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Covet Thy Neighbor

by Denise Carbo


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Single mom of twin boys, Olivia Banner, has her hands full juggling life’s demands. She doesn’t have time for her mysterious new neighbor or all the questions his presence conjures up, even if he is a handsome devil.

Toss in a complicated relationship with her ex-husband, meddlesome family members, and going back to school to provide a stable financial future for her and her boys, and Olivia turns to her gal pals for guidance.

Sometimes playing it safe is the right choice, and other times leaping into the unknown can lead to all the dreams you never knew you had coming true.


Excerpt Two:

Luke Hollister stands on my doorstep.

I blink several times, hoping he’ll disappear. Nope, still there.

“I think this is yours.”

He holds out the plate I gave him cookies on—like three months ago.

“Umm…yeah, thanks.” I take the plate.

“Listen, about the other day. It was a crappy day and then I fell off the stupid ladder, making it even worse. Then you showed up and I took my frustration out on you. I hope there are no hard feelings.”

He holds out his hand. “I’m Luke, by the way, Luke Hollister.”

Okay…no need to tell him I know his name because I looked it up when he moved in. “Olivia Banner.” I shake his hand once and snatch back my hand, hiding it behind my back just in case he has any plans to grab hold of it again and drag me back to his house and chop me up into a million pieces.

“So, we’re good?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.” I’ll be watching every move you make, buddy. Take one suspicious move towards my boys and I’ll be the one chopping you up into a million pieces.


I love finding new to me authors and relishing their books.  I LOVED and ADORED this book.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started but let me assure you that I was not disappointed.  The opening was hilarious, to the point, and totally sets the tone for the rest of the book.

Luke and Olivia are perfect for each other.  From their first time together on the page to the last, they are perfect for each other.  I will tell you that Luke break my heart for a brief moment but I completely understood why he said what he did.  It made sense to me and I really appreciated that Ms. Carbo wrote it that way.  Luke had to come to realize that he had fallen in love with Olivia even though he had never loved a woman before.  *sigh*

Olivia is strong, smart, and hilarious.  Her “momma bear” came out just at the right time with Tommy and Timmy.  Speaking of which, they are great in the book.  Not just a plot device but real characters that were hilarious, too.  The Nerf Gun fight and snowball fights with Luke.  Luke is wonderful with them, too.  Olivia’s friends (sisters to boot), Lucinda, and Franny are great, too.  Realistic and great friends with Olivia.  I missed Franny’s story with Mitch but you will not get lost reading this one.

I can’t believe that I have only just found Ms. Carbo.  I loved her style, humor and the depth that she gives her characters.  The romance in the book is a slow burn and then we have to deal with Ryan, the ex, and in my opinion a dbag but he very important in the building of the romance with Olivia and Luke.  Not to mention Luke’s sister-in-law, Barb.  Oh, she’s a good one.  I hope that in the future that we get her story.

If you are looking for a Hallmark kind of book, this is for you.  It’s NOT cheesy but it has all the feels and miscommunications that are paramount in Hallmark movies.  I read this book in one day and I can’t wait to re-read it again.  I just fell in love with everyone and Ms. Carbo has a writer.  Now I need to read Franny and Mitch’s book.

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Denise Carbo writes Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense. She is a voracious reader, loves to travel, is fascinated by the supernatural, and enjoys solving mysteries.

She lives in a small, picturesque New England town with her high school sweetheart and their three amazing sons.

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