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#Review of Beginner’s Luck (The O’Briens #1) by Corrine Scott w/a rafflecopter giveaway!

Beginner’s Luck

by Corinne Scott




GENRE: romantic suspense






Eoin O’Brien is a police detective, despite his da’s wish that he run the family pub. His wife left him 3 years ago when he thwarted her dream to work in an art gallery. Now Vivian is back. After her gallery and her life are threatened, their paths cross again. Part of what drove her away was Eoin’s need for control. If Eoin lets her fend for herself, can he win her back and still keep her safe?



Excerpt One:


He was a stupid man. What right did he have to tell someone not to touch Vivian? But when he’d walked in and seen her in another man’s arms, he’d gone completely Cro-Magnon. All he wanted to do was rip her from the man’s arms, haul her over his shoulder, drag her back to his cave, and have his way with her. He wasn’t like that. Eoin had never been jealous in his life.


Until Viv. Always Viv.


She pushed and pulled at him in every way imaginable without even trying. His reaction to her would always be the same; he knew that now. Viv was a part of his soul and he was fucking it up.


“Wife?” The man holding her repeated, looking at Viv.


The man still did not drop his arms from her waist, Eoin noted. “Yes, wife. Now get your damn hands off her.” Why couldn’t he keep his effing mouth shut?


“You married a Paddy, Vivian?”


“Limey bastard!” Eoin lurched forward, ready to brawl when Viv stepped between them.


“Really, Eoin? I haven’t seen you in three years and all of a sudden you’re barging in and laying claim?”


“Do I need to go, Vivi?” Avery asked.


“Vivi? What the hell?” Eoin stepped forward again. He was really going to kill this gowl. Vivian put another hand to his chest, stopping him immediately.


“Avery, would you mind coming back later? I appreciate you stopping by, and I do need the help with the gallery, but I have to talk to Eoin first.”


Another author has snuck up on me.  Yes, another one.  I love finding them because now she has me hooked on the O’Brien’s of New York and I honestly don’t know how long I’m going to have to wait for the next book in the series.  Yes, this book is that good.  I love a good family saga series and this one has started off with a bang.   

A big, loud and loving Irish family from the old country, Limerick to be told.  Sibling rivalry that almost unravels a marriage, a career and not mention the patriarch almost dying.  Then for good measure, good old fashioned Irish guilt.  I’m telling you, dear readers, this book has everything that you want.  A hero and heroine to cheer for, siblings that you will come to love, in-laws that mean well and not to mention a suspense element that at one time was forgotten until it just to rears back up again and I never saw the twist coming nor the outcome.   Oh and humor.  Yes, there is lots of good Irish humor.  

Why do I keep going on about the Irish angle in the book?  Because I’m Irish and Ms. Scott has written a book that doesn’t make fun of the Irish but shows the real side of the Irish.  Realistically set in New York, with a family that came over from the old country with already two sons, and had 3 more kids.  A dad and his brother that have a rivalry that makes sense but at the same time almost destroy’s the family and a marriage.

Eion, the oldest and hero is just so ….  *swoon*  Nothing makes my knickers get in a twist than an Irish hero.  Seriously.  Eion is just as stubborn as any Irish male but he makes up for it in his love for Viv.  Oh course, he messes up, royally in fact, but it’s that deep love that he feels for her that got me every time he messed up.  Viv is just as strong.  When she walked, it was because of non-communication on both of their parts and now, it’s the struggle of really finding their way back to each other.

Don’t go into this book thinking there will be lots of smexy times.  Honestly, it’s more on the sweet/sensual side but guess what?  This book didn’t need it.  This book is about two people that are so in love with each other, stubborn to a fault and trying to find their way back to each other and having that love grow stronger.  Sex is messy, dirty and complicates things.  Eion and Viv didn’t need that in their story.

I know that I’ve written a bunch about the book and you just need to read this gem of a book.  I will definitely be reading the rest of this series.  I’ve GOT  to know about Niall and Lola.  Lord, every time they were together, you were laughing but also, felt the sexual tension ratcheted up 1000.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Corinne Scott was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents were teachers, so of course she grew up to be a teacher as well, proving that the apple does not fall too far from the tree. Corinne has a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and a master’s from the University of North Texas. She is passionate about books, which led her to her current occupation as a librarian and now author. Beginner’s Luck is her second novel, and the first in a series about the O’Briens of New York. Her first novel was Lover’s Oak.















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