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Astrophysicist Dr. Miranda Perry is happily ensconced at Palomar Observatory. She rarely goes out because she spends so much time searching for new planets. Her job is everything to her. When sexy, smart, and suave particle physicist Dr. Russell Rogers visits Palomar to give a seminar on the popular Higgs Boson, he blows her world apart, planets and all.

It’s love at first sight for Russ, and he convinces Miranda to go out with him. In the short time they have together, sparks fly and sexual tension magnifies by powers of ten.

After Russ returns to his job in Boston, the two arrange hectic, emotional- and sex-filled moments, but the liaisons in the Midwest don’t cut it and a choice must be made. With each of them committed to prestigious jobs on opposite sides of the country, who will move to be with the other? Or, will they give up on their relationship because each is married to the job?



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Excerpt Two

“I know we just met, but I want to kiss you,” he murmured, his nose in her hair. “There’s a dark corner over there. Come on.”

She shivered at his words, eager to feel his lips on hers. It seemed as if she’d waited forever for that touch even though it had only been a few hours since they met.

He led her across the floor to a dim space around the end of the bar. Pressing her into the corner, he brought his mouth down to hers, gently at first and then with more firmness. His arms closed around her waist and pulled her to him. Her body responded to the pressure of his, contouring itself around his shape. He nibbled on her neck for a few moments and then he brought his lips back to hers, insistently persuading hers to open widely in passion. Soon, they were both plunging their tongues into each other’s mouths, angling their heads for better access, frantic to get as close to each other as they could.

Heavy breathing filled the small space, and it emanated from both sides. This is so not good. She wanted to eat him alive, but they were in a public restaurant, and, if they didn’t restrain themselves soon, people would start to notice. If they hadn’t already. She stepped back, breaking his hold, and hating to lose his warmth, but they she knew they had to stop.

Slowly, as she dragged her lips from his, then leaned her forehead against his chest, she tried to calm her breathing and her heart. His lips touched her hair and then he set his cheek on top of her head. Finally, their breathing almost back to normal, they broke apart and drifted back to their chairs. She glanced around. No one appeared to be looking at them. She didn’t really care what other people thought, but still, she didn’t want to create a spectacle.

“I suppose I should apologize for that,” he said quietly as he pulled his chair in. “Except I’m not sorry about what happened at all.





I have to admit that what drew me to the book at first was the title.  I kept thinking of the movie Married to the Mob.  Which is super funny!  Then the blurb…it read like a sexier version of The Big Bang Theory and I wasn’t wrong to think that.  😉  Except I wasn’t thinking of Sheldon and Amy.  It was more like Howard and Bernadette.  Or maybe Leonard and Bernadette.  Don’t judge but that’s who I had in mind when I read this great story.  I’m late to the party when it comes to the show but I love it.

On with the review.  Ms. Racette has a way of making science non threatening.  Yes, I actually understood the dialogue between Russ and Miranda.  For me, that’s a huge plus.  Being able to follow what my main characters do for a living.  Did I completely understand it?  No but that’s not the point that Ms. Racette is making.  The heart of the matter is how these two “nerds” come together and realize what is truly important in their lives.

Miranda has the most to give up in my mind.  In some ways, she felt socially awkward because of her lack of a social life.  No one man likes a woman smarter than him.  But what endured me about her was her sincerity in her feelings for Russ.  Yes, the feelings were genuine and she had a hard time processing it.  Met him, kissing him and then sleeping with him within 24 hours.  That’s a lot for her to get a grip on but I completely understood that about her.  In erotic books, that’s pretty much the norm but Ms. Racette has NOT written an erotic tale.  Hers is a tale about two people who have found their other half, emotionally,  intelligence wise and physically.  The instant chemistry that Russ and Miranda had.

Russ on the other hand, I felt like he came off as not willing bend.  Its was either his way or the highway.  Yes, I understood the “why” he couldn’t move.  I thought that he was bit heavy-handed in the way he handled it with Miranda.  I did however like that he was straight forward in his feelings for Miranda.  He made no bones about that fact that he wanted her in his life.  He just could have used a different tone for me.  😉

If you are a fun of The Big Bang Theory, then Married to the Job is definitely for you.  The characters are engaging, spot on with their dialogue and its spicy.  One thing though…you might think that it’s an “instalove” thing but it’s not.  Attraction happens sometimes for reasons that we cannot comprehend.  Miranda and Russ knew it right away and dealt with it.  🙂


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Cynthia is a New York native, currently living in Western New York. She and her hubby moved from the capital area in Albany to be near their grandchildren, one, five, and six. They are adorable, much more adorable than other grandchildren. She is retired, except for her writing, but she still writes prolifically. She is one of those weird people who has always been a writer, long before she thought of it as a job. When not writing, she is reading, traveling (especially south in winter), and swimming in her pool with her grandbabies.

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