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An Opportunity for Redemption

(Haven Security Book 2)

By Donna Gallagher

An Opportunity for RedemptionAn Opportunity for Redemption – Book two in the Haven Security series.

She kept his son a secret for years—she should pay for her deceit. Instead, he’s fighting the urge to drag her back into his arms—and bed.

When ex-commando—and now owner of Haven Security—Nathan Haven discovers he has a son, it’s enough of a kick to the gut. Learning at the same time that this child he’s never met is losing the battle with leukemia—the last straw. He vows to make Rebecca Hammerton regret her decision to keep his son a secret from him. But first he is going to do everything in his power to help defeat the disease that threatens his boy’s life. Then he will deal with the woman that walked away from him seven years ago without so much as a by your leave, turning his heart to stone.

He just has to suppress the constant urge to drag the damn sexy heartbreaker back into his arms—and his bed—first.

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WLK excerpt

Seeing Bec sitting down, her face so pale, obviously in shock at his arrival, should have fueled the rage that had consumed Nathan on his drive to face her. But to his surprise and disappointment, the reaction he was fighting was the urge to wrap his arms around her quaking body and comfort her. He was so pissed off at his own weakness. Disgusted that his body was responding to Bec’s in the same way it had all those years ago, unconcerned by the fact that she was a lying bitch who had hidden his own son from him. His dick had gone rock-hard the moment she’d opened her door.

She didn’t even look the same. This Bec had short hair, was thinner than he remembered her being when they’d been together. She looked tired, worn out. She may have lost those lush curves that had once driven him wild, but still he reacted to her, just as he always had done. It may as well have been only hours or days since they’d last seen each other instead of the nearly eight years that had up until this minute felt like a lifetime. He still had it bad for Rebecca Hammerton. But Nathan was not going to let that stop him from his mission—to claim his son and rid the boy of the disease that was threatening his life.

He did not move a muscle as he waited for an answer to his question—for Bec to tell him about his son. He stared her down, trying to intimidate her. He wanted her to fear him. She deserved it after what she had done. Not that he would ever harm her physically, Nathan was not that type of man—loathed the filthy bastards that abused women—and if Bec remembered him at all, she would know that about him. But he was angry, at her and at himself for his initial reaction to seeing her again.



Why is it when I decide to stop reviewing on the blog the hot stuff, I sign up to read one and its easily one of the best books that I’ve read in the genre?  Yes, Ms. Gallagher has managed to write a erotic book that I truly will read again.  In fact, I’m jonesing for Jason’s story, which is the first book.

Speaking of secondary characters, they literally come alive on the pages of this book.  Jason, Tori, Chris and even Matt are well though out characters that enhance the story, not take it over.  Be forewarned though, there is a child in this book.  Danny is the child that Bec and Nathan had that is now in need of a bone marrow transplant.  Now, before you get all weird on me, Danny is NOT just a plot point for the heroine and hero but a necessary character in his own right.  I love kids in a story especially in this trope.  Danny has his own voice, his own development and also necessary for the growth in Nathan’s character.

So as you can tell, this is an erotic read.  Its also a sweet, sensual read about a second chance at love between two people that never stopped loving each.  Communication is the key to any relationship and these two missed that boat when they were so young.  Realizing that its needed now, you can feel the emotions between them right from the start.  They didn’t gloss over anything and it was also nice for them to have people to talk to…Jason and Tori.  Yes, Tori was there for Bec even though they just met.  Great scene at the coffee shop.

There is some suspense elements in the story but its a perfect way for all of the characters to come together and you will see why.  Beautifully written but also intense with Bec.  She kept her wits about her and that’s when Nathan FINALLY had his lightbulb moment.  🙂

Do yourself a favor and read this book.  You do not have to read the first book in the series at all but I will.  I just loved Jason and Tori and need to read their’s.    Oh I bet you are wondering if I will tell you the ending?  Are they match?  Really, this Harlie and I DON’T spoil books.  😉


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WLK Author Bio

Donna Gallagher

Born and bred in the inner western suburbs of Sydney – Donna Gallagher decided at an early age that life needed be tackled head on. Leaving home at 15 she supported herself through her teen years.

In her twenties she married a professional sportsman, her love of sport — especially rugby league — probably overriding her good sense.

The seven-year marriage was an adventure. There were the emotional ups and downs of having a husband with a public profile in a sometimes glamorous but always high-pressure field.

There were always interesting characters to meet and observe and even the opportunity to live for a time in the UK.

Eventually Donna returned home a single woman, but she never lost her passion for watching sport, as well as the people in and around it.

Now happily re-married and with three sons Donna loves coffee mornings with her female friends, sorting through problems from the personal to the international. But she’s on even footing with the keenest man when it comes to watching and talking rugby league.

Donna considers herself something of a black sheep in a family of high achievers. Her brother has a doctorate in mathematics and her sister is a well-known sports journalist.

An avid reader, especially of romance, Donna finally found she couldn’t stop the characters residing in her imagination from spilling onto paper. Naturally rugby league is the backdrop to her spicy ‘League of Love Series’ available through UK publisher Totally Bound, tales of hunky heroes and spunky heroines overcoming adversity to eventually find true love.
In 2015 Donna is spreading her genre wings with the release of her new romantic suspense Haven Security series and a contemporary erotic novella A Fruitful Intimacy.







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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review. I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Just so you know I’m writing Chris’ story next 🙂

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