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Type Dirty to Me

by Roxanne D. Howard


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Chic Lit, Multicultural



When hot actor Brem Lockwood enters her life, Madelyn has a choice—stay safe with an online fling or risk her heart for a chance at real love.

Divorcee Madelyn Stacilli has baggage deeper than the Grand Canyon, and her move to New Haven to start a new life is the perfect change she needs. When vicious gossip stunts her plans to open her own business, she can’t confide in anyone around her. But online, beneath the blanket of anonymity, she can let loose and find comfort with the mysterious Easton216. Their natural, open relationship is a breath of fresh air.

When British A-list actor Bremond Lockwood rents the house beside her to escape an intense media spotlight and malicious past, he charges headlong into her life. Madelyn grows torn between her steady, emotional online connection and a fiery affair with a Hollywood star. Brem’s intense passion ignites the embers of her sexuality from a long slumber, making her burn hotter than the sun.

Should she stay safe with her online love or risk her heart with the man in front of her? The road to recovery just got a whole lot more complicated.


Excerpt One:

Madelyn leaned against the car headrest and eyed the FedEx envelope on the dash. Her new bookshop, Book Nook, was due to open in three weeks. Her hands were full, but the worry paled compared to the stress of the last few months. She wrapped her fingers around the steering wheel and thumbed the soft padding. She knew what the envelope held. She had expected its arrival and the potent cocktail of change and loss it represented. She sighed, reached for the packet, ripped open the tab and slid out the divorce papers.

Technically, they’d been divorced for over two months, but her ex had played hardball over assets, so they’d engaged in a game of paperwork tug-of-war back and forth through their attorneys. What a timely relief this envelope was. The cream-colored stationery stapled to the front read— All set, done, filed and dusted. Here is your copy. The paperwork from her attorney was addressed to Madelyn Saunders, but she’d recently changed her surname back to her maiden name, Stacilli. She rifled through the sheets to check her ex’s signature on the last page. Sure enough, he’d signed below her signature.

“Thank God.” She exhaled with relief, returned the papers and stored the envelope in the glove compartment. “Bye, Chris.”

A calmness washed over her. She leaned her head back again, savoring the sensation. Some people sported angry visible scars, jagged surgery marks or gunshot exit wounds in plain sight from their marriage and divorce wars.  Her scars ran deep inside, where they’d festered until the day she’d chosen to walk away.

Her cell vibrated. She lifted the phone from its dock attached to the car’s air vent and looked at the notification. A familiar wave of excitement surged through her. Another private message from Easton216. She brought the phone in closer and opened it.

Easton216: Hey. I got a weird feeling and thought I should contact you. How are you?

Madelyn shook her head, amused. Trust him to get vibes about her. She typed into her phone, smirking.

BookCat: Funny you should ask. I got the papers less than half an hour ago. He signed.

Easton216: Good. And strange, how I felt like I should contact you at the same time. You okay?

Madelyn touched her hair and raised her eyebrows. What a loaded question. In the past, she would have pacified any concerns with a sunny “I’m fine.”

But since her divorce, she’d sworn to be honest with herself, including any future relationships. She and Easton216 were open and candid with each other. Their unfiltered connection took some getting used to, though she found it clear and refreshing. He’d revealed that he’d chosen the moniker Easton216 because of his apparent obsession with baseball, telling her there were two hundred and sixteen stitches wrapped around each single baseball, and that the Easton was his favorite type of bat. She keyed in her response.

BookCat: I’m getting there. It was weird at first, but TBH, I’m better than okay. I’m liberated, and while it’s going to take some getting used to, it feels amazing.

Easton216: Fantastic, Cat! I know he gave you a fight, from what you mentioned before. I’m glad you’re free. Listen… I have to hop on a flight in a sec, but would you like to talk later tonight, after I land?

BookCat: Yes, I’d like to, and I’m glad you messaged me. Same time?

Easton216: You know it.

BookCat: Talk to you then. Have a good day. Be safe.

Easton216: You too. This is excellent news. See you tonight.

She closed the message and redocked the phone, pleased. She’d battled like hell after life had sucked her dry with a supersized straw and threatened to drag her into a bottomless tailspin, but her fate and self-respect were back. The clouds were clearing.

She killed the engine, shouldered her purse strap and got out of the car.


Peeps this book is just what I needed.  An older couple with a twist.  Ms. Howard has been my go-to author for emotional, character-driven with a touch of suspense, satisfying reading.  She goes into depth with her characters.  Even though we see Madelyn’s point of view in the book, you also get Brem’s.  It was refreshing to get his and see what is thinking.  Ms. Howard has a way of getting to the core of her characters and letting them be.  Her style and the way she handles (or should I say the characters) is refreshing.  She is not rushed even when it comes to the smexy times.  Which by the way is awesome.  Steamy for sure but they are necessary for her character’s growth.

Madelyn is a dream.  Being of a certain age, she didn’t let that get her down when it came to romance.  She took her time with both the online and real romance.  It was realistic and fun.  Brem at first came across as being too fantastic.  Like a dream.  Almost too good to be true but then the layers came off.  Like onion and he kept telling her that all the time.  He was honest with her to a point because of the twist.  I won’t get into that part of the book but I really wasn’t surprised.

The suspense element is great, as always.  I never figured it out but it made perfect sense in the end.  I loved it and it explained a lot.  Ms. Howard is great a giving you a twist in the end and seeing how her characters respond and eventually the outcome.   This is one of her best.

This is one of Ms. Howard’s best books for me.  I loved the older couple characters, the twist at the end, and the suspense element.  She takes her time and the story flows off the page.  I was sad to finish this one.  I made friends with Madelyn and Brem.  They could be my neighbors and I would like that.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Roxanne D. Howard is a U.S. Army veteran who has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English. She loves to read poetry, classical literature, and Stephen King. Roxanne resides in the western U.S., and when she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. Roxanne loves to hear from her readers, and encourages you to contact her via her website and social media.

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Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zZvKcr6zrk





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