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Review of The Duke’s Obsession by Frances Fowlkes w/a $25 GC giveaway


Book Title: The Duke’s Obsession

Author: Frances Fowlkes

Release Date: 5/12/14

Genre: Historical romance

Book Synopsis:

London 1818

An American Heiress Who Must Swallow Her Pride

Miss Daphne Farrington despises three things: England’s dreary weather, the grimy streets of London, and most especially the English aristocracy. Despite her misgivings, she must persuade the very English Duke of Waverly to save her family shipping business. If only she could ignore the way he makes her pulse race whenever she’s near him.

A Duke Who Must Overcome Her Prejudice

Edward Lacey, the Duke of Waverly, is convinced that the lovely Miss Farrington, with her penchant for numbers, is the woman he’d like to make his Duchess. But unless he can convince her that not all English lords are callous, calculating rakes, a dark secret will ruin his chance at happiness.


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bookreview!  A Regency that I couldn’t get enough of.  I need more of Daphne and Edward.  Seriously.  When I wasn’t giggling, I was sighing.  These two were the best matched characters.  An educated American woman and a duke that held a very big secret that might ruin his chances with her.

Oh the class wars, dealing with an American woman that wasn’t a deb or even looking for someone, and how the English viewed Daphne.  I can’t tell you how much I loved this book.  The characters were very well written, the plot engrossing and the secret?  My broke for both of them.  What was really fascinating for me was how the English women didn’t like Daphne.  Yes, her aunt and cousins loved her and even liked her but the sheer hatred from some of the other women…especially Edward’s mom.  Wow!  She needed to be slapped at times. I realize that American women during that time were much more educated (somewhat) and had to deal with a lot more hard times and such.  They had to grow up faster just to survive and live.  They didn’t live in glass houses and worry about what they were going to wear or eat or even marry.

Edward wasn’t the arrogant man that I thought he was going to be.  He was kind, funny and devoted to his family.  Even if he wanted to slap his mother every once in a while for the constant fixing up.  He was a gentleman to everyone especially Daphne.  I connected with him from the start.  He loved the fact that Daphne was different from all the other ladies that he was surround by.  She was smart and he knew that she would be not only an asset to his business, her family’s business but a compatible woman that he would never be bored with.

The ending of the book was great!  Oh and the sex in the book is sensual and so right for the characters.  I could go on and on about the book but I won’t bore you.  Just buy the book and see for yourself.  You will fall in love with the educated American woman and the duke that changed her mind about everything that she thought she hated.


*side note – I’ve read a lot of Scandulous books from Entangled and it never ceases to amaze me the quality of the writing and characters that I’ve fallen in love with.  Do yourself a favor and pick one up.  These authors are awesome and its given me hope for Historical Romance again.  Yes, I’m picky but this line never disappoints.*

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Author Bio:

Frances Fowlkes lives in South Carolina with her high school sweetheart, three red-headed sons, and a spoiled standard poodle. When not writing about ardent heroes or strong-willed heroines, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing with makeup, and planning her next vacation.

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5 thoughts on “Review of The Duke’s Obsession by Frances Fowlkes w/a $25 GC giveaway

  1. Love a good historical when I can find it – and yes there was quite a bit of animosity towards American women by Europeans who thought we were there to steal the few good men they had left:) Thanks for the giveaway

  2. I have only recently gotten into historical romances and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for sharing this book, I look forward to reading it! 🙂

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