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Rayven’s Keep by Kylie Wolfe (Spotlight/Excerpt)

Rayven’s Keep

by Kylie Wolfe

Published:  June 3, 2013

Publisher:  Lyrical Press

Length:  210 pages

Genre:  SciFi Romance

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About Rayven’s Keep:

The last thing he needs is the complication of a spoiled heiress.

Tru Creighton wants her wealthy and powerful family to take her seriously. Sneaking away to investigate bookkeeping discrepancies from one of their holdings seems the perfect opportunity to prove her worth. Stranded on a hostile planet with a price on her head, she seizes her one opportunity for survival.

Nick Rayven, determined to build his reputation and fledgling security company, doesn’t flinch at difficult and dangerous missions. A former soldier and refugee from a war-demolished planet, he battles to create order and stifle his painful memories. His hard-won accomplishments are threatened when a spoiled heiress in danger awakens emotions he thought long gone.

Two people with plenty to prove risk everything to unravel their tangled missions. His sense of duty and vulnerable heart compel him to fight his growing attraction to her. Her heart demands she follow it straight into his arms. The people behind the conspiracy keeping them together and in harm’s way have other ideas.

CONTENT WARNING: Language & Violence

TAG: Drugs, murder, conspiracy, and a headstrong heiress complicate his covert security mission.

A Lyrical Press Science Fiction Romance


The lights shut off, except those on the helm, casting eerie blue shadows on their faces. Tru’s apprehension rose as she tested her shoulder harness and fidgeted in her seat. She looked to him, and drew strength from his rock-solid presence. She didn’t know much about solar storms– only enough to be frightened. She clutched the armrest.

“Impact in three, two…” Siren intoned matter-of-factly.

The invisible wave hit them and electrical sparks flashed over the ship’s nose, coming at them with terrifying swiftness. Blistering shocks pulsed along her skin and nerves felt as if they were on fire, burning her up from the inside out.

“Shields strong, life support holding,” Siren continued.

The ship bucked and lurched, snapping Tru’s head forward then back.

“Siren, how long until we’re out of the storm?” Nick demanded, while he continued to monitor the power to the shields and make rapid adjustments only he understood.

The ship’s engine groaned and metal screeched from the force of the storm. Lights flickered on the helm, sparks flying from wires affected by the solar pulses battering them.

“Hang on, Tru. We’re almost through,” he assured her while he swiftly rerouted connections.

About Author Kylie Wolfe:

“I am neither a man nor a woman but an author.” – Charlotte Bronte

I can write about Dragons, travel to other worlds, converse with sentient computers, but writing about myself leaves me struggling for words.  I am like everyone else, I work, raise my children, spend time with family and friends, but I also find it normal to have conversations with characters in my head while going about my day.  Okay, maybe not so normal.

My characters are far more interesting than I am, have back stories that fascinate me, say and do things I can only dream about and hopefully come to life on a page.  If I have done my job well as a writer then you, as the reader, feel the weightlessness of space, find it natural to discuss books with a Dragon and root for the hero to win the girl.

I am a dreamer, first and foremost, I always have been and I am driven to write every spare moment I can find.

Who am I?  I am a mom, I hold down a full time job, I have a circle of friends I adore, I am an avid reader with eclectic tastes.

I am a writer.

Kylie currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Thanks for the spotlight and excerpt – I’m a big fan of sci-fi romance and this sounds good!

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