacking Rebecca, but accepting this mission means he’ll be delving into dangerous magics he’s never used before.

Under the protection of the damaged and mysterious Holden, Rebecca will question everything …



April in North Carolina didn’t have the sticky heat that would settle over the state during the summer months, but it was warm. Sweat tickled at the back of Holden Clark’s neck. But not because of the weather. He’d lied to a woman to get her here.

Well, lie was a strong word. He’d rather say he’d persuaded a woman to join him for lunch under false pretenses. Because he wasn’t a liar. In fact, he prided himself on his honesty.

But he couldn’t think of any other way to get Rebecca Powell to meet him here. Telling her the truth over the phone was out of the question.

Buster, Holden’s yellow Labrador, sat up off the asphalt and whined at an approaching, slow-moving vehicle. This must be her.

A silver Lexus pulled over and parked two spots down in the half-empty lot, giving Holden plenty of room to watch Rebecca Powell through her car windows. Grams was right. No doubt about it, the woman was under a summoning spell, and the demon trying desperately to break into their world clung to Ms. Powell’s blonde hair and narrow shoulders like a filthy veil.

“Tell her whatever you have to,” Grams said, rounding the hood of his stripped-down 1979 Jeep. “She doesn’t have much time.”

He leaned against the passenger door, his fingers tightening to the point of pain around Buster’s long, braided leash. The air between him and Rebecca crackled with magical energy. The spell on her was no amateurish accident. It was stronger than anything he’d ever experienced. Fear coiled inside him. He couldn’t help her. No matter what his Grams said.


Holden frowned, his gaze criss-crossing her face. “Am I wrong?”

“That’s private.” Rebecca pointed at her car. “I have a lot of work to do.” That wasn’t true. Not completely. She owned her own office. She made her own schedule.

He looked her right in the eye and leaned in even closer. Way too close. Kissing range close. “A necromancer is targeting you for a full blown demon possession. I can help you, if you let me.”

Becca swallowed, overwhelmed with the urge to retreat. His body heat rolled over her like a wave. “What do you–”

“I know what’s happening because I’m a necromancer, too.”





I have to admit I am a sucker for a sexy necromancer. Having written about sexy Warlocks myself, I felt an affinity to Holden from the very beginning. Holden Clark is blue eyed, broad shouldered and damaged due to a past tragic event. He’s been left with powers he really doesn’t want as a result, ones that scare him (even if it does mean he can see his beloved Grams again) and he has no real desire to use his powers. Until he meets Rebecca Powell. Someone has cast a dark spell on Becca, summoning a demon from the echelons of Hell itself, to make her life a misery.  She hadn’t even been aware she’d been cursed until Holden tells her, in his own quiet way, that there is something really nasty sitting on her shoulder. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Rebecca doesn’t believe it at first but as strange things happen and she finds herself attracted to the tortured soul that Is Holden Clark, she find herself believing in her sexy necromancer more and more. Things spiral out of control and the pair have to face numerous dangers and betrayals while they try and save both Becca and Holden’s souls and sanity.

I loved Anna’s way of writing, her easy going style that draws you along and makes every page count. Her characters are well drawn and really invite themselves into your heart. I particularly loved Holden, as having the flaws and insecurities he had really made him such a loveable and believable character. His inate strength shines though as he seeks to protect the woman he is falling in love with.

I love magic, spells, necromancy, witches and anything supernatural  so for me, the storyline buzzed along like a frantic bee, stopping every now and then to take a breath and take in pollen then whizzing its way onto the next heart stopping moment.  Anna is a strong person too, having worked all her life to please and support others in her family. And in Holden she finally finds someone she can rely on and put her trust in. The sex scenes are beautifully written and erotic.  I liked the support characters too in Cole, a man of magic too and Damian, the psychic.  The plot has twists and turns and while you may guess who the baddy is half way through there is enough to keep your attention and keep you wondering.

All in all I can really recommend this book and would love to read the next  in the series.


Author Information

More than anything else, I’m a writer. One of my first memories is dangling over the arm of our living room sofa telling myself a post-apocalyptic survival tale in which my mother and I were the last two people on earth. It was so fun, I never stopped telling stories. In high school, I faked being ill so I could stay home to work on a novel about a nanny who falls in love with her boss’ bad boy nephew.

As an adult, I earned a college degree, got married, and had a child, but I never stopped writing. It only got more fun. I wrote through my lunch breaks at work. I wrote on the treadmill at the gym. Eventually, I had dozens of short stories, novellas, and full-length novels piling up on thumb drives and in plastic tubs.

Now, I’m ready to share my stories with you, starting with the Spell of Summoning, the first volume in my Dark Caster series. I hope you love it!

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