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#Review of When Fate Decides (Challenge of the Heart #1) by Tricia McGill w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

When Fate Decides

by Tricia McGill


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



For too long Tessa has seen herself as plain and dowdy, just an ordinary suburban housewife. With her confidence eroded after being married to a bully who humiliated her at every opportunity, why wouldn’t she presume she was unattractive, and someone no man would find the least bit worth bothering with?

But now Tessa is a widow, and relishing her new state of independence. Her world is turned upside down by Jack Delaney, a man she spent hours fantasizing over when he worked for her husband. A man who gave her a deliciously secret outlet from her miserable marriage. When Jack enters her life again, professing he finds her attractive, why would she believe him? Especially as he is now wealthy, successful, still extremely handsome, and to add to that, years younger than her.


Excerpt One:

As Tessa pulled the door open, the words of rebuke died on her lips. It most definitely wasn’t a salesman. The man who stood there, smiling, was one she’d never expected to see again in her lifetime.

“Mrs Browning. I don’t know if you remember me,” he said. Oh, how she remembered him, and that rich voice of his. “The name’s Jack Delaney. I did some work here a few years back for your husband.” When she continued to stare at him in shock, he added, “We built the games room and extra toilet and shower room.” He shrugged. “Another guy and me were here for a month or so? You’ve probably forgotten me.”

Forgotten him?

If there was one person Tessa would never be likely to forget, it was him. His voice sounded deeper, but still held that same undercurrent of sensuality that caused her toes to curl.


Have you ever read a book and just completely connected with a character and understood EVERYTHING that the character is going through?  This is me in this book.  Let me explain:

I’m 7 years OLDER than my husband.  We got married when he was 30 and I was 37.  I totally resisted getting romantic with him for 4 years.  Sure, we were friends and did stuff together.  Dinner, movies, concerts, and sporting events but no kissing.  We met on December 31, 1999, and didn’t kiss until July 3, 2003.  We got married on September 4, 2004.  Yes, I was very slow to start anything romantic but once I kissed him, I just knew.  No more fun and games.  Once we kissed, we couldn’t be apart from each other.  Sounds romantic but I still had reservations.  We’ve been married now 12 years and couldn’t be happier.

Now in this story, Tessa is 45 with children and Jack is just 30.  There were times that I really wanted to bonk Tessa on the head.  I can understand why she didn’t want to get involved again with a man.  Her douche of a dead husband made her that way.  Of course, Gary, her son was no better.  And yes, I didn’t like him at all.  He treated his mother with disdain at times but she did stand up to him.  Too bad that we didn’t see the ending of his story.  Maybe we will but he needs to grow up ALOT for me to like him.  Laurel, her daughter, was funny.  She knew about the way her dad treated her mother and didn’t like it.  She liked Jack and how much he loved her mother.

Jack was never going to give up on Tessa.  I liked that about him.  Was he pushy?  Sure but he wasn’t the alpha hole either.  He gave her space but also loved her unconditionally even if he didn’t understand her reasons.  He just saw Tessa as the woman that he had been in love with all those years and wasn’t going to give up on her.  *swoon*  There are a couple of subplots that were nicely woven in that led to some of the tension between Tessa, Jack, Gary, and Laurel.

Overall, this a great story featuring a twist on the May-December trope.  The smexy times aren’t graphic but add to the depth of their love for each other.  Oh yes, Tessa did love Jack…she just didn’t want to accept it and run with it.

Go…buy this book.  Ms. McGill does a great job with the trope and her characters.  Of course, there are some language differences.  It starts off in English and then some of the Aussie phrases show up.  *sigh*  I love Aussies.

Like buy the book now. You’re welcome!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

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Award winning author Tricia McGill was born in London, England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near Melbourne. The youngest in a large, loving family she was never lonely or alone. Surrounded by avid readers, who encouraged her to read from an early age, is it any wonder she became a writer? The local library was a treasure trove and magical world of discovery through her childhood and growing years. Although her published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heart.

Tricia’s love of animals has always shown up in her books. Tricia devotes as much time and money as she can spare to supporting worldwide conservation groups and is passionate about supporting those who do all they can to preserve our wildlife for future generations, especially elephants and orangutans who seem to be getting the raw end of the deal even in this enlightened age. She also volunteers for a local community group that helps disabled adults and children to connect to the internet with provided computer equipment. When people ask what she does in her spare time she is heard to ask, “Spare time, what is that?”

Web Page:   www.triciamcgill.com

Blog:   http://triciamg.blogspot.com

Facebook Author page:   https://www.facebook.com/authorTriciaMcGill        

Books We Love Author Page: http://bookswelove.net/authors/mcgill-tricia/

When Fate Decides at Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01AR9FPSA



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  1. Thanks for hosting me and my book, Harlie. And many thanks for the great review. It was so good to hear that you so get the age difference thing. People make such a to-do about it when the man is younger than the woman but to me age matters not at all where true love is concerned.

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