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Animals aren’t the only thing that need rescuing when a sexy veterinarian encounters a hot-headed attorney…

Perfectly content saving animals at her clinic in a charming but run-down neighborhood, veterinarian Ellie Blevins slams into new landlord, Jackson Kincaid, who plans to turn her beloved block of buildings into condos.

Intrigued by Ellie, hot-shot defense attorney Jackson gives her one month to convince him not to put his gentrification plans into progress. Attraction soon sizzles between them, but when Jackson makes his desires known, Ellie’s vulnerable heart doesn’t know what to think.

She wants to trust the sinfully handsome Jackson, just as he wants to gain her trust, but finding their way to love isn’t easy when her traumatic past and his criminal clients could sabotage their relationship for good.

Can the enchanting veterinarian and the brooding attorney fight the demons from the past…and build a new future?

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“I want to be the only one who gets that soft, intimate ‘Hey’ from you.”

What? “I’m confused,” she said quietly.

“I’m not,” he said. “I like the way you look, your gorgeous skin, that cute break in your nose, although I doubt I’d like the way you broke it.”

No, he absolutely would not, she thought, sucking in a breath.

“I like the way you talk to your dogs, the way when you say ‘Hi’ to people you make every single one of them feel special. I fucking love the way your hazel eyes get darker when you’re fighting with me, the confusion in your face when I catch you off guard. You’ve got a fucking fantastic body, and that’s only from seeing you in your scrubs and your sexy yoga pants and I bet I’d like what’s hidden underneath. I like the way your soft voice hits me, the way you smile at everything, except when you’re pissed, which I might like even more. I don’t want the month to learn why a bunch of buildings are worth saving, I want to spend the month getting to know you. Still confused?”

Stunned was more like it. He liked her in her yoga pants? Her nose that was so far from model perfect she could not even go there?

“Ellie? Are you still confused?”

“No?” she squeaked out, but it was definitely a question, because, hell yes, she was still confused. Was he high? Or blind? Maybe both?

He laughed. “We’ll get there. How was the rest of your day?”

Peeps this book!  I know, I lied.  I thought I was finished with reviewing this year but then I remembered that I had this little gem of a book to read.  I’ll be honest though and tell you that I didn’t start reading it until Tuesday night. Read about 30 pages and went to bed.  Wednesday night rolled around and I literally couldn’t put it down.  I even sent a tweet to Sara that I had 50 pages left to read and I was enchanted.  But if you know me at all, I couldn’t let those last pages haunt me all night long.  I told my husband when he came to bed to be quiet because I was finishing a book.  And what a finish it was.  The complete twist, in the end, is a welcome and heartwarming surprise.  Sad, too.  To search and search for someone and for them to be under your nose the whole time.  Brilliant plotting from Sara.

So on with the review.  This book doesn’t stop.  The pacing is fast and furious but it needs to be.  While the main focus is the romance between Ellie and Jackson, there is so much more going on.  The layers of depth that Ms. Ohlin develops within the story are heart wrenching, prevalent, sad and trust me, one or two of them will affect you in ways that you never thought possible.  Ellie’s, in particular, spoke to me.  I had someone that never thought I was “good enough” and was always telling me that I was too this or that.  It wears on you but I didn’t do what she did.  But I digress…Ellie and Jackson are two wounded souls that need each other not just a romantic couple but as champions in their court when needed.  Cheerleaders of sorts.  I’m not going to tell you that its all rainbows and unicorns for them.  Communication is not want of their better things in the relationship and it hurts them a couple of times.  A bit maddening at times but this is when they both shine on their own.

The secondary characters are brilliant and help them in their own way.  Ruby, Matt and of course the dogs are for them always.  The pub owner is a dream.  He deserves his own book but that’s just me.  Even Jackson’s awful client is used well in the story.  Hence the HUGE twist at the end.  Wow, just wow.  But what I took away from the book is that everyone deserves to be loved.  It might not be from blood but there are people that search for love and don’t realize that it is right there in front of them.  Ellie and Jackson came from awful, horrific childhoods and felt so unloved and unloveable.  When they meet you just know.  You know.  The smexy times are perfect.  I can’t say anymore because they are so important for Ellie’s side of the story.

Before this week, I had never heard of Sara Ohlin.  Make no mistake, I know who she is now and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.  Bring on Declan.  Just saying…

About the Author:

Puget Sound based writer, Sara Ohlin is a mom, wannabe photographer, obsessive reader, ridiculous foodie, and the author of the contemporary romance novels, Handling the Rancher, Salvaging Love and the upcoming contemporary romance Seducing the Dragonfly.

She has over fifteen years of creative non-fiction and memoir writing experience, and you can find her essays at Anderbo.com, Feminine Collective, Mothers Always Write, Her View from Home, and in anthologies such as Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak about Healthcare in America, Take Care: Tales, Tips, & Love from Women Caregivers, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Although she’s the author of many essays about life, grief, motherhood and the connections we make through delicious food and shared meals, Sara loves creating imaginary worlds with tight-knit communities in her romance novels. She credits her mother, Mary, Nora Roberts and Rosamunde Pilcher for her love of romance.

If she’s not reading or writing, you will most likely find her in the kitchen creating scrumptious meals with her two kids and amazing husband, or perhaps cooking up her next love story.

She once met a person who both “didn’t read books” and wasn’t “that into food” and it nearly broke her heart. You can learn more on her website.

Website: https://saraohlin.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaraOhlin222
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/saraohlin222
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saraohlinwriter/
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/saraohlin/
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/sara-ohlin
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19491440.Sara_Ohlin

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  1. Happy Friday!!! Thank you so much for hosting me; I’m so excited to be here. And I’m soooo glad those last 50 pages were worth it!!!! I’m loving the name Declan!!!! Also, thank you so much for taking the time to review my book! I know how exhausting that can be and I so appreciate it!!

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