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Speak No Evil by Tanya Anne Crosby – Review/Giveaway


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Speak No Evil

by Tanya Anne Crosby





Lifting the veil of secrecy on a grand Southern family in decline, author Tanya Anne Crosby explores the lives of Caroline, Augusta, and Savannah Aldridge, three sisters who share a dark past and an uncertain future…

Caroline Aldridge was surprised by the number of mourners at her mother’s funeral. Evidently the newspaper heiress who had caused her children so much pain was well-loved by everyone else in Charleston. Now she was gone, leaving behind countless secrets—and a few demands: Caroline and her sisters must live together for one year or lose their inheritance. And Caroline must take over The Tribune. But a killer is making headlines, and Caroline may have unwittingly stepped into the crosshairs…

A series of kidnappings and murders resurrect the sisters’ memories of their brother’s disappearance as a child—and Caroline fears she may be next. Yet in the midst of her turmoil, she may be rekindling a romance she’d extinguished long ago. With Jack back in her life and the tattered bonds of sisterhood slowly mending, Caroline hopes the family can restore its position in Charleston society—unless a sinister force beyond their control tears them apart forever…




Excerpt Three:


“Jack!” she whispered frantically, “Come back—please come back!”


Jack’s heart tripped. Those were words he’d been waiting to hear for years, but something in her tone told him that it wasn’t for the reason he hoped. Thankfully, he hadn’t gone very far, and even as he asked, he turned the car around. “Is everything OK, Caroline?”


“No!” The single word was filled with panic, and the tightness in Jack’s chest intensified.


“Caroline, what’s wrong?”


“Someone’s here…”


Wedging the phone between his face and his shoulder, Jack turned on his siren lights. “Stay on the phone, Caroline!” he demanded and radioed for backup, stepping on the gas.


Caroline crouched by her mother’s desk with the phone clasped to her ear. She’d gone straight to the phone, intending to call the police and her fingers automatically dialed Jack’s old number. She hadn’t even realized she still remembered.


“Hurry, Jack!” she whispered.





What is it with me and finding new Romantic Suspense authors to stalk?  Yes, I found another one and she wrote a doozy.  If you like Andrea Kane or Karen Robards then read Tanya Anne Crosby.

Let me back up a bit.  As everyone knows, Romantic Suspense is where I cut my teeth on the whole romance genre.  My mom had no problem giving me the latest Sandra Brown suspense and told me read it.  Of course, she is also the person that gave me my first “dirty” book, too and yes, it was by Sandra Brown.  🙂  So began a love affair that hasn’t stopped.

Ms. Crosby has written the perfect southern Gothic suspense book.  It has everything that you’d come to expect from the south.  Old money, secrets, a mother that you could never please, a tightly wound suspense plot and a second chance at love, sisterly dynamics and of course the lush setting.

I started reading this book after I dropped the kid off at school (8ish) and didn’t finish it until I was in the carpool line that afternoon.  I could not put it down.  There are twists and turns that I had to find out what was going to happen. 

Caroline doesn’t want to come home and live in her mother’s house with her two sisters.  There are too many secrets, too many hurts and seeing Jack isn’t helping either.  Still in love with each other, there is a trust issue that is slowing them down but its a biggie.  The build up within them is deliberate and never rushed.   I appreciate that in romantic suspense.  Ms. Crosby also let’s the reader feel their attraction and use our imagination.

The secondary characters are well thought out.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for Augusta and Savannah. I mean even the names of the characters are southern and so perfect for this book that I just sighed when I read them out loud.  Yes, I had too.  The setting for the book is South Carolina and you can’t more southern and gothic if you tried.  Ms. Crosby puts your right in the setting and you “feel” the energy, the people and the situations that you are reading. 

While I didn’t figure out the villain until it was revealed, the creepy factor was in full swing throughout.  It was almost like I feel breath on me and it sent chills down my spine.  I like it when an author lets you visualize the villain and get a “sense” of them being in the same room with you.  That’s the creepy factor in my book.  Great job.  I will say that I was glad that I read this book on a sunny day.  🙂

Overall, I really enjoyed Speak No Evil.  It was taunt, suspenseful and the romance wasn’t beat into our heads.  Plus, come on…I still have my inner Scarlet and I still dream of a big southern mansion, with big magnolia trees and Spanish moss growing on the willows.  Surprised you didn’t I? 

Don’t be surprised when you sit down to read this and the world stops around you.  You will be so engrossed in reading it, you will not put it down until you are finished.  Trust me…I’ve never let you down before.  🙂







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Tanya Anne Crosby has written seventeen novels, all of which have graced numerous bestseller lists including the New York Times and USA Today. Best known for stories charged with emotion and humor, and filled with flawed characters, her novels have garnered reader praise and reviews and she’s a five-time nominee for a RT Career Achievement Award. She lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats in North Michigan and grew up in Charleston, SC.


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  2. I’ve got to say – I wish I had a copy to start reading right now.

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  4. This review had the style of book in two words: Southern Gothic. Thanks for the incisive review. Congrats to Tanya on another five star review.

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  5. Well…you had me at romantic suspense, and then you added in Southern Gothic and my heart started to pitter patter for sure! Lol…I love the sound of this book and I’m adding it to my buy list for this weekend. Thanks for the spotlight, review and giveaway!

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  6. That’s a suspenseful excerpt and I love Harlie’s review. Makes Speak No Evil a must read for me.
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  7. Such a positive review. It’s a treasure to be enjoyed when you find a story you just can’t put down.


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