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Night with a Dom-Review & Guest Post

Night with a Dom
Casea Major

Thanks for having me on your blog today.

I came up with the idea for this 1Night Stand story while watching football one Sunday afternoon in late fall. I wondered what kind of catalyst would propel someone into experimenting with their darker sexual desires. What would cause someone to take a small step out of their comfort zone to seek fulfillment for a craving they’d never satisfied. That is how Night with a Dom was born.

And as for the football tie-in — If you buy the story and can find the hidden football reference email me and maybe you’ll get a prize.

Blurb :

Melody Manning’s workaholic ambition, coupled with a slave-driving former boss, has made her the youngest market analyst in her firm. It’s also killed her personal life, including losing her fiancé. When she receives a message from him on New Year’s Eve announcing his engagement to another woman, Mel loses it. Her new, more compassionate boss has the perfect solution for her—get laid. Good and laid.

At his suggestion, she signs up with the 1Night Stand service, listing her deepest sexual desires on the application.  A speedy response from Madame Eve has Melody on her way to Sonoma Valley wine country and a one-night stand with a mysterious Dom.

The sexy, masked Master promises to get to the bottom of her guilt and provide ultimate satisfaction under the safety of his stern hand. After an emotional night of submission and uninhibited passion, will her lover’s unmasking lead to the end of their encounter or give Mel another chance at love?


The following excerpt has been bleeped out to make it a PG-13 excerpt. Please keep in mind that the book does contain adult themes and language, and is not suitable for minors. Thank you.

Mel sucked in a breath, and opened the door. The darkened room flickered with the light of at least a dozen candles. She squinted as she walked in. The smell of incense and roses wafted in the air. Her sight adjusted, and the darker shadows of the space became visible. She scanned the scene.

In the middle of the room sat an oversized bed covered in black velvet and satin. Her arms and legs quivered. A roughly made wooden table stood with two straight-backed chairs in the corner, and a tray of appetizing food awaited.

She stood frozen, anticipating his appearance. Her heart thumped in her chest. Was he hiding? She began to turn—

“Do not turn around, Miss Manning.” His voice whispered against her ear.

She jumped at the husky sound, but didn’t try to move away.

He ran his hands across her shoulders and trailed his fingers down her bare arms. “Are you frightened, kitten?”

Her skin tingled at his simple, but intimate touch. The heat from his massive body radiated against her back though he never made contact with it. Although she couldn’t see him, his presence filled the room, and the walls seemed to shrink at his closeness. “I’m a little scared. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I guess you do—”

His finger glided up her shoulder to press against her lips and his whispered rebuke filled her ear. “Silence.”

Her eyes fluttered closed. Pleasure and fear mingled in her mind and over her skin. She wanted so bad to turn her head and look at him, but somehow she knew she shouldn’t.

The spicy masculine scent of him filled the air, and his moist, heavy breath sent waves of heat  down her neck. “During this portion of the evening you will only speak when asked a direct question, and you will address me as ‘Sir’. Understand?”

Concentrating on his words, she had to strain to hear him over her pounding heart but nodded. In the dim light of the candles, her chest rose and fell rapidly. Excitement and fear zinged to her extremities and every place in between.

“There’s nothing to be frightened of.”

He trailed his tongue from her earlobe down to her nape. She gasped and tensed her shoulders as he nipped and sucked the sensitive skin. Goosebumps covered her from head to toe. Her nipples hardened and throbbed. The mystery of him enticed her as much as his touch and scent.

He swept his hand slowly over her stomach. She melted back against him, the heat of his body wrapping around hers, instant, carnal and very real. Throbbing need pulsed between her legs, replacing the chill of fear.

“I’m going to remove your dress.”

“Okay.” The word whooshed from her. Dizziness caused her to sway. Is this really happening? His velvet baritone held a familiar lilt she couldn’t place, but surely if she’d heard that sexy sound before, she’d remember. Right now she was so aroused, it could be her high school boyfriend and she wouldn’t know—or care.

“Okay, what?”

Her body tensed at his rebuke. “Okay, Sir.”

“You have enough discipline coming this evening for past transgressions, Miss Manning. Let’s not complicate matters by increasing their number. All right?”

“All right, Sir.” She sucked in a breath at the mention of punishment. What would he do to her? She had stipulated mild discipline, but what did that mean to him?


Wow, just wow.  I read Ms. Major’s first 1NS and I was blown away with her sense of humor, richly drawn characters and time travel aspect that I really thought that this would be somewhat the same.  I was wrong on all accounts only to find that this 1NS was even better than the first.

To this reviewer, Melody was a people pleaser but didn’t please herself.  When she gets a IM from her ex telling her that he is getting married, she breaks down.  She realizes at that point, she really needs to do something about her life.  Her old boss was a slave driver but he has left the company.  Her new boss is kind and has tried to encourage her to have a life outside of work.  One problem, she doesn’t know how to do that.  When her boss calls her in his office on New Year’s Eve, she breaks down and spills out her sordid life.  She didn’t except him to understand and be willing to help her out.  She decides, why not?  One night of pleasure is worth it right?

Dominic is the type of Dom that I would love to meet.  He is loving and tender but knows how far to push his sub to get her to fully open up and trust him.  When he meets Melody for the first time, its hot, heated and just a precursor for what the night will be like for him and for Melody.  Dominic came to the 1NS with one goal in mind…make Melody realize that she doesn’t have to harbor the guilt of a broken relationship and that its okay to open up and love someone.

I will say the BDSM scenes were intense.  I read alot of BDSM but never has emotional intense as these.  Let’s just say when I read this, my rear was sore and I was seriously squirming in my chair.  I really felt like I was part of the scene with Dominic and I normally don’t feel that way when I read the sub-genre.  Awesome job, Ms. Major.  And thank you!

The emotions that Ms. Major invokes in Melody are realistic and timely.  When it all came down to trusting Dominic or walking away, Ms. Major deftly handles the conflict that Melody feels with a soft touch and surprisingly real feelings.  I felt for Melody during her session with Dominic.  I felt the hand on her bottom and the final realization of what she really wanted.  I had to come to that realization in my own life and it was a hard decision but worth it in the end.  When Dominic laid it all on the line for her, I couldn’t help but sigh and then tear up.  I waited with baited breath on Melody’s answer and smiled the biggest smile with her answer.

I highly recommend Night with a Dom for anyone that likes a steamy, emotional read that will have you squirming in your seat and sighing in the end.  This is NOT your typical BDSM read folks.  Its a highly emotional and gut wrenching tale with a Dom that pushes and a new submissive that realizes what is important in her life.

5 Harlies and a run, don’t walk Recommended Read

Major Love ~~~ Major Romance

Prior to becoming a writer of romantic fiction, Casea Major worked in the legal field for a non-profit dispute resolution company for ten years.  She is now a full-time mom to three preschool children with whom she and her husband live happily…most of the time.  When she isn’t chained to her laptop, she enjoys Cary Grant movies and crocheting.

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  1. This sounds GREAT! The excerpt was a great tease. And a great review, I am excited to check out this super emotional BDSM read!

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