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#Review of Lizzie’s Earl (Heir and a Spare #3) by Fiona Miers w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

Lizzie’s Earl

by Fiona Miers


GENRE:   Regency Romance



She’s a widow seeking a gentleman to give her the family she wants and enjoy life on her country estate. He’s a London rakehell seeking a wife he can wed, bed and forget. Who will prevail?


Excerpt One:

Rupert straightened his coat with a quick tug and straightened to his full six feet four inches tall. Feeling confident, he walked over to the two ladies.

“May I beg you for an introduction to your friend, my dear Charlotte?”

Charlotte smiled tightly, knowing his habits well. She turned to include him in their circle, which surprised him a little, but his friend’s sister did have the perfect manners.

“Of course, Rupert. Mrs Elizabeth Symmons, may I introduce a friend of ours, the Hon. Rupert Willoughby, the younger brother of the Earl of Sweeting”

Rupert heard the warning in the introduction and smirked inwardly. Charlotte was fiercely protectively of those she loved. It was one of the things he liked most about her.

The beautiful blonde curtseyed prettily and gave him a sunny, open smile. Rupert bowed in return, surprised despite himself by the artlessness of her expression.

“May I have the pleasure of the next dance my lady?” he asked, giving her his most charming smile.

Elizabeth smiled back, glancing quickly at Charlotte for permission to leave her alone, which Rupert respected.  When Charlotte smiled back in return, the beautiful woman turned to him.

“Of course. Thank you, sir,” she replied confidently, placing her small hand in his.

She was very petite, tiny even, yet Rupert felt the firmness of her grip and observed the way she held herself. This would not be a woman over whom one could easily walk, he told himself.

“You are looking very beautiful this evening, Mrs Symmons.” Rupert told her, as they swept into the dance floor.

Elizabeth laughed, her bright eyes sparkling with gaiety.

“Why, thank you, sir. And indeed, you are looking very handsome.”

Rupert grinned, surprised by her words. He didn’t believe he had ever had a compliment returned before. Most women simply fluttered their fans and gave him the eyes. The eyes told him how flattered they were that he had given them his attention. The eyes also indicated to him just how quickly they would fall into his bed. Mrs Elizabeth Symmons wasn’t giving him the eyes, nor was she flirting with him. How strange.


Another historical this week.  I’m on a roll.  I really liked this story.  It was simple, direct and yes, Rupert could be an idiot but I loved how he finally realized that he was ready to fall in love and become the heir.  Wait, did I say simple?  Oh course I did.  Some people like their historicals with a lot of meat to them or fluff, and I’m not that type of girl.  I like a simple story about two people that fall in love, break up and live happily ever after.

Why?  Because when I read a historical that’s what I want.  I want it to read like a contemporary (sorry, not sorry) and the minute details can just go away.  I want the story to flow, have a good pace and I don’t want a history lesson thrown in because the author thinks that I don’t know a single thing about the period.  I watch the History Channel.  I went to school so I get it.  Plus, you know me…I couldn’t care less about the ton anyway.  It bores me.

Lizzie is very straightforward in what she wants out of life.  She tells Rupert this and for a time, he ignored it.  It seemed like all he wanted was in her panties.  And yes, he made no bones about that, but she made him work for it.  And I mean work for it.  Did he almost screw it up in Chapter 5?  Yes, but he does the right thing in the end.

I liked Lizzie a lot.  Her relationship with Charlotte is great, too.  She had a friend that she could talk to about Rupert and the scenes with Lizzie, Charlotte, and Archie is priceless.  Plus, we get to see Archie finally knock some sense into Rupert.

Again, I really liked Lizzie and Rupert.  I also went a got Charlotte and Archie’s book.  Their relationship intrigues so I must know who all that played out.  🙂

AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Fiona Miers has a super busy life, like most modern women, but always finds time for reading and writing romance. Her love affair with the romance genre started when she was only 11 years old, when her mother, and nana, handed her, her first mills and boon.
Since then she’s built her own business, become a mother to two beautiful little girls, and fallen in love with the most spectacular man on the planet. (JMHO)
Fiona writes MF contemporary and historical romance, writing more erotic stories under the pen name Tamsin Baker.
Thank you for reading this, and hopefully you’ll love reading about her characters as much as she loved creating them.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fiona.miersautho

Email: fiona.miers@gmail.com

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    1. I loved this book. And I loved your writing style, too. 🙂 Off to read Charlotte and Archie!


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