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Review of Cheryl Yeko’s Between Midnight and Dawn! w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

mediakit_bookcover_betweenmidnightanddawnBetween Midnight and Dawn

by Cheryl Yeko




GENRE:  Romantic Suspense






Nicole Chambers’ track record with men is bad. Very bad. She’s sworn off dating for the foreseeable future. Recovering from an assault by the last man she’d only casually dated, Nicole is attacked again in her rural home. If not for the hot guy who showed up about her rental cottage, she would have been dead for sure.


Her self-imposed sabbatical is soon tested when he moves into her backyard.


Kyle’s mother was kidnapped and murdered when he was just a kid. Filled with rage and a determination to hunt down the man who became known as the Clove Hitch Killer, he goes into law enforcement. When his efforts lead him to Nicole Chambers, he falls for her completely.


Now he’s torn between keeping her safe, or using her as bait to capture a killer.




Excerpt One:


Nicole paced nervously, waiting for Kyle to return. She’d thrown on her workout clothes; a black pair of Capris, a long purple T-shirt with large cut-out armholes, and a black sports bra peeking out from underneath. She was covered practically from head to foot, so why did she get so nervous thinking about Kyle seeing her in the outfit?


Because he’ll be touching me, that’s why. And though not as daring as what a lot of the women wore at the club, it still showed far more skin than Nicole was used to, except when she was working out. Did this qualify?


This is a bad idea.


Her doorbell rang.


She took a steadying breath. Too late to back out.


When she opened the door and Kyle saw her, his eyes lit with a smoldering fire. But all he said was, “Ready?” as he walked past her, greeting her dog, “Hey, Charlie.”


Taking a moment to close the door, and calm her jittery nerves, she turned back to him. The desire she’d so clearly recognized in his heated stare, had lessened to a more neutral expression.


He nodded toward the living room, where she’d pushed the furniture out of the way, clearing a large spot in the middle. “You should have waited for me to help.”


Nicole rolled her eyes. “Please. I do vacuum, you know. The furniture doesn’t move itself.”


A slightly crooked smile curved Kyle’s lips as Charlie headed over to his dog bed for a nap. “Suppose not.”


Her stomach fluttered. He was too charming for his own good. How in the hell was she supposed to resist him? No men rule, remember. Gah! What a dumb rule. What had she been thinking?


Maybe that your taste in men is crap, and you needed a good long break after the last guy you dated almost killed you.


Oh, yeah. That was it.


Kyle moved to the center of the room, looking all too fine in a pair of tight jeans. He waved her over with two crooked fingers. Her cheeks flamed, hoping he hadn’t caught her checking him out. But by the smirk on his face, she figured he had.


“Now,” he said as she approached, his tone shifting to all business. “If someone tries to grab you, whatcha gonna do?”


“Um. Run away?”


He nodded. “Might work. But, let’s say he manages to get a hold of you. What then?”


She licked her dry lips, nerves rolling around in her stomach. “Is this a trick question?”



The smile that split his face stole her breath. Gone was the serious tenant-slash-police officer from her backyard cottage. The man who stood before her now was a total, flat out, hands-down, no-question-about-it, hottie. His sex appeal exploded into the room like an atomic bomb filling up every nook and cranny.


And in just a minute or so, he was going to put his hands on her.


Ohmygod. Trouble. Seriously.


Maybe this really wasn’t such a good idea—


Nicole screamed when she was suddenly grabbed and her back brought up against Kyle’s chest. One arm clamped around her waist, the other across her throat.


Her natural instinct was to struggle, but he had one leg wrapped around her shins, totally immobilizing her. The heat from Kyle’s body burned her up, and she wasn’t unaware of the rising bulge against the small of her back. Excitement tickled through her.


Charlie let out a little bark, but only lazily watched them. She scowled at him. Some guard dog!



Mouth pressed against her ear, Kyle murmured in a seductive drawl, “If I were the bad guy, sweetheart, your pretty little ass would be mine right now.”



I have a confession.  I’ve never read a book from Ms. Yeko.  There I said it.  I will not make that mistake again.  She completely blew me away with this romantic suspense book.  As most know, romantic suspense is my all time favorite sub-genre in the romance world.  Anyway…

What we have here is a heroine, Nicole, who is actually very smart, a victim but not a doormat.  Oh yes, she’s strong…just not when it comes to Kyle.  He He!  After being attacked twice, she’s had enough.  No more standing back and playing the victim.  I loved that even with her hearing loss, it didn’t slow her down.  Her one weakness is Kyle.  She knew it when she met him and tried to fight it but lost.

Kyle didn’t want to get close; he just wanted to catch his mother’s killer.  I will warn you that you know very early on who the killer is but what is so fascinating is hearing the thoughts and watching what happens when he is in the book.  Another warning…some of the scenes with him are graphic but Ms. Yeko handles them somewhat tastefully (if that makes sense).  Kyle is the kind of hero that I love in romantic suspense.  He has a defined purpose  for catching the killer and getting the heroine is just an added bonus.

This book never stops.  Fast paced, breathtaking, intense suspense, a villain to loathe and scorching sexy times.  Plus, we get Rob, Sheryl and Charlie that totally rock as secondary characters.  I pretty much read this book in one sitting and even though my butt didn’t like it, I loved it.  And so will you.


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:mediakit_authorphoto_betweenmidnightanddawn


My writing career began in 2011, when my wonderful husband bought me a Kindle for Christmas and changed my world. I started reading romance novels, and fell in love with them. I decided to try writing one myself. I disappeared into my room over a long Wisconsin winter and wrote my debut novel, Protecting Rose. I sent my baby out to three publishing houses and was delighted to receive two offers. I quickly accepted with Soul Mate Publishing. Protecting Rose went on to win the 2012 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the romantic suspense category. Well, I was hooked.

Today, I’m a multi-published, award-winning author, and live in Wisconsin with my husband Patrick. I love to read, play piano, and spend time with family and friends. I enjoy novels with fast-paced action and steamy romance, protective alpha men and strong heroines. I belong to several writing groups, including Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Sisters In Crime.

In 2013, I came aboard Soul Mate Publishing as an acquiring editor and have over fifty edited novels under my belt. I can also be found under the pen name of CiCi Cordelia, with my writing partner and BFF, Char Chaffin.

Where You Can Find Me:

Where Love Always Wins: http://www.cherylyeko.com/

Quote Rains: http://www.quotesrain.com/page/CherylYeko/

The Power of Three: http://www.thepowerof3cs.com/

Soul Mate Publishing: http://tinyurl.com/lav53p3

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/qzsks8q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProtectingRose

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/threeBFFs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cherylyeko

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/cyeko/boards/

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5406425.Cheryl_Yeko

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