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Review of Kiss Me At Midnight by Diane Alberts



Title: Kiss Me at Midnight
Author: Diane Alberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sexy
Length: 122 pages
Release Date: Dec 30, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-437-5
Imprint: Flaunt

Her New Year’s resolution was seduction…

Doctor Ashley Hanes has one mission and one mission only—end her annoyingly long dry streak and ring in the New Year with a bang. Literally. When her long lost and oh-so-sexy ex-best friend, Ethan Pierce, shows up as if he hadn’t broken her heart all those years ago, suddenly she doesn’t want to bring home just any man. She wants Ethan.

What should have been one night of blow-your-mind make-up sex quickly turns into another. And another. Before long, Ashley thinks maybe she and Ethan should reunite for good. If only the elusive bachelor will stop running from his tortured past and trust a future in Ashley’s arms…


Dang this book is sexy.  I mean, blow the doors off sexy.  Sometimes, I felt like I was reading a Brazen not a Flaunt.  Ethan and Ashley have chemistry in spades and Ms. Alberts blows off the roof with these two.  From their meeting in the bar, to the couch at Ashley’s house, to the bowling alley its hot.  And I guess that’s the problem I have with the book.  I like a book that sexy but this book just had too much in it.

Let me explain why and don’t get me wrong, I liked the book very much and I’m a huge fan of Ms. Alberts but I was left with the feeling that something just didn’t sit right with me.  I never connected with Ethan.  I found him to be cold, distant and in some way cruel towards Ashley.  I understood why he hated the town and never wanted to come back, but dude, people grow up and he never gave the town a chance to prove it until it was almost too late.

Ashley on the other hand, I loved.  I instantly connected with her and the situation that she was giving.  She took the lemons and made lemonade.  She was happy and content with her life.  Just needed a bit of ending to her dry spell.  Ethan seemed like the perfect choice for her to end her dry spell.  What she didn’t count on was her feelings for him in the end.  My heart broke a bit for Ashley.  She really did love Ethan and had for all of those years.  I mean, what do you do when you fall in love with your best friend?

So as you can see, I really did enjoy the book.  The pacing and plot were good.  Ms. Alberts knows how to sex up a book, too.  It was just Ethan that I never quite got.  Now he’s brother?  Oh yes, I got him right away.  I’m hoping that there is a story brewing between Alex and Molly.  Hint, hint.



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