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Uncharted Waters

by Micah Persell


GENRE: Contemporary Romance (spicy)



When a hermit and a scientist are snowbound in a cabin in the woods, the sparks they generate just might melt it all down in this scorching and sensual romance.

Scientist Bethany Morgan discovers the schematics to a world-changing recycling system that will help her realize her greatest dream: providing clean water to the world. The only problem? She must track down the creator, a Dr. Anderson, to help her complete the prototype, and he’s been missing for decades.

James Anderson has clung to the quiet, pain-free existence he’s made in the mountains since his father’s death years ago. But when the determined scientist he rescued gets snowed in at his cabin for an undetermined time, his world is turned upside down…


Excerpt Two:

Her pillow would not stop wiggling. She gritted her teeth, furrowing her brow. Cracking one eye, she found herself staring at flannel. A short distance away, her hand lay sprawled across a row of buttons. As she watched, her hand rose and fell.

Ah, not a pillow, then. James.

She opened her other eye and raised her head a bit, gazing down at their bodies. She was all over him, plastered against his side with her arm across his chest and her leg across his thighs.

She didn’t know what had happened to James’s fastidious blanket wall, but she’d probably had something to do with its demise. She craned around enough to look over her shoulder without relinquishing her hold on her lumberjack pillow.

The blanket was on the floor beside the bed.

I know that authors hate to hear that their book is cute, but this one really is cute.  I love that our reluctant hero, James is a virgin.  I won’t go into the whole “why” he is but to say that his back story is fantastic would be an understatement.  I love how Ms. Persell slowly let us get to know James in the book.  We get to know him through his thoughts, feelings and eventually his budding relationship with Bethany.  There are moments in the book that just makes you want to reach out and tell James that everything will be okay and hold him like a baby.  Bethany doesn’t baby him necessarily but when it comes to the sexual part of their relationship, she is careful.

Overall, I really liked Bethany, too.  She’s a strong, smart woman that knows what she wants in the beginning but as you know when feelings start showing up, she has to decide what’s more important.  The black moment and the resulting chapters after are golden.  I love how she stood up to her boss.  You go, girl!  She found something better since coming back from the mountain and James and she knew it.  I also liked that she never make James feel inadequate in the bedroom, too.  Finding the romance books in his library was a hoot.  He wasn’t stupid in that department, just very unsure of himself.

This book is not techie at all.  The science part is very straight forwarded and I would like to know that something like this is happening or could happen.  There is plenty of sly humor, too.  Not laugh out loud but enough to bring a smile to your face.  James and Bethany scorched up my Kindle; sensual, sexy but nothing too graphic.  Their relationship is slow building but once they figure out the sex part…

Overall, I LOVED this book.  James is a great guy that never really knew how to be around women and Bethany needed to figure out what was more important in her life.  Science, love or maybe both?  See for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.  Plus, come on…the cover?  Dang…


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Micah Persell lives in Southern California with her husband, 1.7 children, and menagerie of pets. She writes romance with strong women, smart minds, and scorching love. Visit her online at www.micahpersell.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MicahPersell, and on Twitter @MicahPersell.

Buy Links:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Uncharted-Waters-Micah-Persell-ebook/dp/B073BMXKTR

Simon & Schuster: http://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Uncharted-Waters/Micah-Persell/9781507206119

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/uncharted-waters-10



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  1. Are you serious?
    The man in the cover is a virgin? I saw the cover and was ready for all kind of things, but not for that.
    Now I’m interested!!!

    Best of luck, Ms. Persell. And thanks for the chance!

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