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Holidays, Inc.

by Rachelle Paige Campbell


GENRE: Sweet, contemporary romance



Former child actress, Danielle “Dani” Winter, left Hollywood to transform an old cinema into a dinner theater, seeing the project as her chance to take control of her future. The middle-of-nowhere location in Wisconsin is a perfect escape from backstabbing celebrity friends. The small town welcomes her help with open arms, but one man questions her plan.

After unsuccessful writing stints on both coasts, Paul Howell returns home to New Hope. He’s shocked to discover that his sister has sold the family business to a beautiful woman. With the encouragement of his neighbors, he reluctantly agrees to write Dani’s next musical.

Working together, they discover more similarities than differences and grow close. When Dani’s former best friend and America’s sweetheart, Kara Kensington arrives, their blossoming relationship is threatened in more ways than one.


Excerpt Two:

He swallowed the sigh building in his throat. The town changed, but not his twin. For most of their lives, his sister slumped and slouched in her never-ending quest to avoid attention. As fraternal twins, they shared a remarkable number of physical similarities, including height, dark brown hair, and gray-blue eyes. In the light, her eyes looked blue and his gray. 

By choice, Jill faded into the background. He’d utilized those exact attributes to stand out in a crowd. Her smile lit her whole face brighter than the old marquee outside the theater. He slid across the smooth bench seat and interlaced his fingers on the Formica tabletop. With a deep breath, he counted to ten but couldn’t calm the throbbing in his temples. 

“I’m so glad you’re here.” She dropped her menu. 

“Are you?” He set his jaw, gritting his molars. 

A ponytailed, blonde server filled two water glasses and handed him a menu. 

Jill pushed up her glasses on her nose and squinted. “Do you want to order?” 

Her careful perusal yielded the wrong result. She couldn’t assign his current mood to hunger. “I’m not hungry.” His stomach grumbled. Jill shot him the I’m-your-twin-you-can’t-lie-to-me smirk. 

“Can Ted make him a BLT with a fried egg?” Jill rolled her eyes and turned toward the teenage server. 

Crossing his arms over his tight chest, he arched a brow. Once again, someone made a decision on his behalf without consulting him. What else did he expect? He’d returned home.


Another holiday-themed book in the bag.  I really enjoyed a holiday-themed book that wasn’t about Christmas.  I’m not a Scrooge but it was refreshing to read about other holidays that most people tend to forget.  A 4th of July musical?  Unheard of but Ms. Campbell makes you believe that there could be one and I would be front and center to see it.  Plus, it’s set in a small town.  I live in a small town so the setting is perfect.  I could picture some of the things in Wisconsin that would actually happen in my Texas town.  Neighbors will be somewhat nosy, the town rallies around their own but the most important thing is that they also embrace newcomers, too.

I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for the child-star having to start over because of whatever.  Sometimes it is not of their doing but someone else.  In this case, Dani has been done wrong too many times.  I can believe that she really needed to get away from her friends and her family that used her and then discarded her.  Oh and don’t get me started with the so-called friend showed back up in town.  Slapping her would have been too good, but I digress.  Yes, the “villain” in the book is just awful but that’s the point.  Dani learns to stand up for herself for once and I applauded.  I hate the doormat heroine and Dani doesn’t fit the bill.

Paul is another hero that I like.  Battle-scarred but still wanting to believe in the good of people.  Good thing his twin, Jill is there was the dust settles when he comes back to town.  Sure he is upset but once he gets to know Dani, he realizes what needs to be done.  I loved his grumpiness and his relationship with his sister.  If you are looking for a fast romance, don’t look here.  Dani and Paul have to get past the enemies part of it.  These two are a hoot together.  Ms. Campbell wrote their dialogue realistically and funny.  I could feel the emotions rolling off of them and it is so good.

If you are looking for a sweet enemy to lovers story with the setting in a small town, surrounded by great secondary characters with a great ending, this is for you.  Be warned.  You will want to slap a person a couple of times and leave you wanting for someone else in the book to get their HEA.  Please?  I’m begging.  Pick this one up.  You won’t regret it.


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Rachelle Paige Campbell writes contemporary romance filled with heart and hope. No matter the location—big city, small town, or European kingdom—her feel-good stories always end with a happily ever after. She’s grateful for the support of her family, her robot floor cleaner, and her reluctant writing partner (her dog).


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