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kissing-the-enemy-helena-newbury-rrTitle: Kissing the Enemy

Author: Helena Newbury (New York Times Bestselling Author)

Series: The Kissing Books (this is an Unofficial Series Name)

Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Mafia Romance

Publisher: Foster & Black

Release Date: August 14 2016

Edition/Formats: 1st Edition/eBook & Print Formats


He’s New York‘s most notorious Italian Mafia boss. She’s the niece of a Russian Mafia kingpin.

Angelo – From the first time I see Irina dance, I can’t get her out of my head. She’s an ice princess with an accent that makes me crazy and a body that makes me want to do bad things to her. Then I discover she’s the niece of my greatest enemy.

Irina – From the first moment Angelo looks at me, I’m helpless. He’s blood and fire and red-hot lust. I run: he chases me down. I put up ice: he melts right through. Then I discover who he is. Being together is unthinkable: I’d be betraying my family; he’d be betraying the mob. But neither of us can fight the attraction. And when our relationship sparks a war that threatens to tear New York apart, we may be the only two people who can stop it.


Good lord.  I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up to read.  I don’t read Mafia romances but this is my second one to read and I loved it.  It wasn’t what I thought it be about.  At the core of the book is a love story.  Yes, a love story.  Angelo and Irina fighting not only their feelings for each other but what will happen if they do get together.

This book has the normal things that a great romantic suspense book has in it.  But this book goes a couple steps forward.  You are dealing with the head of the Italian Mafia and the head of the Russian Mafia.  By definition, this book would have violence, betrayal, old fashioned gangsters but you get how the new breed of mafia works.  The action is fast paced and exciting.  Yes, exciting.

Angelo was smitten the first time he ever laid eyes on Irina.  I loved when he found out who Irina truly was.  It made for some great drama and deep soul searching for him to realize that no matter what, Irina was his and his alone.  *sigh*  He truly made for a great hero in my eyes.  And yes, he’s a mafisco but I didn’t care.  I had fallen in love with him.

Irina is a great heroine.  She is strong and no matter what she came from, she still adored her uncle.  Unfortunately, her uncle had different views and suitors for her.  Oh yes, the villain is truly defined in the book and he’s a piece of work.  Ugh.  I understood why Irina wanted to be away from her uncle and his line of work but she is so cold and indifferent to most people that she can come across as an ice queen.  Meeting Angelo is the warm and love that she needs in her life.

Honestly, I couldn’t put the book down.  It is written in dual POV’s, which I love.  I got to know and understand both characters and it made for great reading.  Also, the writing is flawless.  I’ve never read Ms. Newbury and this will not be my last book from her.  I was on the rollercoaster that she created and I’m still catching my breath.

Overall, a powerful book about the power of love and the ultimate fight for it.  Don’t miss this book.  It’s a keeper on my shelf.


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I’m a New Adult Romance/Romantic Suspense author with a love of bakingly hot summer days, strawberry gelato, good coffee and interesting people. Unlike the characters in my book, I cannot dance, act or play anything (though I am substantially more flexible since I started writing Dance For Me and tried doing dancer’s stretches, so I’m hoping that something will rub off on me from each book). My first book was published in June 2013 and hit various bestseller charts across the US, UK and Canada. In September, just before the sequel came out, I became a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, at which point I fainted.

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I write the Kissing Books, which are all standalone romantic suspense’s. So far, we’ve had:

Lying and Kissing – A troubled CIA agent is sent to Moscow to spy on a Russian mafia boss, but finds herself falling for him.


Punching and Kissing – To save her brother’s life, a young woman volunteers to take his place in an illegal, underground fight. Her only hope is to persuade the gorgeous Irish badass, Aedan O’Harra, to train her.


Texas Kissing – On the run from her Mafia roots, a forger hides out in Texas. She doesn’t expect to have her solitude shattered by a huge cowboy called Bull who decides she has to be his.


Kissing My Killer – When a brilliant but reclusive hacker makes the mistake of hacking the Russian mob, hitman Alexei is dispatched to kill her. But when the normally cold-as-ice Alexei finds himself falling for his target, the pair are forced to go on the run.


Growing and Kissing – When her sister is diagnosed with a deadly disease, a good girl is forced to become a marijuana grower to raise the money to save her. But that means teaming up with her neighborhood’s most notorious bad bay….


Saving Liberty (Kissing the President’s Daughter) – A former marine with a bad reputation may be the only man who can protect the President’s 22 year-old daughter. But what happens when they fall for each other?


Kissing The Enemy – New York’s most notorious Italian Mafia boss falls for the niece of a Russian Mafia kingpin. They can’t resist each other…but being together will test every loyalty they have.


I like to write when it’s gray, cold and rainy outside. Fortunately, I live in the UK so that’s most of the time. My first series was the Fenbrook Academy New Adult Romance Trilogy about a ballet, music and drama student finding love with (respectively) a billionaire, a bad boy Irish guitarist and a cop. This is now available in a box set. Amazon Fenbrook Academy (Books 1 -3)

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