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Seeking adventure, shy Kitty Greenlee joins the Women’s Army Corps. In 1944 England, as secretarial support to the 8th Air Force, she encounters her dream man, a handsome lieutenant who only has eyes for her blonde friend. Uncomfortable around men, Kitty doesn’t think the handsome officer could want someone like her.

Recovering from wounds, Ted Kruger wants to forget about losing his closest friends and have fun before returning to danger as a bomber navigator. When Ted recognizes Kitty as the girl who rescued him two years before, he must choose between dating the sexy blonde or pursuing quiet, serious-minded Kitty even though he knows he’s not nearly good enough for her.

As the war gears up with the D-Day invasion, will Kitty and Ted risk their hearts as well as their lives?

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She reached out and touched his cheek. He shivered slightly. His skin felt cold, clammy.

He was freezing. v

Desperation seized her.

She needed to get him warm. His wet clothes, the chilling wind. He could die from exposure if she didn’t get help.

She released his hand and shrugged out of her sweater as she looked up and down the beach. It was deserted except for the few birds scurrying along the shore. She didn’t want to leave him, but common sense told her he needed more than she could give him.

“I’ll go get help.”

She draped her damp sweater over his chest. His eyes flew open. He reached for her. She caught his hand and squeezed it.

His eyes pleaded for her to stay.

Her insides melted. “I won’t be long, I promise.” She looked into those questioning, blue eyes. “It’s not far. I’ll bring someone to help.”

A soft smile creased the corners of his eyes and he nodded, ever so slightly.

Her throat constricted. Her breath caught and held as if she could hold onto that moment forever simply by refusing to breathe.

Impulsively, she kissed his cold hand. The odor of burnt oil and rubber lingered on his skin. “You’re safe now,” she whispered. “I must go, but I’ll be back. I promise.”


Okay, my peeps.  Please forgive me for this one.  I had this post scheduled for some time and then got the book to read and review.  Guess who forgot to update the post?  That would be me, so don’t be mad.  I just completely forgot.  Here’s the review.

So I watch a lot of shows about WW2.  It’s like my go-to when I want to watch something.  So the opportunity to read a romance with the setting being WW2 intrigued me.  There is nothing romantic about the war.  The lives lost; families split apart, not to mention the carnage but I digress.  I grew up watching all the war movies with my dad.  He insisted that my brother and I understood that piece of history.

What I really liked about the book is how Ms. Whitaker was able to take two characters and put them in the worse situation (war) and let me see the good and the bad when it comes to a wartime romance.  Kitty and Ted truly ache for each other in the book.  I felt my heart shred in tiny pieces during those months when Ted was in the POW camp.  The determination of Ted to get out of there and then find Kitty was uplifting to me.  It was her love that kept him alive and I felt that with him.  Ms. Whitaker does a great job with Kitty and Ted as a couple and also as individuals.  I got to know them, like them, love them and fight for that special love right along with them.

If I had one complaint about the book is its length.  Honestly, I don’t read really long books anymore.  I guess my attention span has shorted.  With that said, the pacing of the book is great.  Yes, it’s long but I never felt like it lagged.  Ms. Whitaker did a great job of keeping it going and holding my attention.  Plus, the whole idea of a romance in the midst of war.

I highly recommend this book from a phenomenal author.  She understood the time period, took time with her characters and kept me turning the pages.

Again, I apologize for the lateness.

About the Author:

Barbara grew up in a small town in Tennessee where the repeated stories of local and family history became embedded in her psyche. Fascinating tales of wartime, from her parents and her in-laws, instilled an insatiable curiosity about World War II. After retiring from her sensible career in accounting, she began full time pursuit of her lifelong love of historical romantic fiction. Enjoying every minute of research, Barbara spends hours reading, watching old, black-and-white movies and listening to big band music.
Although Barbara and her husband have been longtime residents of Florida, they both still think of Tennessee as “home.” Visit Barbara’s website at http://barbarawhitaker.com. Or find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BarbaraWhitakerAuthor.

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