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Millionaire Under the Mistletoe

by Stefanie London
Publication Date: November 14, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary, Romance



Synopsis: It’s so nice when he’s naughtyStella Jackson would rather stab herself in the eye with her own stiletto than return to England. Especially in winter. But to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish, she has to spend Christmas at the estate she inherited from him…with the one man she wishes she could forget.

Self-made millionaire Evan Foss wants one thing from Stella—her estate. But thanks to their rocky past, he’s the last person she’ll sell to. So when she takes him up on a bet, with the estate as the prize, Evan can’t believe his luck. The only problem is that seeing her now, sexy and all grown up, tempts Evan to finish what started years ago between them.





“We’re having fun now, aren’t we?” She sipped her wine, trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

You’re on thin ice right now. What are you going to do if you get back to his apartment and he puts the brakes on again?

There was a big difference between now and four years ago—she had something he wanted: the estate. Which meant she had the upper hand.

“I am.” He carved off a piece of his steak and chewed. “But that wasn’t exactly the type of fun I was talking about.”

The way his lips moved as he ate was startlingly erotic. The man was talented with his lips, he’d given her a kiss hotter than the depths of hell—a kiss that’d been branded into her memory and continued to replay over and over in the back of her mind like a needle skipping at the end of a record.

“And what kind of fun were you talking about?”

“The primitive kind.”

The close ceilings and dim lights of the restaurant gave a false sense of intimacy, but she’d have to remind herself that they weren’t alone. Not yet. There was still time to back away, before she started sliding into bad decisions.

Would it be so bad? Sex is just sex, you can keep it separate.

“The carnal kind,” he said. “The kind that’ll leave you aching tomorrow morning.”

She was already aching from the low tone of his voice. The sound rubbed over her, creating sparks against her nerves and causing a tight bundle of heat at the apex of her thighs. At this rate, the fancy lace knickers she’d purchased today would be soaked through before they got done negotiating terms.

“What’s changed?” she asked, stalling.

“We’re adults now.” He leaned forward. “We’re free to make our own decisions.”

Her stomach fluttered, and she couldn’t seem to tame the pulsing deep within her. Hearing the invitation in Evan’s voice was doing nothing to help her gain control of the situation.

“And how do you know I’m attracted to you?”

“It’s obvious.” He laughed, the low, gravelly sound made goose bumps break out along her skin. “I knew it the second you kissed me back.”

Her face grew hot. Had she been that transparent? He had kissed her, not the other way around. “You’re overconfident.”

“You’re bluffing.” The words came out as a growl. There was something about it that roused her primal side, the side that wanted to take control. “Tell me, I want to hear you say it.”

“Tell you what?”

“How much you enjoyed it.”

“Do you want me to lie?” She tipped her chin up at him, desperate to put him off his game the way he’d done to her. But Evan was a master at upsetting her grip on solid ground—he had her slipping and sliding, her heart thudding in her chest. This game of cat and mouse pleased her far more than it should have.

You can’t keep up. He’s better at this than you are, he has more experience.

But she wanted to play. She wanted to best him…and then she wanted to be taken to bed.



Another week, another Indulgence for me to devour and savor.  The bonus of this one is that it’s setting is Christmas.  Normally, I don’t read Christmas themed books.  I’m not a Scrooge but I have my own issues revolving the holiday now that I’m married so I really try to stay away from them.  I have to admit that I don’t watch the Hallmark Channel movies either.  One other point and its a bonus…England…countryside and London!  *squee*

Now to the review.  I really liked the book.  There is something to be said about a friend to lovers trope or maybe even the forbidden lovers trope.  Both of them work well with Stella and Evan.  Why?  Stella grew up with wealth and Evan didn’t.  It wasn’t until his mother’s death that Stella’s grandfather took him in, groomed him to be the man that he has become but along the way, forgot how to truly love someone.  Playthings are nice for the night but his mother’s death affected too much to get involved with anyone.

Stella, I feel, grew up without the love that she should have gotten.  Her “mother” tried to use her and with her grandfather going between Oz and England, it was truly hard for her to feel the love.  There is a HUGE twist towards the end of the book that left me speechless; and it’s a good one, too.  I never saw it coming but it sure did explain a lot of Stella and the character growth that she had and then BAM…she became an even richer, deeper character.

The romance in the book is good.  I would have to say that at times, I didn’t feel the connection.  There was miscommunication when Stella was in college that she hadn’t forgotten about.  In fact, the first chapter pretty much sums it up and I don’t blame her for feeling and acting that way towards Evan.  He deserved it and he still had some explaining to do.

Overall, I recommend this gem of story.  It’s smart, emotional and sexy.  Plus, the added bonus of snow in the English countryside and London.


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USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance with humour, heat and heart. Also llamas.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Stefanie now lives in Toronto, Canada with her wonderful husband. She loves to read, collect lipsticks, watch zombie movies and drink coffee.

Her bestselling book,Pretend It’s Love, is a 2016 Romantic Book of the Year finalist with the Romance Writers of Australia.

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