Red Dahlia by Ross. S. Simon – Book Blitz

Title: Red Dahlia

Author: Ross S. Simon

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Damnation Books/Eternal Press

Format: Ebook, Paperback

Length: 195 pages


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Book Description:


A bizarre horror story of a British Royal Navy officer who retires to India, takes a beautiful young Hindu woman for his wife, and they have a baby girl, who turns out to be the embodiment of the Blood-Mother Kali, and seeks to destroy the world in fire and blood.


About the Author:


ROSS S. SIMON, born Sam Ridings in La Crosse, WI, in 1979, spent much of his childhood in Winona, MN, and moved to Santa Cruz, CA, at age nine, where he still lives today.  He graduated with Soquel High School’s Class of 1997, and nine years later, from Cabrillo Community College with an AA degree in Basic Liberal Arts.  His hobbies include pinball gaming, collecting pop memorabilia, and reading very interesting novels.




2 thoughts on “Red Dahlia by Ross. S. Simon – Book Blitz

  1. Thanks for the spotlight on this book – this is a new to me author and I’ll have to check this book out more:)

  2. Hi all, Ross S. Simon here. Sorry I’m so late in arriving, and also in leaving a comment. I hope you’re all very interested in my novel, “Red Dahlia,” in which I strove to convey the horror value of Kali-Ma as a monster. Thank you.

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