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Review of Amber Lin’s Chance of Rain



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Title: Chance of Rain

Author: Amber Lin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: Category Length/48,500-words

Themes: Small town, military, reunion story, cabin romance

Heat Level: High!

ISBN: 9781426897320


Publisher: Carina Press (


The only things Natalie Bouchard wants to change are the weekly specials in her Gram’s diner. So when her high school sweetheart strolls back into Dearling, Texas, she allows herself to indulge in a little flirtation, but that’s as far as it goes.

Navy SEAL Sawyer Nolan has returned to sell his father’s land and get the hell out, no matter how enticing he still finds Natalie. Until a storm rolls over the Texas hills, stranding them together at the farm…and the memories of their steamy past  lead to a reunion filled with hot days and long nights.

Soon Natalie’s so far under Sawyer’s skin he can’t imagine being without her. But he has a lot of history in Dearling he’d like to leave behind, and Natalie is practically married to this town.  If Sawyer wants to be more than just another person who leaves Natalie, he’ll have to give his hometown—and himself—one more chance.


As most know, I would read the phone book if Ms. Lin wrote it.  Yes, I love her writing style, characters and that edge that she brings to her books.  She doesn’t disappoint with this one but a word of caution…if you are looking for edgy, gritty, raw that she normally has in her books you will be disappointed.  Trust me, the smexy times are here and hotter than every and the in depth characterizations that I have come to expect but underneath all of that was a sweet story about finding “home” again and realizing that home is where the heart is.

I know that sounds a bit cliched but Sawyer had alot to prove to himself still after leaving Dearling when he was 18.  He thought by leaving Dearling that that would fix everything that he thought was wrong.  Unfortunately for him, he left the best part of Dearling behind without a backwards glance…Natalie.

Natalie had her own demons to bear.  She had let go of Sawyer long ago but dealing with the diner was another issue in itself.  I loved how Ms. Lin weaved Natalie’s history with her Gram, the diner and eventually getting to the grieving process with her Gram.  Beautifully written and I just hope that I don’t have to deal with that with my own aging parents.

Natalie and Sawyer were hot together, there is no doubt.  But can hot sex replace what is really going on in their hearts?  You will need to read the book to find out.  The “black moment” in the book is perfect.  Thinking that Sawyer hurt her during a smexy time…it ended up being something else.  Its something that I’ve never read in a book before and leave it to Ms. Lin to have the guts to write about it.  Brilliantly done!  🙂

I highly recommend this sweet, sexy and heartfelt book about teenage sweethearts that after years apart, they still burn hot for each other.  But can they work fast the present to heal the past?  Check it out to find out…one other thing…Lucy and Liam…saw a spark there…just saying…Adore

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Amber Lin writes edgy romance with damaged hearts, redemptive love, and a steamy ever after. RT Book Reviews called her debut novel, Giving It Up, “truly extraordinary.” Amber married her high school sweetheart, gave birth to a kid who’s smarter than she is, and spends her nights writing down her dirty thoughts. In other words, life is good.

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  1. Hmm…past loves like high school sweethearts…well this book sounds like a book
    I’d like to read. I see you like it as well so I’ll be adding it to my TBR stack.
    Thanks 🙂

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