Risk It by Natasha Moore


Natasha Moore has written a book that should be on everyone’s list to read and discuss with their partner, married or not. Its thought provoking, sexy and is written with a intimate knowledge of when a marriage is on the edge of unraveling.

Amy and Will have it all. Great jobs, two kids and what seems like a great marriage. Peel back the layers and you will find a marriage that has lost its spark. The physical intimacy of a marriage is one aspect of a marriage that some people tend to forget about. After reading it last night, I told my husband about it and it sparked a great discussion between the two of us. I’m not sure if Natasha wrote the book with that in mind but its a topic that should be discussed.

On to the book itself…Amy has decided that she and Will need a spark to reignite the sexual aspect of their marriage. She books the voyeur room at the playhouse. It was the thing that they were into when they were dating and before they had children. When Will’s late, Amy decides enough is enough. The dialogue between them in the room is spot on and thought provoking. While the sex is hot, that’s not what makes this book great. The discussion and emotions that Amy and Will have with each other are what drive the story. Real emotions, real discussions and in the end, the decision to work on the physical aspect of their relationship.

I can not highly recommend this story for every committed couple to read either together or separately and see where the discussion goes. It sparked a discussion between my husband and I last night; to me that’s the greatest compliment that I can give an author. Made us think, made us communicate and made me love him even more.

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8 thoughts on “Risk It by Natasha Moore

  1. I might have to give this a shot, 3 years into my first serious relationship the physical aspect has become a little stagnant. I think my partner thinks so too but neither of us know how to broach the topic. Maybe if I give this as an x-mas present, then ask to read it when she's done it'll spark a conversation. Thanks

  2. You are very welcome Natasha. I waited and waited for Amy and Will's story and you didn't disappoint. I don't share alot of my naughty reading with my hubby but this story I did. It touched me and again, the discussion afterwards was enlighting to say the least.

    I love a story that not only entertains but sparks a discussion about a the real life topic in the book.

    Why do we have to wait until Spring?

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