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Title: Little Black Dress

Author: Scarlet Chastain

Series: Romance On The Go

Genre: Erotica F/F

Publisher: Evernight Publishing

Release Date: Aug 13 2013

Edition/Formats Available In: eBook


Never underestimate the power of the little black dress…

Paris—the romance and fashion capital of the world. So what the hell makes Jamie Scotts, an IT geek from New York, think the city of lights holds the answers? Driven by need for change, she lies to her boss about her fluency in French and becomes the company’s first international sales person. Fluent? She can barely ask for directions to the ladies’ room.

Jamie’s a duck out of water with her low maintenance style and New York accent. Her unsuccessful sales pitch almost sends her home, until she meets the epitome of elegance—Giselle Bianchi. An unlikely relationship blossoms as the dress designer takes Jamie under her wing. Giselle’s guidance not only reveals Jamie’s missing je ne sais quoi, but also unlocks repressed passion with the help of a little black dress.

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Author InfoScarlet Chastain


Scarlet Chastain is the semi-secret pseudonym of a multi-published, best selling author of sensual erotic romance. Scarlet’s focus is female-centric sizzling stories written about women, for women.

She lives in the suburban shadows of New York City but her heart belongs to the beaches of Key West. Scarlet can usually be found in her favorite chair of her newly acquired writing cave with her maltipoo, Coco.

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Excerpt #1:

“You must not have much time for a social life. Boyfriends?” Jamie had glanced at her hand back at the studio for the telltale signs of a ring.

Giselle picked up her glass and rocked it in a circular motion. The red liquid coated the sides of the glass and flowed downward into a pool of garnet.

“I’m sorry. That was too personal, wasn’t it?” She looked down at her own glass.

“No. Not too personal. I’m just trying to find a way to tell you something that may risk our new friendship.”

Jamie searched the woman’s eyes.

“No boyfriends. I’m attracted to women.”

Her words washed over Jamie like a soft wave and flowed warm and hot down to her core.

“Et toi, Jamie?”

“No boyfriends,” was all she could say before taking a very unladylike gulp of her wine. Glancing back to Giselle, Jamie’s heartbeat ticked up and she took a deep breath before she spoke. “I’ve always been something of a geek.”

Giselle furrowed her brow. “Explain geek.”

Jamie snorted at the sound the word made coming from Giselle lips. “Geek means socially awkward.”

Giselle nodded. “Ah, okay. Continue.”

“I was painfully shy when I was younger and spent most of my high school years behind a computer screen. I found my niche in college as a computer science major. But as one of the only females in my classes, I found myself being one of the guys instead of dating them. They just didn’t interest me.” Jamie shrugged, finished her wine and slid the glass toward Giselle who promptly refilled it. The delicious wine’s effects washed over Jamie, giving her the courage to ask the question that was at the tip of her tongue. “When did you know you liked women?” Her eyes flicked to the side then back to her glass.

“I think I’d always known but one particular night I found out for sure. I went on a date with a man. He took me to a club and his sweaty hands were all over me while we danced. He kept shoving his tongue down my throat. I felt physically ill and slipped out the back door after excusing myself to the ladies’ room. The door led to a dark alley and that’s where I saw them. Two women. I heard them first as it was so dark. Their soft feminine sighs drew me to them. I moved closer to find one of the women had the other against the wall, fondling her exposed breast and kissing her as though she were a cherished piece of porcelain. I couldn’t look away. Then they saw me and stopped. I was about to turn and run away but the woman against the wall held her hand out to me. Her eyes held such depth and generosity. I looked at the other woman and she smiled. I joined them and we did nothing but kiss. I never saw either again but I knew that was the lifestyle for me. Soon after I moved to Paris to start a new life. And here I am.” Giselle shrugged and smiled.

Jamie turned toward her new friend. “You have it all together. I wish I knew what I wanted out of life.”

Giselle touched her arm. “You will, ma chère, you will.”



This is my second book to read by Ms. Chastain and she didn’t disappoint.  I know what you are thinking…Harlie its F/F what on earth?  Okay, there are alot of peeps that like M/M and for some reason, I have to have a female somewhere in the mix while reading M/M.  Not so in F/F.  I’m married and in no way attracted to females but there is something about reading it.  Let me try to explain in my review.

Ms. Chastain has the knack to write about two females that are strong, independent and one of them usually doesn’t understand their sexual needs.  She always writes their relationship through friendship first and foremost.  The women she writes about are truly friends and I like to see the journey that Jamie and Giselle go to in that friendship before the relationship takes a trip to the bedroom.

The buildup is palable and realistic.  This isn’t insta-anything and when the smexy times come, it is sensual, not graphic and loving.  There is no rush to get to the “goods”.  You don’t squirm in your chair when reading it either.  You are right there with them when they discover their love for one another and to see how it will all play out.  Another thing that I appreciate from Ms. Chastain are her characters.

You know a “Jamie” in your life.  Unsure of herself in work and in relationships.  Trying to find out what makes her tick and how she handles herself in a relationship with another woman.  Meeting Giselle was a breath of fresh air for her.  She met her best friend and lover all in one whack.  Of course, there is conflict in the relationship; no relationship is without it.  Ms. Chastain brought a smile to my face with how she handled it and the outcome.

Give Ms. Chastain a chance in the F/F genre.  She writes it sensually and extremeley well.  You don’t run to the hills or throw your ereader either.  Just expect a well balanced story about two people that fall in the love the old fashioned way…slowly; even if they are females.  🙂


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