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#Review of Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship by Parker Fairchild w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #contemporaryromance

Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship

by Parker Fairchild


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance



Chemist and budding romance writer Olivia Chasen is on a cruise to avoid spending Christmas with her beautiful twin sister and new fiancé—Olivia’s ex. Now, thanks to her lonely, intoxicated ramblings on Santa’s lap, her fellow passengers think she’s in love with a fictional character.

Former Navy SEAL Commander Jace Morse has dealt with plenty of unusual situations in his career, but he’s never had the honor, the pleasure, or the privilege of being a beautiful and intelligent woman’s fantasy hero come to life. While he hasn’t officially met the sexy chemist, he’s sure eager to explore the chemistry that’s sizzling between them.

Bringing the charming SEAL together with the skeptical Olivia is going to take more than just Christmas cookies and a little help from Mrs. Claus; it’s gonna take a heaping dose of Christmas magic.



“Dr. Olivia Chasen,” Santa’s jolly baritone popped her mental fuzzy bubble. 

She stopped as she struggled to whirl around. “Me?” She touched her chest with a dramatic flourish she didn’t know she possessed. 

A powerful spotlight illuminated her; its heat burned her already flushed face. She pressed a clammy palm to her chest. “How do you know my name?” The haze in her mind was paralyzing all cognitive functions. 

“My dear girl,” Santa chuckled, “you should know by now that Santa knows everything and everyone,” he tapped an index finger to his temple. 

Santa Claus turned to address the waiting line. “Girls, Boys, Moms, Dads, everyone, if you don’t mind waiting for a brief moment, I’d like for Olivia,” he pointed a white-gloved finger at her, “to please come up here on stage, and tell me what she wants for Christmas.” 

She stood dumbfounded as the audience and the people in line clapped and chanted her name, 

“Olivia! Olivia! Olivia!” 

Oh no! What was she going to do? She couldn’t possibly go up onto that stage. She was far too shy to address a theater full of people. But if she didn’t go that would be so unexciting and so like the old Olivia. But she wasn’t unexciting! She was the new Olivia, and she was exciting! And she wanted to have fun! Correction: She was determined to have fun. Besides, she’d never see these people—her fellow passengers—ever again.

Olivia literally bit her tongue to stop from laughing. This was so not funny, but yet it was hilarious. She, Olivia Chasen, had finally found her fun and excitement. She had a new groove. 

And as she looked around and noticed all the phone cameras rolling, and most likely had been the entire time, she delicately took a curtsy as proper as one she’d give Queen Elizabeth herself. Thankfully, watching all those episodes of The Crown had paid off big time. 



Ms. Fairchild had me at “cruise”.  I’ve been on two and miss cruising so much.  Stupid pandemic.  Everything that she talks about happens on a cruise.  I miss the towel animals in the room, the food, the entertainment, and the excursions.  In fact, I’ve taken the exact cruise that is in the book, just out of Galveston, TX.  Almost made me cry.  Cruising is the most relaxing thing to do.  Everything is paid for and you are waited on hand and foot.

Jace and Olivia are a cute couple.  I would be remiss to mention that Olivia is highly intelligent but also is writing a romance book.  Oh yes, it plays heavily in the story and it’s great.  Jace is the “hero” in her story and she doesn’t realize that he actually exists.  Their meet-cute is hilarious and the book never stops being funny.  It has some not-so-fun times but for the most part, it’s a rom-com at heart.  Their separate meetings with Santa and Mrs. Claus are heartwarming and charming.  I want that cookie recipe and Niko to serve them to me.  The Claus’ are good people and had just the right amount of fantasy to the story.  It’s not overly done, on the fantasy part.  Just remember that this is a rom-com and you might have to suspend some belief but that’s half the fun in reading.

Not to mention the older generation that is both bawdy and rowdy.  They add to their romance story that you just want to cruise with them, too.  They would be welcome at our dining table anytime.  The story flowed well and the chapters are fairly short but very well written.  Ms. Fairchild doesn’t just tell you a story, she shows you the story.  She manages to weave a romance, cruising, learning to forgive others, still believing in a bit of magic, and never forgetting what your dreams are in one book.  That’s saying a lot but she does it…with much humor and relatable characters.  Jace and Olivia, even Duke can be your next-door neighbors or people that you meet on a cruise.

Overall, I really liked their story.  I look forward to more in the series and it just makes me want to cruise again…sigh.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Parker Fairchild is a model, social media copywriter, and freelance writer with multiple writing credits. A Virginia native, she and her husband had their own shipboard romance as they met on a cruise ship tender in Maui, and as her mom is fond of saying, “they haven’t stopped talking since.” When she’s not busy playing with words, she loves spending time with her husband and family in Arizona where she now resides.


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10 thoughts on “#Review of Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship by Parker Fairchild w/a rafflecopter giveaway! #contemporaryromance

    1. Thank you, Jeanna, I love the cover, too. I think it pairs nicely with the holiday romantic comedy style of book that is “Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship.” Thank you for being here with me to celebrate on my Book Tour.

    1. Mary, “Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship” is a fun and festive holiday read that will leave you happy and full of Yuletide cheer. Thank you for stopping by my Book Tour.

  1. This sounds sweet! Nice review! I have only been on one cruise….to Alaska and it was wonderful! I look forward to being able to doing it again.

    1. I’ve been on an Alaska cruise, too; it’s so beautiful there. Thank you for being here, Sue, and participating in my Book Tour. “Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship” will leave you feeling like you’ve just escaped on a Caribbean cruise.

  2. Parker Fairchild is new to me, but I love meeting new authors. Thanks to this blog for the introduction.

    1. Hi Audrey, I’m so happy to meet you! Thank you for being here today participating in my Book Tour. “Christmas Cookies on a Cruise Ship” is my first published novel. A holiday, romantic comedy, it will have you smiling and laughing from page one all the way to the end. In addition to the magic of love at first sight, my book will really put you in the holiday mood.

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