Sisters Inn by Ruth G. Zavitsanos (Review)

Sisters Inn

by Ruth G. Zavitsanos

Publisher:  Whiskey Creek Press, LLC

Published:  September 30, 2012

Length:  233 pages

Genre:  Historical Western Romance

Heat:  Sweet

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About Sisters Inn:

The Sisters Inn gave Eliza Thompson an escape from her past and a promising future as co-proprietor with her dear friend, Abigail Draper. Eliza and Abby, a widow with a half-breed son, combine their strengths to run the inn located on the outskirts of Denver in 1873. When it comes time to hire a father-son team of wayward handymen, Harold and Daniel Tanner, Eliza is hesitant, noting Daniel’s undernourished appearance and odd demeanor. Within a few weeks of arriving at the inn, Daniel appears stronger and extremely handsome. His kindness and inexplicable attentiveness cause Eliza’s heart to respond with a fearful, yet enjoyable flutter.

For Daniel Tanner the freedom to do as he pleased with his pa by his side was all he wanted in life. Or, so he believed. That changed the moment he caught sight of Eliza. He’d never known a woman to take his breath away and stay locked inside his thoughts.

Though attracted to one another, their pasts make Daniel and Eliza fearful of commitment. Both have their own painful secrets that get in the way of gaining one another’s trust. Worse, several patrons of the inn bring doubt to any thoughts the two have for a future together. Can Eliza open her heart, or will it cost her Abby’s friendship and her beloved inn?

My Review:

Sisters Inn follows The Flight of Little Dove.  Little Dove is also known as Emma.  Her sister is Eliza.  This is Eliza’s story, taking place at a Bed and Breakfast outside Denver, CO.  Run by two women who are as close as sisters could be, Eliza and her dear friend  Abby attempt to successfully run the Inn, care for Abby’s half-Indian son and find ways to make themselves happy.

The Good:  This is a beautifully written historical western romance, of which can be difficult to come by.  The author does an excellent job of creating characters who are multidimensional, easy to imagine and are very likeable.  These women were both admirable in their strength, abilities and tender hearts.  The primary men were honorable, strong and dependable, making them excellent heroes for that time period.  I know I fell in love with Daniel, just as he did Eliza.  The storyline flowed extremely well and allowed for the passage of time in a believable manner.  The love stories involved both delighted and enchanted me as they tried to sort out their feelings for one another, worked as a team to manage their problems and shared precious moments together.

The Bad:  I did question some of Eliza and Abby’s actions, wondering if they were appropriate for that time period.  That did not however, keep me from enjoying the book. The first half a dozen pages or so, I was unsure that I was going to have continuing interest in reading Sisters Inn.  However, shortly after that Daniel and Tanner arrived and the storyline picks up.  It easily kept my interest from there on out, even keeping me on the edge of my seat at times worrying over Eliza and Abby for their safety, their livelihood and their hearts.

The Snuggly:  This is a sweet and subdued romance with closed door intimacy as I found very appropriate to the time period.  That doesn’t mean that my heart did not get involved.  It did and I loved the characters and couples like people love Miss Kitty and Marshall Dillon.  They shared a love that is timeless.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, cover to cover.  I felt that I was there with the characters and that the main characters were people I would want to know and love.  I am interested now in reading about Eliza’s sister Emma and her story and hope that the author will continue to pen these amazing and romantic historical westerns.  Anyone who loves good old fashioned romance stories of people living realistic lives of the American West would love Sisters Inn.

About Author Ruth G. Zavitsanos:

I began writing at the age of 12. Growing up outside of New York City, I attended many Broadway plays and musicals that served to stimulate my imagination. While attaining my Journalism degree at Marshall University I received numerous writing awards. After graduation, I maintained my desire to write by editing and writing for corporate bulletins, preschool/elementary school newsletters and the local newspaper. As a stay at home mom, I am able to devote my mornings to writing, something that is NOW coming to fruition. My children’s book, THE VILLA DOG, has sold over 1,000 copies and is nominated for the Epic ebook award. My second children’s book, THE OLD FORTRESS DOG, is now available. My recently released first novel, a Western/Romance, FLIGHT OF LITTLE DOVE, is also available in both print and ebook form. Yes, my book shelf boasts all three of my books and I’m beyond thrilled because of it! 🙂

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