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Spotlight on Ute Carbone’s Dancing in the White Room w/giveaway

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Dancing in the White Room


Ute Carbone

New from Turquoise Morning Press

Contemporary Women’s Fiction


Dancing in the white room is slang for skiing or boarding in deep powder snow. The dancer is PD Bell, one of the best extreme skiers on the planet. Mallory Prescott, the woman who lives with him and loves him, is used to Bell’s exploits. A patrol woman at Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, New York, Mallory is no stranger to risk. But this time Bell is taking on the West Rib of Denali, highest and most dangerous mountain in North America. It’s a descent that has never been done, though it’s been tried. Five years ago, Bell had tried it. The attempt nearly killed him. Five years ago, he promised Mallory he wouldn’t try it again.

Over the six weeks in which he’s gone, Mallory begins to question her relationship with Bell. Does he really love her? Is he in it for the duration? What has loving him cost her?  Mallory’s life choices are thrown into stark relief when her daughter Emily takes a terrible fall. Together with her life-long friend Creech Creches, she must work her way through a maze of uncharted territory at a hospital miles from home.

Dancing in the White Room is the story of the love we keep, the price we pay for that love, and the forgiveness it takes to hold on to what is precious.


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Excerpt #3

“So why are you really calling, sweetie?” he asks.

And I’m ready to cry again, except that I’m too old to go crying to Daddy. He wouldn’t know what to do with it, if I did.

“I thought me and Em might come visit once the season’s done.” The thought has just popped into my head, as likely an excuse as any.

“That would be great.” He sounds like he really means it. “About the middle of April, maybe? Bell ought to be home by then.”

The mention of Bell is enough to do me in, and I find I’m telling him all my troubles, about Roddie and Bell’s continuing despite what happened. About how scared I feel. “And Creech is pissed at me too,” I finish, though I don’t even try to explain this part.

“Creechie will come round. He always does.”

But I don’t know. He didn’t seem very willing to come around when he left here.

I don’t feel much better after I hang up. What I’d really like to do is pack up and take Emily down to Wells right now. If this was seven years ago and there was no Emily and no Bell, I might go running home. But it’s not seven years ago, and it’s not so easy to just pick up and go. I have my job to consider. I couldn’t leave Albie in a lurch. It wouldn’t be right.

I go to bed but I don’t sleep. I tell myself I better stop obsessing. I’m going to pay for my insomnia tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem to matter what I tell myself. I keep playing my conversation with Creech over in my head. How could I have made him see it differently?

Then I get mad, thinking it’s really none of Creech’s business in the first place. He has no right to be upset with me. But that doesn’t sit well either.

Then I switch channels and think about Danny and try to imagine Bell running to his grandfather because I wouldn’t marry him. And now I’ve nearly cheated on him. How could I betray his trust like that?

There’s still some kind of promise between us. Even if it’s unwritten.

Isn’t there?




Ute is giving away a total of 3 ebook copies, winner’s choice of any of her current books,

including Dancing in the White Room.

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Amazon:   http://www.amazon.com/Dancing-White-Room-Ute-Carbone-ebook/dp/B00IDAHZQ6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393211591&sr=8-1&keyword s=Dancing+in+the+White+Room


B&N:   http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dancing-in-the-white-room-ute-carbone/1118613615?ean=2940148287643


Turquoise Morning Press:    http://www.turquoisemorningpressbookstore.com/products/dancing-in-the-white-room-by-ute-carbone



Kobo Books:    http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/dancing-in-the-white-room





About the Author:UTE author pic


Ute (who pronounces her name Oooh-tah) Carbone is an award winning author of women’s fiction, comedy, and romance. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, where she spends her days walking, eating chocolate and dreaming up stories.



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For more about Ute and her books, Please Visit:

Web page:  http://www.utecarbone.com/

Blog: http://ute-carbone.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ute-Carbone/234417796596443

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wildwords2

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