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Review of Falling for Leigh (a Brookhollow Story) by Jennifer Snow w/a a swag/signed books giveaways!

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Virtual Book Tour Dates: 9/1/14 – 9/29/14

Genres: Sweet Romance, Contemporary Romance

Series: A Brookhollow Story






Can she be his cure for writer’s block?

For New York novelist Logan Walters, falling for the girl next door was more than a cliché. It was a calamity! If Leigh Norris hadn’t been so attractive, and hadn’t been hammering relentlessly while he was trying to write, Logan would never have ascended her rickety ladder in a misguided mix of gallantry and frustration. And he wouldn’t have a broken wrist—or a guilty new assistant who can’t type. Clearly, his escape to the Brookhollow B and B was not going to be the quiet, idyllic retreat he needed to finish his overdue manuscript. But it was fast becoming much more interesting than expected….

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“I…uh…hired a typist.”
His agent snorted over the phone. “You’re lying.”
“No, really I did.” He and Leigh hadn’t exactly talked about payment, except for his brief mention of it at the haunted hike, but he certainly planned on compensating her for her time and help. Of course, he’d rather show her his gratitude in other ways, like taking her out on a real date, telling her how wonderful she was and helping to erase some of the pain in her past.
“From what agency?” Clive still sounded suspicious.
“No agency. She’s just a woman who lives here in Brookhollow, next door to the B and B.” It was such an understatement, Logan was almost embarrassed by the lie. But what could he tell Clive? That he was getting help from a woman he was falling in love with in the small town? Clive would for sure give up on him, thinking he’d lost his mind.
“Not the same woman who pushed you off a ladder?”
“Actually, yes.”
Clive laughed. “Wow, way to call in the guilt favor.”

bookreviewWoot!  A Harlequin Heartwarming book for me to love.  Yes, I like them sweet and Ms. Snow delivers.  From the onset of the book, I was giggling.  Yes, giggling so sue me.  The ladder scene was absolutely one of the best “cute meets” ever!  And then, the whole you have to type for me because you put me in this cast.

But I will say that Ms. Snow also delivers on the friendship part of the romance first.  In fact, the only reason why it’s not a 5 Harlie review is because I thought that the romance was built a too slowly for me.  Friendship yes…in spades but romance…a couple of kisses and that’s it.  Yes, it’s a sweet romance but I expected a little bit better build up for the romance.

One of the things that really caught my fancy was the way Leigh figured out the “why” Logan had a writer’s block.  It was like the light bulb went on but convincing Logan was a completely different story.  In some ways, Leigh “wrote” the last part of the book.  She challenged Logan and what he was writing and why.  Of course finding out that she bought all of his books to read was great, too.

Logan was pretty straight forward in what he wanted when he got to the B&B.  Quiet, solitude and getting the last of his book finished.  Instead he got a small town that he grew to love, love in the most unexpected place and finally people that he could call friends.  Throw in his custody battle with his ex and I really, really liked him.  He was real with real problems.  If I had to say one thing bad about him…it took him too long to realize that he had love right in front of him the whole time.  Silly man!  When will they learn.

Leigh on the other hand, it took me awhile to warm up to her.  While I understood her need to have a child and the breakup of her marriage, she seemed a bit too focused on that at times.  Yes, not having a child is devastating to most but she had a fulfilling life and actually seemed to get along with the ex even if the ex’s new wife drove her crazy.  BTW, the scene in the dressing room is classic.  🙂

I know it sounds like I didn’t care for the story.  Oh I did, in spades but the romance just seems a bit lacking for me and when the moment that they finally realized that they were in love was kinda of let down.  I will say this though…the ending was the way I envisioned.  Perfect for Logan and Leigh but I’m not so sure that their story is finished.  I do have one or two more questions for Ms. Snow and I hope that in her next Brookhollow book, I can get a glimpse at Logan and Leigh to see what they are up to.

Highly recommended.


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About The Author:

Jennifer Snow is an Edmonton based author writing sweet contemporary romance fiction through Harlequin Heartwarming, The Wild Rose Press and Secret Cravings Publishing. She is a member of the Writers Guild of Alberta, the Romance Writers of America, the Canadian Author Association, and More information can be found on her website
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