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Review of Don’t Let Go by Nona Raines w/a $50 GC giveaway!

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Don’t Let Go
by Nona Raines
Publication Date: November 5, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Novella, Romance
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Don't Let Go Cover


Annalee wants a no-strings fling. Eric’s all about the strings. Twelve years ago, when Eric Sorenson’s date dumped him right before the Senior Prom, his older sister’s best friend stepped in to save him from total humiliation. He never forgot Annalee or what she did for him that night…or the kiss they shared. He wants Annalee, and if he has his way, they’ll take up where they left off. And this time, he won’t let go.

After a messy divorce, Annalee’s not looking forward to her high school reunion. She’s shocked when Eric appears at her door ready to return the favor and play escort. Gone is the inexperienced boy with a severe stutter—he’s a striking, confident man. The memory of the kiss they shared rekindles an attraction that never died, and she’s been on her own for a year. Isn’t she entitled to kick loose and have a let’s-go-crazy night?

Excerpt 2:
Gently, he released her and lifted the lid of the box in his hand to reveal a perfect white rose.
“Do you remember this?” His voice was low and intimate.
The hairs on her neck prickled. “Of course.” She looked at him. “Your senior prom. I was wearing a white rose.”
“That’s right. And you brought me a matching boutonniere.” He nodded at the rosebud in his buttonhole. “You had on a blue dress.”
Her breath caught. “Yes,” she said, suddenly recalling. “The gown was blue.” He remembered that? After all these years?
“Hell, I’ll never forget it,” he growled. “You were hot. But not as hot as you are tonight.” His gaze licked over her as it traveled up and down her body. “You look incredible.” The appreciation in his face and voice sent a warm glow through her. When was the last time anyone thought her hot?
He set the box on the hall table and removed the corsage. “Will you wear this and allow me the honor of being your date tonight?”
“Oh, Eric.” A weight lifted from her spirit. With him beside her, she wouldn’t have to face everyone alone. Dee and Thom were great friends with good hearts, but with them, she was always the third wheel.
Of course, there would still be gossip tonight. Only now, the gossips would be envious, wondering what Annalee Mondello, formerly Donovan, was doing with such a sexy man. Speculating what the two of them might be doing after the party. An image flashed. She and Eric together. Naked, in bed. Her bed.
Her breath caught. Could she do that, let herself go there? Why not? He was free, and so was she. Dee had all but given the go-ahead. She’d been alone for so long. Lonely, even in her marriage. Wasn’t it time to grab a little happiness, a bit of fun?


How I love a second chance romance.  Even better when its characters are friends and have such a great history together.  This book is a fast, sexy and emotional read that will have you sighing in the end.  I fell in love with Eric and Anna Banana.  🙂

Before I go any further, the cover is perfect for these two.  Nailed it but TWRP (The Wild Rose Press) normally does nail it.  Oh and yes there is a smexy scene or two but nothing too graphic for anyone.  Just sweet, sexy and perfect for Eric and Annalee.

While this is a second chance romance, its more of finally letting go of the anger, hurt and seeing what’s in front of you and almost letting that one person go.  Annalee just couldn’t let go of her anger over her divorce and to make matters worse, she was going to see her ex at the reunion.  Oh and she got the shock of her life there, too.  Her ex is a douche!  The scene at her house afterwards is a good one but also sad, too.

Eric has overcome alot since high school and just wants Annalee in his life finally.  Too bad that she didn’t get that memo until it was almost too late.  What was surprising to me was who really pushed her to Eric.  You don’t see the complete 100% I’m behind you from the sister but its there.  Loved it.

Trust me, don’t let the heat rating scare you to read it.  Its a beautifully written story about a second chance at love between characters that you will fall in love with immediately.  Don’t pass it up.

Only because I want more of their story.  :)
Only because I want more of their story. 🙂

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About the Author

Nona Raines

Nona Raines is a former librarian who lives in upstate New York with her many pets. She’s currently working on her next novel between walking the dog and shooing the cats off the laptop. Her erotic romances are published with The Wild Rose Press and Loose Id. Her transgender romance His Kind of Woman was nominated for the 2014 DABWAHA sponsored by the Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review blogs. Her most recent work is the erotic romance novella Read to Me.

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