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#Review of New Directions (McWinter Confidential #1) by Jude Pittman & Jamie Hill w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

mediakit_bookcover_newdirectionsNew Directions

by Jude Pittman and Jamie Hill




GENRE:  Romantic Suspense






Texas PI Kelly McWinter is back in action, mixing business with pleasure on a long delayed honeymoon. Providing security for a nominee at the Country Music Awards sounds like glitz and glamour, but Kelly and Gillian find themselves chasing kidnappers in California and tracking a killer in Las Vegas.




Excerpt Two:


“Of course. I follow her career on ET, and if I didn’t I’d be getting the details from Aunty Stella every time we talked anyhow. Marcy Fischer is one of this year’s nominees for the Country Music Academy’s female vocalist of the year.”


Kelly chuckled. “Guess there’s not much point trying to surprise you. Did Stella tell you about the crazed fan who broke into Marcy’s house?”


“My God, no. She isn’t hurt is she?”


“No, at least not physically. He scared the hell of her though, and Mark, who as you know is stuck in Russia, is fit to be tied.”


“Oh, I sense a PI project on tap.”


Kelly chuckled. “You know me too well. But you might like this one a lot better than some of my other jobs.”


“I’m all ears. First, tell me about Marcy’s break in.”


“One of her over-zealous fans climbed the wall surrounding her Nashville property, used some kind of jammer to disarm her security system, and almost made it up the stairs to Marcy’s bedroom.”


“Where was her husband?”


“Apparently Mark has gotten pretty involved in politics these past couple of years. He’s a member of the legal team that President Obama sent over to Russia to oversee the review of documents discovered in one of those Nazi vaults in East Germany. It’s only recently that Russia conceded that the Western world had a right to work alongside their own researchers to establish provenance of the materials. It’s an honor to be named to the team, but it’s a long process. Mark won’t be back for at least three months. Marcy’s been on her ownwell, she’s not alone, like any celebrity she’s always got an entourage, but she doesn’t have her husband.”


“She must have been terrified.”


“She was, and believe it or not, the only reason the intruder didn’t reach Marcy’s bedroom is because Stella had given her one of her dog Lucy’s puppies.”


“Really. Hear that Jake. Good breeding.”


Jake lifted his nose and shook his head, before nuzzling it back down on Kelly leg.”



When I read the book, I didn’t realize that this is a new series featuring a couple that has been written before.  🙁  That saying, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.  Of course, now I need to read how Gillian and Kelly met, etc.  You do not have to read any other books to understand Kelly and Gillian either.  The authors do a great job of explaining.  😉

I really liked this couple.  Kelly and Gillian are already an established couple, so the angst, big black moment, etc. is not in this book for them as a couple.  Sure there is a lot going on in the book but it’s how they deal with it instead of just reacting, breaking up, etc. that made for a better book.  I’m one of those that likes to read about established couples.  I find them, at times, much more interesting to read.  *See Eve and Roarke*  Another thing to like about Kelly and Gillian are the smexy times.  Not over the top but necessary to the continued development of them as a married couple.  Just because they are dealing with a stalker and terrorists doesn’t mean that they can’t have some “alone” time.

That leads me to the story itself.  I see a larger arc involving the terrorists.  That alone will have me read the next book. There is a lot going on in the book.  I could keep up and the secondary characters are fantastic.  Creepy when need be and funny, too.  There is a lightness to the book but not overly done.  I like my romantic suspense to be somewhat dark but also have some light, too.  The authors do a good job of this throughout the book.  In fact, if I didn’t know, I would have thought the book was written by one person…not two.  The pacing is top notch and trust me, I couldn’t tell which author wrote what.  That’s great storytelling!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book.  I look forward to reading their backstory and more from the Confidential files in the future.


recommend-harlies- new







AUTHOR Bio and Links:



Jude Pittman and her husband John live in Calgary, Alberta. Retired after several decades of working in law firms, Jude is part-owner and publisher of Books We Love.  Jude is the author of the Kelly McWinter PI mysteries, Deadly Secrets, Deadly Betrayal and Deadly Consequences..   Jude has also published the novella Bad Medicine


Jamie was born and raised in a beautiful, mid-sized town in the Mid-west.  When she’s not working at the day job she loves, Jamie enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and watching movies (the scarier the better!) In her ‘spare time’ she can often be found writing, editing, or doing something more mundane like housework.



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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review and also for all the kind comments. Sorry to be coming in late, I live in Calgary, Alberta but flew to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his wife. Had a great, very short and very filling holiday. Jude

  2. I’ve enjoyed following the tour for New Directions and I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing all of the excerpts and interviews along the way 🙂

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