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Say Yes by Regina Carlysle – Excerpt/Promo/Spotlight

Say Yes

Regina Carlysle

“I’ll make you famous.”

She’d spoken the words, clicked off a few pictures and then scampered off toward the rodeo arena leaving him more than a little dizzy with lust. J.D. Stone, owner of the Stone’s Throw ranch is in town for business but the sassy woman has him thinking of planting his boots under her bed. Luckily for him, the pretty Melissa Bell is staying at the same hotel!

At first, J.D. Stone looked like a ghost from her past but those long-ago imagines quickly disappear with the first touch of this sexy cowboy’s hands on her sex-starved body. The epitome of a man of the old-west, hard and strong, J.D. is everything she has ever wanted in a man but will a misunderstanding have him turning tail and running with the dawn? Not if she can help it.

Book Information:
Genre – Erotica
Length – 10k (approximately 25 pages)
Series – 1 Night Stand from Decadent Publishing


“I’ll make you famous.”

She’d lowered her camera after clicking off a series of shots, tossed a long, honey-blonde braid over her shoulder, and winked. A press pass swung from a lanyard around her neck and though things had happened too fast to catch her name, he knew she was a photographer. Tall, leggy, Miz Sexy-thang gave him one quick up and down look that had things tightening behind the fly of his jeans and before he could ask her name, she took off. Quicker than a jackrabbit, she’d trotted down the stadium steps, jumped onto the metal railing surrounding the arena, and done a mean balancing act as she clicked off shots of a bull rider from Hobbs, New Mexico.

But J.D. wouldn’t let her scamper away this time. Unable to look away, he noted the curve of her lips as she sipped that chocolate stuff from a long-stemmed glass, her eyes closed in obvious pleasure. She wore her hair down and it hung straight and silky to just past her shoulders. Damn, she had a pretty, pretty face. From what he recalled the rest of her was downright mouthwatering too. Lush breasts pressed against a silky black tee and he suddenly had the wild urge to fill his palms with that soft flesh.

Signaling Luke, he ordered up a glass of that chocolate wine, grabbed his beer, and then made a beeline to her. J.D. noted the widening of eyes the color of Texas Bluebonnets as he set the drink on the table and tipped the brim of his black Stetson. “Ma’am. Looked to me like you were enjoying that wine so much, I took the liberty of getting you another.” He smiled at her. Somebody had once told him he was too damn big and intimidating so he made the extra effort to put her at ease. J.D. wanted to get acquainted, not scare her to death.

The way she’d gotten up close and personal with the biggest, most enraged bull on the planet didn’t mark her as a coward, though. He liked and admired her already. There was just something about a fearless woman that heated his blood and had him conjuring visions of hot, sweaty, pulse-pounding sex.
She blinked at the drink then looked up, a slow smile blooming on her face. Her eyes crinkled at the corners. “Oh my. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to get on my good side, cowboy.”

“And do you have a bad side?”

The sassy thing took a sip of her fresh drink, hummed a little then grinned. “I’ll never tell. At least not until we get acquainted. . Care to join me?”

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