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Sweet Bitterness

by Tricia McGill


GENRE:   contemporary romance



First love can be wonderful—albeit at times tortuous. Rarely does it last, and at times is so painful it brings nothing but heartache. Often it is the girl who has a passion but in the case of twenty-year-old Tony, his feelings for seventeen-year-old Melody become what can probably be termed an obsession. An obsession that stays with him as years pass and their lives go in different directions.

Sadly, often a third party steps into the mix, diverting the course of the lives of young lovers. In Melody’s case, it is her father who shatters the hopes and dreams of this pair. Not only is Melody’s parent an overbearing and obstinate man but he happens to be an unprincipled police inspector who does not hesitate to use the power his position entitles him to exercise.

Shattered by the events that ensue, Tony takes off to the other side of the world and makes a successful life in Australia. Always the dream of returning to England and claiming his lost love stays with him. Many obstacles crop up, making his dreams seem impossible. Meanwhile, Melody is left to face a loveless life forced on her by her father where escape to happiness drifts further away as the years’ pass.



The local dancehall contained the usual Saturday evening crowd. For a while, Tony watched a vision of perfection as she danced—not with everyone who asked her, he noticed. The two mates he came along with had disappeared, probably gone off with the girls they danced with earlier, but Tony suddenly had no desire to hold anyone in his arms but this raven-haired beauty with the figure of a goddess. Dare he ask her—his world tilted when she accepted his offer. Above-average height himself, she reached his chin and felt like a delicate porcelain doll as he pulled her as close as he dared.

After dancing without speaking, apart from exchanging names, the bandleader announced that they were taking a break, so Tony asked tentatively, “Can I interest you in a drink?” To his great delight, she accepted with a nod. “That’s an unusual name, by the way,” he commented as they stood side by side with their drinks—no fancy tables and chairs in this place. “Is it your real name or did you choose it?”

“Of course, it’s my real name, silly.” She nudged his arm. “My mum chose it. After seeing a movie where the leading lady was called Melody; she said she decided to call her daughter that, if she had one.”

Sometimes a good angsty book is right up my alley, and this one from Ms. McGill was perfect. This one is very tropy, too. Second chance, separated by family, young lovers, and surprise pregnancy. Oh yes, it’s got it all for me. Ms. McGill serves it up in spades, and I couldn’t get enough. And the icing on the cake: there is a hint of suspense and a crazy ex-lover. Not to mention the family that is just awful.

Melody and Tony are perfect for each other. I couldn’t get into Melody at first, but once the story got going, I was with her all the way. Her brother and father are just awful and provide the suspense element and separation that provides the angst that I was looking for. Now, to say that her brother and father got what they deserve is an understatement, but it was satisfying in the end. It not only affected Melody and Tony but also Melody’s mother, another brother, and Tony’s mom. Ms. McGill knows how to pull at the heartstrings with all the drama, but it was very plausible, too. You just had to feel for them and all the wasted years.

What I really loved is that while separated, Tony spent a lot of time growing up. He still loved Melody, but he also knew that he had to move on. Even though he did, she was always close to his mind and heart. He never gave up, while Melody did. Melody did her growing up afterward with Tony. It was almost like she didn’t know how without help from him. In some ways that were good, but in other ways, I would have liked to have seen more from her.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Angst and all. I didn’t think it was going to work. But Ms. McGill has a way with her words and emotions that she wrings out of her characters that did it for me. One other thing about the book, Ms. McGill, is a Brit, and the book takes place in both England and Australia. Love that…



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Award-winning author Tricia McGill spent her early days in England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near Melbourne. The youngest in a large, loving family she was surrounded by avid readers, who encouraged her to read from an early age, is it any wonder she became a writer. Although her published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heart. 


Tricia’s love of animals has always shown up in her books. Tricia devotes as much time and money as she can spare to supporting worldwide conservation groups and is passionate about supporting those who do all they can to preserve our wildlife for future generations. She also volunteers for a local community group that helps disabled adults and children to connect to the internet with provided computer equipment. When people ask what she does in her spare time, she is heard to ask, “Spare time, what is that?” 











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