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Review of The Sins of a Few (a Sins of Salem Novel) by Sarah Ballance

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Title: The Sins of a Few
Author: Sarah Ballance
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 236 pages
Release Date: October 2014
ISBN: 978-1-63375-102-6
Imprint: Scandalous


Salem, 1692

The moment he steps off the boat and into his hometown of Salem, Nathanial Abbot knows the rumors about Salem are indeed true. For in the two years since he’s left Salem—disowned by his family and seeking a fortune of his own—the town has changed. It is dark with discord and suspicion… and accusations of witchcraft. Now all that remains for him is the woman he’s never forgotten.

But Faith Downing isn’t happy to see Nathanial. In his absence, his younger sisters have ignited the chain of hysteria that resulted in twenty deaths—including Faith’s aunt, to whom Nathanial owed his life. Yet through her acrimony, Faith can’t prevent herself from responding to the man Nathanial has become, handsome and kind. A man who kindles something in her that speaks of sin.



I’m such a fan girl of Sarah Ballance.  I’ve read everything that she has out there.  Including titles that aren’t available anymore.  🙁  That said when I was given the opportunity to read the final *sniff* book in the Sins of Salem series, I went in with a broken heart.  Don’t get me wrong…this series has been brilliant and I highly recommend it to everyone but there was one thing that has vexed me when I finished this one.

Faith and Nathaniel were brilliantly written characters.  They totally deserved each other from the beginning chapter.  Faith could have had a little bit more faith in Nathaniel and his decisions but hey, this is a romance book.  There’s supposed to be some moments of indecision.  But what I found a little unsettling was the final climatic scene where she forgave just a bit too easily.  He wasn’t so forgiving and I loved that about him but once she said her piece…

I’m weird I guess.  I felt like the whole thread of the threats was never fully resolved in the end.  Where the accusations true and did the people that put innocent people to death truly served justice?  Yes, I’m THAT type of reader.  LOL!

Overall, the romance in the book was richly layered and sensual.  I loved the dialogue between Faith and Nathaniel.  And oh my…Miles and her mother.  If there was one laugh out loud scene it was the “morning after” scene with Faith and her mother.  Classic in my book.

I’m sad to see this series end.  Book #1 dealt with the trials before the started.  Book #2 was when the trials were going on and Book #3 deals with the aftermath.  Ms. Ballance did her homework when it came to researching all the details that have put this series as one of my all time favorites.

If you have never read Ms. Ballance, why not?  You are totally missing out on a writer that has depth to her characters, humor and just a damn great story, then she is for you.



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  1. Aw, now I’m kind of sad it’s over because I’m going to miss your reviews! <3 Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review my books. I really appreciate it, and of course I'm THRILLED that you enjoy them. I know your time is valuable and none of us have enough of it, so the fact that you've read so many of mine both floors and humbles me. Thank you, truly.

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