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Review of Employee of the Month by Tracey Rogers w/a $10 GC Rafflecopter giveaway!

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Some rules are made to be broken…

Rule number 1: No touching

Rule number 2: No kissing

Rule number 3: Never, ever, fall in love

Holly Wilder finds some of those rules pretty difficult to follow during her boss’s visits to present the Employee of the Month award. A relationship between them is prohibited, and even if it wasn’t, Holly has no intention of ever falling in love again. But that doesn’t stop her from craving Max’s touch.

Hotel owner Max Lazzari never expected to break his own rules, especially when they are so important to him. But sexy employee Holly is too hard to resist. Their no-strings, secret arrangement fits in perfectly with his no-commitment plan. A plan to ensure that no woman will ever again have the opportunity to hurt him.

Sizzling nights together mean Holly and Max start looking forward to the monthly visits more and more. Until they are both brought down to earth with a bump—a pregnancy one!

Will rule breaking lead to broken hearts?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some strong language

Holly carried a tray holding freshly ground coffee. The plush carpeted corridor absorbed the tension in her legs as she headed to Max Lazzari’s office. Dragging air deep into her lungs, she inhaled the aroma of coffee, allowing it to invigorate her senses.

Must be professional, she reminded her lust-filled brain, though her body’s reactions were refusing to comply.

Balancing the tray on one of her not quite controlled arms, Holly sucked in a breath before knocking on the door.

“Come in.” His deep tone made her tray wobble. She watched with wide eyes as the coffee almost sloshed over the rim of the cup, then watched how the ripples of liquid aftershock mirrored the way her insides felt.

Complete turmoil.

She opened the door and looked at the man with his dark head dipped to the computer screen. “Your coffee, Mr. Lazzari.”

The door fell closed behind her. Her brow furrowed when she spotted the full coffee pot plugged into the machine behind him. His keen green eyes, hooded beneath long lashes, were lifted up at her.

She carried the tray over to set it on the desk. “I believe you wanted to speak to me about an upcoming function. Which function would that be?”

He rose, startling her. Her shaky fingers still gripped the tray, but now her hold whitened her knuckles. The cup rattled.

“This one,” his husky voice said. With a grin he took her chin in his hand and captured her mouth with his. He dropped his hand, bracing both of them on the desk to kiss her more thoroughly, more deeply.

Holly allowed arousal to cascade through her, absorbing the softness and skill of his lips as he teased and swept, offering her the taste she’d been craving. She lifted her hand to thread her fingers through the dark hair at his nape.

God, she’d been waiting for this.

Arching closer, her thighs dug hard into the desk edge. She tilted her head, inviting him deeper. If her darned pencil skirt wasn’t so tight she’d have crawled over the desk by now. She heard a soft groan. Hers.

“Missed me?” Max chuckled as he gave her his now familiar lopsided grin. The one she held in her memory to help her through the weeks.

“I did,” she confirmed, frowning as she mourned the loss of his lips. “There was an extra day in this month.”

She rested her palms over his jaw, covering the dimples in his tanned cheeks. She liked the feel of his smooth, clean shaven skin, the warmth against her needy hands.

“But you broke the rules, Mr. Lazzari. Absolutely no touching at work, remember?”

bookreviewHonestly, where as Ms. Rogers been all of my reading life.  This book brought back so many great memories of being preggers with our son.  And if you read the book, you will understand.  😉  I don’t think anyone can write a pregnancy sex scene like she can.  And I’m not sure if I will look at a paint brush the same way again. I was just blown away by the emotional depth that she added to those scenes and how Holly and Max reacted differently to them.
Holly was a great character to get to know and like.  She had clear goals, ideas and oh wait…did she even like Max?  The same thing can be said about Max.  I loved him but once they get over the shock of being pregnant, these two have a lot of growing up to do with each other.  Sex is great but watching them get to know each other as friends and then lovers again was a treat.  Ms. Rogers made them work for it.  Sure they slipped a time or two but again, Ms. Rogers made it work.
I love the trope boss/employee but this went beyond that.  This was a story about two people that had been hurt in the past not just by past lovers but by family members as well.  Trying to work through a relationship with each other, they also had to deal with their families as well.
I would be remiss to remind you that while the story has plenty o sex (but not too graphic) there is a point to it.  Their whole relationship in the beginning is based on it but then they have to figure out how to have a relationship beyond the sexual and that’s where the story truly shines.
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~About the Author~

A devourer of books from an early age, I spent much of my childhood stepping into wardrobes, searching for that magical snowy world where conversing with animals would be expected. When I wasn’t searching for those worlds, I wrote about them instead. My first step into the world of romance was when I stole sneak peeks into my nana’s books. I’m still in that world and refuse to leave.
I live in Staffordshire, UK, with my husband and three wonderful children. An avid reader and writer of romance, I strongly believe that words make the world go around.

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    1. Tracey I love, just loved this book. Reminded me of when I was preggers. 🙂 Plus, Max was really a great guy and I completely understood him.


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