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Review of Mine Tonight (the Blue Dynasty #4) by Lisa Marie Perry

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The night that changed everything… 

After being dumped by her fiancé and losing her shot at TV stardom, Bindi Paxton just wants to get out of town. But there’s no escaping the past—not even on the beautiful Seychelles Islands. And when her attraction to former Las Vegas Slayers heir Santino Franco culminates in a night of sizzling passion, she has to fight her feelings for a man who could hurt her deeper than any other has before.

Santino came to the islands to find the man responsible for the injury that ended his pro-football career. Ending up in bed with Bindi is a mistake they both regret. Except he now needs her help to find his fugitive father. And—heaven help him—he’s starting to fall for the stunning Sin City reporter. He can’t change their history…but he’d give anything for one more night, and maybe forever, in her arms.



I so love it when an author recommends the blog to another author for me to review their books.  Especially a Harlequin author.  Its an honor to review Ms. Perry’s book today.  I will admit that I’ve heard of her but never read her.  Let me tell you, I will not make that mistake again.

A couple of things to keep in mind about the book.  Its connected to a series but it can read as a standalone.  That said, I felt like there were some things that were left open ended that could be continued.  I actually like that when an author is writing a series.  Yes, this book ends with Santino and Bindi’s story but the arc of the book is still there.  And yes, Santino has a brother named Nate and his book is the first in the series.  I need to read his book because I need to read how the story arc started in the first place.  Again…this is a stand alone but if you are like me, I’m nosy and want to know how the story arc started.  🙂

As you can tell this book is from Harlequin’s Kimini line.  It features African American’s and their romance.  But what truly makes this book stand out for me is that Bindi and Santino are mixed.  And in Bindi’s case, there is a cross of religions too.  Oh yes, Ms. Perry wrote a perfect scene with Bindi near the end of the book that was poignant and real.  Bindi figured out that its okay to be different and not let anyone tell you different.

Bindi’s story is heartbreaking at best.  At first you think the worst of her but once her back story is laid out, you can truly understand the hellious upbringing that she had with her parents.  Her parents need to be slapped HARD.  It shaped Bindi into the person that she became but NOT the person that she becomes at the end of the book.  Bravo!  Bindi has some laugh out loud moments in the book and she really can put Santino in his place.

Santino…wow, just wow.  Having a career ending injury and then finding out that someone close to you had a hand in it?  Dang!  No wonder he was mad throughout most of the book.  Plus, to have to deal with the effects of ED…Ms. Perry did her research on this.  No one is the same but she handled it with grace and dignity.  Okay and some naughtiness.  🙂  I loved this man.  Hard edged, loyal and head over heels in love with woman that he shouldn’t be.

If I had to say anything “bad” about the book is that its over.  I truly loved Binid and Santino despite everything that was stacked against them.  They are a great couple that truly belong together regardless of the hurdles that they have to overcome.

I realize that my review might be somewhat vague and I’m sorry.  There is so much going on individually and then as a couple that its hard to put into words how much I loved them.  Its sexy, thoughtful, sad and then uplifting in the end.  You are on a rollercoaster ride but its totally worth it in the end.


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